Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tip#143: You Can Choose Alternate Endings, Part 1 - 3 Movie Tips

There are 2 ways to deal with your challenges in life. They can continue to bring you down or you can choose the alternate ending you desire. All you have to do is choose.

As mentioned in the previous blog tip#141 my challenges in the past 3 months have put me in a new place in my life and career. I've stepped into unknown territory and recently was feeling a little trapped.

What I found extremely synchronistic is that movies, once again, reminded me of what I needed to know. Within days of each other I was compelled to watch 3 movies: Awakenings,Cast Awayand I Am Legend. The films helped me see how the heroes of each story chose to escape their trapped situations.

Awakenings (1990)

In the movie Awakenings,Robin Williams plays Dr. Sayer who breaks out of his introverted shy feelings about people. In his personal life he is always shown in solitude, living life almost like a hermit. But with a patient's help, played by Robert DeNiro, he finally pushes himself to develop a relationship beyond work. Read more in previous tip#142.

Cast Away (2000)

In the movie Cast Away,Tom Hanks's character is trapped for 4 years on a deserted island. One day the tide brings him something he can use as a sail to escape from the island. He takes with him his new found resilience knowing he can persevere anything and no longer let time rule his life. Read more tips about Cast Awayhere: Tip#96: The Ultimate Gift

I Am Legend (2007)

In the film I Am Legend,Will Smith plays Dr. Robert Neville the last human being living in New York City after a virus wipes out the human race. What inspired me was seeing the special edition DVD of this movie that contained a second disc with an alternate ending. Without giving away too many details you now have one version where the movie hero lives and another where he dies.

In my opinion they both work as a complete story and yet the outcomes for the hero are completely different. This is a powerful mirror for making choices in your own life.

Movies Are Metaphors

All these movie heroes chose alternate outcomes for their challenges. They could have chosen to continue living a limiting life but found the courage to make a significant change. In the case of I Am Legendon DVD you get to choose the alternate ending of Robert Neville's fate.

This is a great metaphor for making choices in life and is what helped remind me that I was doing just that with my own challenges. I chose to remain optimistic and to persevere. And so with the warm spring weather coming in I can feel my positive choices blossoming into an exciting new phase in my life and career.

So remember that you have the power to choose alternate endings or alternate outcomes of your challenges. Let your favourite movie heroes inspire you to choose a more positive reality to the one you are not happy with.

Find the courage you have buried within you to step into the unknown. Making the choice in your heart and mind is the first step.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tip#142: Welcome Your Awakenings - Awakenings

Spring feels like it is finally pushing the snow and cold away. It's been an unusually long winter and many people I’ve talked to have felt the same way. Even in the news in Toronto it has been an issue of discussion for many. Some felt trapped in their own homes.


I recently saw a favourite film called Awakeningsstarring Robin Williams as Dr. Sayer. It's based on a true story of Dr. Oliver Sacksin a New York hospital. The story was a timely mirror for this trapped feeling I too was experiencing in certain areas of my life.

The story is about comatose patients who have not been able to move for decades. They've been trapped in their own bodies until Dr. Sayer uses an experimental drug to revive them. The first patient he experiments on is named Leonard played by Robert DeNiro.

Leonard comes out of his long winter sleep of about 30 years and rediscovers the beauty in the simplest things in life. DeNiro's Oscar nominated performance is astounding and will inspire you to be grateful for everything you have right now in life.

True stories like this can shake you up to new perspectives of your own problems. They help you to be appreciative of the positives of your health, the ability to move your own body and to recognize good people that are there for you.

So if you are feeling trapped somewhere in your life just awaken to the positives already present. Be grateful for the little pleasures and comforts you may be taking for granted. Choosing these positive perspectives will help to rattle your invisible cages in life.

And always remember that even long winters must eventually give way to the change of seasons. Spring will always come to you.

"What we do know is that, as the chemical window closed, another awakening took place; that the human spirit is more powerful than any drug - and THAT is what needs to be nourished: with work, play, friendship, family. THESE are the things that matter. This is what we'd forgotten - the simplest things."

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tip#141: All You Have To Do Is Listen - August Rush

Sometimes when you are stuck in life the best thing you can do is be still. And when your mind is quiet that is when you can hear the answers you seek.

