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Tip#76: Rebuilding Your Self-Worth, Part 3 - The Sixth Sense

Confirmation of Your Value

Rebuilding your self-worth takes time just like any long lasting structure like the great pyramids of Egypt. And when you fully re-energize your sense of value your self-confidence automatically gets pumped up. You will feel worthy to receive success. You will radiate so much positive energy that the world will be attracted to the light coming from you.

I often get asked how I've promoted my motivational services. I always say by word of mouth. They sometimes looked stunned and ask again because some believe that success has to come from spending a lot of money. That is just one paradigm of thinking. Creating a buzz with little to no budget and a strong sense of self-worth is the paradigm I subscribe to!

One of the most important things I learned from my father was to make the most of what I had. So since I had little to no income for the past several years I made the most of what I had to promote my new services as a motivator. I went back to the basics and told one friend and they told one friend and so on and so on…

I then discovered the highly effective communicating power of email and the internet as a resource to further promote myself. I also took inventory of the already existing support from my family, friends and previous business contacts. In the end they all responded and provided help because they saw the value of what I was doing. And they were able to see it only because I put in the time necessary in rebuilding my self-worth after my mid-life crisis hit back in 2000.

And though it may take months or years to rebuild a sense of value in your personality, ideas, interests, skills and gifts the end results will be worth it. Your self-confidence will shine to help create a word of mouth buzz for the value you can offer.

At its core the word of mouth buzz is the ultimate confirmation that you truly have value to others. Your value will be communicated in such a clear and direct way that people will connect on an emotional level. They'll be drawn to the value that makes them feel good and add further value to their own lives. And they will even be willing to pay to have it.

The Sixth Sense (1999) Phenomenon

Chuck Viane, Disney head of distribution says the movie The Sixth Sensetook off the old-fashioned way: Word got around that it was a great movie.

The Disney movie, The Sixth Sensestarring Bruce Willis is a great example of word of mouth success. Firstly the movie studios did not give the movie a big promotional budget. Plus it was being released at the same time as Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menacein 1999. That film had been heavily publicized for months in every media possible and, of course, had a built-in audience since 1977. How could a little horror movie like The Sixth Sensecompete?

Well it didn't need to compete. It had such strong word of mouth buzz that The Sixth Sensecame in 2nd after Star Wars Episode 1as the top box-office earners of 1999. The Sixth Sensebeat out movies like 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me', 'Toy Story 2' and 'The Matrix'. The movie was referred to as a sleeper.

Sleeper: n. 1. A previously disregarded person or thing that unexpectedly achieves success, assumes importance, etc. 2. The Sixth Sense.

That definition was how Colin Jacobson introduced his online review in He felt that The Sixth Senseperfectly defines a movie that's a sleeper. The film almost literally came out of nowhere to become the second-highest grossing picture of 1999. The movie simply had a lot of entertainment value to moviegoers. It had a riveting script, amazing film making, engaging performances and a much talked about twist ending. People were drawn to the value and were willing to pay more than once to see it again.

Be Worthy

So if you are feeling down from low self-esteem look at yourself as a sleeper. See yourself as a butterfly, a sleeper in a cocoon as you take inventory of all that is meaningful in your life to rebuild your self-worth. Believe that you are worthy to receive success in your life, relationships and career. And when you emerge your self-confidence will unfold like wings and then you too can be a sleeper success story.

Your value in yourself will be free of doubt and will become a powerful magnet attracting others who will want to help you achieve your goals or show you that they appreciate and want what you can offer. They'll do it because they believe in you. And they'll believe only because you believed in yourself first.

Always remember you have value. The world needs you. Your ideas, your personality, your gifts, skills, beliefs, passions and personal interests all have value. Keep believing and then the word of mouth buzz will help make all your dreams come true!

"Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy."
Wayne Dyer

"When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it."
Mark Victor Hansen

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Tip#75: Rebuilding Your Self-Worth, Part 2 - 2 Movie Tips

Dress for Success

If you believe there are deeper meanings behind the clothes you wear then they can become conscious extensions of how you are feeling inside. The colours and clothing style you choose announces to the world the attitude you want to project. Your self-worth can be enhanced by what you wear.

This story continues from tip#74 with my friend who had overcome the pain of his last relationship. Through the gift of time he slowly transformed his depression into rebuilding his self-worth. He was drawn to dressing in new clothes that reflected the rebirth of his self-esteem. The new clothes represented the new him. He was dressed for success!

Other friends noticed the difference and would tell him how good he looked. They referred to his new clothes as much as the positive attitude he exuded. Interestingly he was having difficulty finding a new watch for himself so I offered to help him. Since I had learned the 'art of watch shopping' I was happy to help! (see tip#62)

My friend had seen my new watch and loved my story of how I found it so he was excited for my assistance. Helping him helped me to outline the simple steps for how we can consciously choose what to wear to enhance our inner strengths and value in ourselves. This exercise will also help you visualize your goals.

