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Tip#1256: The Recipe For Resilience, Part 62 – Free Guy

This is Day 531 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

We’ve been having a heat wave so I’m in summer vacation mode. At the same time many profound, mystical and magical things have been happening that are being shared on my two Instagram accounts for Food and Films (@motivatorman1 and @moviesformotivation). 

It actually started with finding those amazing BluRay box sets at a thrift store I wrote about in the previous blog post (see #1255). Soon after, there was one day I was feeling stuck in my work and life and needed guidance. To clear my head I went on a walk through a forest, sat on a park bench and then sent a prayer for help out to God and the universe. Despite the very hot day, I listened to my inner voice and continued to walk down neighborhood streets not knowing exactly where I was headed. 

Along the way I came across two homes giving away free books and DVDs on their front lawns. I knew that whatever I chose were divine answers to my prayer. First, these free treasures immediately lifted my mood. Second, one of the finds was an old childhood book I loved called Curious George and this would connect later with advice I received from Steffi Black, a friend and life coach. See: Steffi Black Coaching

She told me a week before about this “What If” concept that could help me face my challenges. I was already watching the new Marvel animated TV series What If so I loved this wonderful synchronicity! The concept was about being curious to train my brain and mood to focus on the possibilities such as “What if I got my dream job as a Food Influencer and Content Creator?”. It was about getting into a curious mindset. 

And so finding the Curious George book was a fantastic message from the universe to practice being curious and create more “What If” statements every day. Doing this immediately led to more synchronicities like a friend’s unexpected invitation to go back to a movie theatre. It’s been over 18 months since quarantine started back in March 2020. My friend suggested seeing Free Guy and I just knew the film would have more key life lessons for me! 

Free Guy (2021) 

The science fiction action comedy film, Free Guy, is about a bank teller named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who discovers that he is actually a background character in a video game and becomes the hero of the story to save his friends from deletion by the game's creator Antwan (Taika Waititi). This visually explosive movie was filled with hilarious moments and lively characters played by Reynolds, Waititi and Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, and Utkarsh Ambudkar also star in the film.
See: movie trailer
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This highly entertaining film had elements of The Truman Show, The Matrix, Groundhog Day, Wreck-It-Ralph and Ready Player One. And along with the dazzling visual effects there were a number of life lessons that spoke to me:

• Take a risk to break free of an old, routine life
• Freeing your mind to see amazing, new possibilities
• Using adversity to build skills sets and new experiences
• Maintaining indestructible optimism
• Believing and finding true love 

Seeing this film helped me ask myself, “What if I could break free of being stuck in my life loop?” and “What if I could have a blissful new life like Guy?” or “What if I had the same courage as the hero of this film?” 

There is a feeling of safety being stuck in a routine life. But if you make a decision to break free then that’s a fantastic step towards a more satisfying life. The next steps will come synchronistically. Just get into a curious mindset and just ask yourself: “What if…?” 

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