Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tip#140: Treat Yourself To A Slice Of Life - Amelie

We all dream of visiting a place somewhere around the world. And yet if you are unable to go, there is still the power of movies to give you a taste of these locations. And if you are lucky your town may already have a slice of that place for you to see.

A Slice of Paris

Recently, at the end of a busy day, I was invited to meet with a friend at an eatery called Crêpes a GoGo here in downtown Toronto. Though I was tired something told me I had to go o I made my way towards its location at Yonge St. and Yorkville Ave. I didn't even remember a crepes place being there so when I turned the corner off Yonge St. it was if the restaurant suddenly materialized.

I haven't been to Paris yet and still dream about it. I wrote a little about this in Tip#55: Re-Energize in Your Favourite Coffee Shop. So once I entered Crêpes a GoGo I felt I had been transported to Paris! I was greeted in French by a friendly woman I would later learn was the owner named Veronique.

My friend arrived and we both agreed that we were going to celebrate life and our hard work of late in this truly French atmosphere. Though it was a small restaurant it was filled with authentic Parisian décor and the aroma of fresh, hot crepes.

The menu brimmed with a multitude of delicious choices. We decided on each having a savoury crepe to start and then a sweet crepe for dessert. When our crepes arrived Veronique placed the wrapped crepes in our hands and slowly tore open the wrapping showing us the traditional French way of enjoying our meals. I felt like a kid again!

Our crepes were so delicious it felt like all the troubles in the world disappeared. It was truly a multidimensional experience for our taste buds and spirit!


I felt so alive with this slice of Paris. It reminded me of the movie Ameliethat exuded and heightened what I'm told is the timeless Parisian atmosphere. The colours of the film were so saturated as if to give the eyes a taste of the sweet and savoury textures of Paris. The music, historical architecture and locations all added to taking your senses away from your daily life.

And, of course, the French performers of Ameliecompleted the experience of being in a different world. Much like Veronique, the owner of Crêpes a GoGo, where her charming smile, friendly spirit, Parisian accent and heavenly food would stay with me long after we left her restaurant.

Celebrate Life!

So if you're not able to visit places you dream about know that there are many movies you can get that offer a taste of it. And if you are lucky you will discover a slice of that place already existing in your own town.

And when you find these places celebrate your discover and celebrate life! Celebrate your friends and the sharing of delicious foods! Treat yourself to the sweet and savoury tastes of this different world. Your spirit and soul will be filled with overflowing energy!

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

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