Since the beginning of this year of 2008 I have been faced with uncertain aspects of my future. I had experienced sudden epiphanies about where to take my motivational services which meant altering my original plans from last year. I felt stuck.

Thankfully one of the ongoing messages I'd been receiving from friends and many synchronistic encounters has been to be still and just listen.

August Rush

Taking this passive action has led me on a new path of living in the moment and for listening deeper within for wherever the universe was leading me. And just yesterday it led me to see a magical movie called August Rush.

I had already planned to see this film but almost all the reviews I read were not positive. Part of me wanted to listen to the reviews while another part wanted to trust my gut and just see it. Well the universe made sure I saw this movie because when I arrived at the theatre my alternate film choice was suddenly taken off the listings!

The main character of August Rushis an orphan named Evan played by Freddie Highmore. He can hear music in everything around him. And he believes that if he can play his music loud enough he can find his real mother and father.

The reviews pummeled the film because it was not realistic but its optimistic qualities were exactly what my soul and spirit needed to see. August Rushwas so magical and uplifting that I could feel my faith being re-energized by Evan's powerful gift for music, the magic of coincidences in the story and the romantic journey of his parents trying to find each other too.

Be Still

The message of the movie was, synchronistically, about being still and listening to everything around you. At the end of the screening the audience applauded with enthusiasm. Applause was rare these days so it looks like I wasn't the only one touched by this movie.

So if you are feeling stuck in life try being still and listening to the universe. Quiet your mind from the noise around you or the chatter of tasks piled in your head. This is what meditation is all about. By clearing your mind you create an empty space for answers to pour into.

Be still and know that messages are wanting to come to you. All you have to do is listen.

Emmanuel Lopez
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© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tip#140: Treat Yourself To A Slice Of Life - Amelie

We all dream of visiting a place somewhere around the world. And yet if you are unable to go, there is still the power of movies to give you a taste of these locations. And if you are lucky your town may already have a slice of that place for you to see.

A Slice of Paris

Recently, at the end of a busy day, I was invited to meet with a friend at an eatery called Crêpes a GoGo here in downtown Toronto. Though I was tired something told me I had to go o I made my way towards its location at Yonge St. and Yorkville Ave. I didn't even remember a crepes place being there so when I turned the corner off Yonge St. it was if the restaurant suddenly materialized.

I haven't been to Paris yet and still dream about it. I wrote a little about this in Tip#55: Re-Energize in Your Favourite Coffee Shop. So once I entered Crêpes a GoGo I felt I had been transported to Paris! I was greeted in French by a friendly woman I would later learn was the owner named Veronique.

My friend arrived and we both agreed that we were going to celebrate life and our hard work of late in this truly French atmosphere. Though it was a small restaurant it was filled with authentic Parisian décor and the aroma of fresh, hot crepes.

The menu brimmed with a multitude of delicious choices. We decided on each having a savoury crepe to start and then a sweet crepe for dessert. When our crepes arrived Veronique placed the wrapped crepes in our hands and slowly tore open the wrapping showing us the traditional French way of enjoying our meals. I felt like a kid again!

Our crepes were so delicious it felt like all the troubles in the world disappeared. It was truly a multidimensional experience for our taste buds and spirit!


I felt so alive with this slice of Paris. It reminded me of the movie Ameliethat exuded and heightened what I'm told is the timeless Parisian atmosphere. The colours of the film were so saturated as if to give the eyes a taste of the sweet and savoury textures of Paris. The music, historical architecture and locations all added to taking your senses away from your daily life.

And, of course, the French performers of Ameliecompleted the experience of being in a different world. Much like Veronique, the owner of Crêpes a GoGo, where her charming smile, friendly spirit, Parisian accent and heavenly food would stay with me long after we left her restaurant.

Celebrate Life!

So if you're not able to visit places you dream about know that there are many movies you can get that offer a taste of it. And if you are lucky you will discover a slice of that place already existing in your own town.

And when you find these places celebrate your discover and celebrate life! Celebrate your friends and the sharing of delicious foods! Treat yourself to the sweet and savoury tastes of this different world. Your spirit and soul will be filled with overflowing energy!

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tip#139: Take Action! - The Spiderwick Chronicles

Researching and reading new methods for positive change is great. But if you do not act on your new information then your learning is only half done. You must take action!

