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Tip#1236: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 42 – Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

This is Day 341 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

An amazing synchronicity happened this week that blew my mind! I received a shiny gold envelope from a friend and even though I knew what was inside a voice inside me said not to open it until the next day. The next day I had a chat with a friend who was enthusiastic about a new movie he saw called Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. This conversation re-ignited my interest in the existence of alien life which I’ve been fascinated with since I was a kid. In fact, my favourite film growing up was Close Encounters of the Third Kind! 

Right after this conversation it felt it was time to open up the gold envelope. Inside was an autographed trading card from my actress friend Avaah Blackwell of her alien character Osnullus, who is part of the bridge crew on Star Trek: Discovery. First, as a Star Trek nerd, I was thrilled to receive this fantastic gift! Secondly I laughed at the profound timing of seeing this image of an alien and my discussion about alien contact with my friend! 

This all prompted me to watch the film. And it blew my mind even further! It reminded me that movies with answers to life always arrive at the right time for me. 

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2020) 

The documentary film, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, presents the most controversial information ever released to the public featuring Dr. Steven Greer, ufologist and retired traumatologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project. This mesmerizing movie shows fascinating footage of ufo’s from around the world while bringing up many thought provoking insights about the power of our minds and thought.
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I’ve always believed in life on other planets so for me the amazing footage in this documentary was intriguing. What surprised me was all the other material that reflected my own studies of positive thinking and creative visualization for manifesting the life we want. I felt the deeper message of this film was to remind us about the power of meditation and focused thoughts. They even featured the beautiful photography of Dr. Emoto of ice crystals after they had been subjected to positive and negative words and thoughts like “Hope” or “You disgust me”. 

I highly recommend seeing this film as entertainment first. And if you happened to be inspired by what it presents then hopefully that brings light to whatever life challenges you are having right now. For me, this film, my conversation with my friend and receiving that Star Trek alien card were all connected through the magic of synchronicity. 

Synchronicity is about recognizing coincidences as something much more meaningful in our lives in that moment. It’s about trusting in the unknown and that your gut and intuition is talking to you providing answers you’ve been seeking. You just have to be open to hearing it. So be open today for some magical connections that could lead you down an exciting and unexpected path! 

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