The Spiderwick Chronicles

I recently saw The Spiderwick Chroniclesand was surprised at how thrilling this fantasy movie was. It was filled with numerous creatures and faerie beings from an alternate world suddenly seen by a boy named Jared played by Freddie Highmore.

He had just moved into a new house with his brother, sister and mother, played by Mary-Louise Parker, where he discovers a magical book. By opening this book he unleashes this invisible world of creatures both good and bad.

What is inspiring is how quickly he takes action against the evil goblins who threaten his family. Some of these goblins are quite terrifying and yet Jared taps into his inner courage. Even when his family does not believe what he sees, Jared perseveres and takes charge of what has to be done to save them all. He takes action with amazing confidence.

Step Forward

When we get stuck in life it is a time when we need to learn new ways of thinking to get us out of unpleasant situations. Sometimes we spend so much time researching and learning new methods for change that we think we've done all the work necessary. But that is only half the work completed.

You have to take action with the knowledge you've acquired. As the mighty Yoda said in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, "You must unlearn what you have learned."

So take that important step forward and put into action the steps you know you have to take. It's time to get your hands dirty! See that inspiring movie that's caught your attention. Make an appointment with that person you feel can help you. Invest yourself physically into exploring that new career or new life that you want.

Taking action is to take a step into the unknown. Find your inner courage and move forward!

"You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind."
Irish Proverb

"Ideas without action are worthless."
Helen Keller

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tip#138: Leverage Your Contacts - Celebrity Apprentice

When you are stuck in a situation it is important to remember that you already have the tools and resources to get you moving forward. Just remember to leverage what you have.

Leverage here is defined as: To improve or enhance. In other words leveraging what you have is to access something you already possess and maximize it.

Your Contacts

For example, I've started to do some spring cleaning and want to clear a pile of books I don't read anymore. I've been wanting to explore eBay for a long time but couldn't find the time to learn how it works. So I finally focused on just delegating the task to someone who was an expert on eBay.

So I leveraged what I had and chose about 10 contacts on my extensive database and sent out an email call for help. Within hours I received 2 potential eBay experts from 2 contacts I had emailed!

Celebrity Apprentice

I am reminded about an inspiring moment on the current reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice. It is a spin on Donald Trump's The Apprenticeshow where celebrities are put into two teams to raise money for individual charities they are representing.

In the first episode the teams were asked to make as much money as they could within a day by selling hot dogs in a New York City location. While one team was arguing whether or not they could get $100 for a hot dog, Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS just started calling his friends asking them to come to NY and buy a $5,000 hot dog for charity.

Not only did it work for that one person but for other friends Simmons called as well. He leveraged his contacts. That inspired the rest of the team to do the same with their own contacts. They thought, why not? All they did was ask for help from those they knew. Simmons's team won the task.

So let that inspire you to remember the contacts you already know whenever you are feeling stuck in a situation. Help is just a call or email away. Maintain some sort of database for your social and business contacts and update it as often as you can.

You already have the friends and connections to help you move forward. All you have to do is take action and leverage what you have.

"People are your greatest resource."
Tony Robbins

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tip#137: Nurture Good Friends - As Good As It Gets

Yesterday was Saturday and we had another big snowstorm here in Toronto. Snow had been falling since Friday afternoon and by yesterday early morning it was still coming down hard.

But that didn't stop me from having a regular coffee get together with my friend and "computer tech guru" (see tip#83). I was looking forward to our meeting so much that I didn't mind trudging through the snow filled sidewalks of Queen St. West with winds blowing chunks of snow shards into my face.

It was worth it because our conversations are always energizing, inspiring and often leads to inner growth for both of us. We also share a quest for doing good in the world and are very supportive of one another. So over hot cups of Starbucks coffee the warmth of this get together melted away any of the blocks of snow that would have kept us from our weekly meeting.

The snow continued to fall all day and once again didn't stop me from trudging through the deepening snow for a dinner meeting with another friend. She was the "scone queen" I introduced in tip#111: Celebrate Food and our conversations are always filled with sharing our passion for food and how it nourishes the soul on many dimensions.

And, of course, this gourmet chef's delicious Mediterranean pasta dish she served took our spirits away into warmer parts of the world for the evening!

A Knight's Tale

There are many movies about friendship and one that comes to mind is A Knight's Tale. It stars the late Heath Ledger and is about five individuals with different strengths and talents to support one another. They all have a common goal and they are not only friends but also allies one could count on in times of trouble.

As Good As It Gets

Another friendship movie is As Good As It Getswhich stars Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear. It truly celebrates how different people can be and yet able to bond deeply by speaking their truths and trusting in what each has to say. They end up helping each other face their fears in life.

So nurture those relationships you consider friends. Be allies for one another. Strive for making them unconditional friendships and as honest as possible. Most of all celebrate every time you can see each other. There is something so powerful from being face to face and sharing an energizing conversation.

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tip#136: Persevere With Passion - 2 Movie Tips

Persevere is defined as: to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.

As I write this there is another snowstorm outside my window this morning. The snowflakes are huge and whiting out the buildings around me. This winter has been a long one here in Toronto but I am making the most of it as mentioned in last tip#135.

The Day After Tomorrow

The snowstorm makes me think about the movie, The Day After Tomorrowthat I wrote about recently in tip#133 This Is Your Wake Up Call. The film stars Dennis Quaid as Jack a climatologist and father to Jake Gyllenhaal's character, Sam. In the story global warming has initiated another ice age putting cities all around the world into a deep freeze.

Through passion and perseverance Jack travels through a blizzard from Washington DC to New York City where Sam is trapped. Jack starts off in a truck and later forced to trudge through the snow with snowshoes and gear. It took time but eventually he achieves his goal to rescue Sam. It is his love for his son that fueled his drive to keep moving forward.

The Pursuit of Happyness

It is this similar theme of perseverance that permeates the true life story of Chris Gardner in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness. It was his passion for his son and for wanting to become a stockbroker that fueled Gardner's perseverance when they were homeless and broke. Read more tips about this movie: Click here

So let these movies inspire you to look at your own passions to fuel your perseverance in life. Identify what your passions are. Then feel that positive energy and push through the snowstorms in your life. Stay focused on what is most important in your heart. To persevere is to believe in your passions and then taking action.

And even if it's just taking one small step at a time know that you are doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing. Persevere with passion!

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tip#135: We Are All Connected - Facebook - Powder

Sometimes our differences can stand in the way of making meaningful connections with people. But when you focus on our commonalities, no matter how small, it can open yourself up to a window of amazing opportunities anywhere in the world.

It's been a long winter here in Toronto with more snowstorms then I can remember. I've heard that we haven't had this much snow since the 1950's and it's still not over. At times I've felt confined to the comfort of my live/work home but have been making the most of being indoors.

This time period has helped me to focus on exploring new avenues of helping motivate others. With cold winds howling outside my windows I've spent much time exploring the internet resources. The internet continues to astound me with its unlimited opportunities for connecting with others both professionally and personally.


It took some time but I finally see how fun and powerful Facebook is for staying connected with friends and for meeting new friends on a global level. During this long winter I've used Facebook to explore its features and unexpected benefits.

I've communicated with a Toronto friend traveling to London who had posted photos of his trip during his travels on his Facebook page. It amazed me to instantly experience his adventures seeing the airports and places he was eating at and people he was meeting in London.

I also have new friends in South Africa, Sweden and Russia and was thrilled hearing about what life is like there while the skies in Toronto were blowing with snow. There are also 100's of groups you can join with unlimited topics that will connect you with other like-minded people. For example, I've joined movie related groups and even groups for chocolate lovers!


This global connectedness reminds me of the movie, Powderand an important message from the film's hero. His name is Powderbecause he is an albino whose mother was struck by lightening while he was in her womb. This allowed him to utilize energy on a profound level like healing others and move objects with his mind. Powder'saccelerated awareness allowed him to see that everyone on the planet was already connected on a higher level. Most people just choose not to see this.

Other movies that explore this connectedness are: Phenomenon; I Heart Huckabees

So believe and remember we are all connected. This is a great step towards realizing your abundant opportunities for making meaningful relationships anywhere on our planet. The internet has become a powerful metaphor for showing how connected we already are to each other.

Let's Connect On Facebook

Take a step right now into this online world. I invite you to connect with me on Facebook. It costs nothing but your time and interest in exploring this method for connecting. Just go to my Facebook page (click here) and you will see my profile. You need to register for free first if you are new to Facebook.

Then send me a message that you read this blog tip and where you are from. I look forward to connecting with you!

Emmanuel Lopez
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