Here are the 5 steps we took to dress for success:

Step 1: Identify What You Want To Project

Identify what appearance you want to project. My friend was coming through a major transition in his life and wanted his new watch to reflect his newfound strength, confidence and inner value. NOTE: This step is a paradox because you may not know what you want until you see what you don't want! So you can skip this step for now but be aware of it.

Step 2: Just Look

Have fun window shopping. I suggested to my friend to take time just looking at watches in department stores and see the abundant choices and styles. Don't be pressured by any sales people wanting to make a sale or dictate to you what looks good on you. And because my friend wasn't sure what he wanted I also had him look at the watches other men were wearing. That helped him visualize what he wanted and didn't want.

Step 3: Try Something On

Some watches, like any clothes, may look great on display but won't look good when you put them on. Once the item is on your body it has to feel like it is an extension of your personality. For me, I want to feel like a million bucks when I find clothes I'm drawn to. That positive 'feel good feeling' radiates and others will feel it too. Unfortunately, my friend had tried a few watches on but felt overwhelmed by the choices and brands. He was stuck from too many choices so...

Step 4: Have A Shopping Ally

My friend needed help to get unstuck and to focus within the sea of watches in the stores. So I offered to be his shopping ally. I asked him what he was looking for and because he had spent about a week researching watches he was able to articulate the styles he was looking for. We had identified categories for dressy, sporty, casual and even cool looking. Verbalizing what you want is very important.

Step 5: Understand What You Want To Project (Step 1)

At this point I was with my friend at one of the stores he first visited. He now knew what he wanted to project. So we took our time for him to try on several watches. We didn't rush because this was all suppose to be a fun experience! This was about the empowering feeling of making conscious choices.

Some of the shapes and colours didn't look or feel right on him though it was great he experimented with ones he would never have thought of wearing. Eventually he truly understood why some watches either looked good or wrong on his wrist. He was trusting his gut. He was finally seeing the watch as an extension of his new positive strength and energy.

Finally my friend's eyes lit up as he showed me a watch he had tried on a week earlier. He put it one his wrist and to my surprise it looked perfect on him! He felt like this watch was made for him.

My friend was truly excited. Even the saleswoman gave her honest opinion that the watch looked the best on him. My friend bought the watch on the spot and celebrated by taking us out to lunch. He wore it out of the store for the world to see! The smile on his face was radiating!

Regarding Henry (1991)

My friend's self-discovery reminded me of 2 movies. One film was the drama Regarding Henry starring Harrison Ford playing a ruthless lawyer who gets severely injured and loses his memory. As he rebuilds his memories he becomes a new, kinder and more thoughtful man. Henry is so transformed that his family life improves, he leaves his job and let's go of business and personal relationships that were toxic. At the end of the film Henry says that he doesn't like his clothes. He says he doesn't feel comfortable in them and wants to buy new clothes for the new him.

The Family Man (2000)

The romantic comedy drama, The Family Manstarring Nicholas Cage has a great scene that expresses the transformation one feels in certain clothing. Cage's character Jack is a single wealthy executive who experiences a magical, alternate life in a simple suburban family. Later he gets overwhelmed and exhausted being a family man. When he is in the men's department of a mall his spirit transforms when he tries on a $2,400.00 suit.

His wife sees Jack and says in awe, "You look amazing in that suit. I mean really wow! Off the charts great!" Jack replies, "It's an unbelievable thing. Wearing this suit actually makes me feel like a better person."

Clothes can make a profound difference to your spirit. They can lift you up. And it can be an enjoyable and empowering experience taking time in choosing what you want to wear. My friend chose to give himself a gift of time for having given himself time to heal and become a self-confident person.

Ultimately though, your self-esteem and self-confidence can radiate without any expensive clothes, accessories or jewelry. Dressing for success has to start from within, from your inner self-worth. Clothes are like icing on the cake.

What you wear can make you feel like a million bucks or can make you feel on top of the world. However you define success, feeling success first in your heart and soul is the biggest part of rebuilding your self-worth and self-esteem.

"I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch."
Gilda Radner

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Tip#74: Rebuilding Your Self-Worth, Part 1 - 2 Movie Tips

Give Yourself Time

Toxic relationships can sap your energy and rob you of your self-esteem. And long term relationships that end for whatever reasons can leave you doubting your value as a person. Whether these relationships are personal or professional the painful endings can leave you questioning your self-worth. But if you learn to believe in your value again you can transform your dark state like a dazzling butterfly.

I have a good friend whom I've had the pleasure in witnessing a rebirth in his spirit. About two years ago he had a breakup with a long term girlfriend that left him depressed and self-confidence shattered. I did not know any of this at the time but I could see it in his face, his stooped posture and his low energy.

I believe fate brought us together at that time so I could help him by sharing invitations to social events to keep his spirit socially active. I'm sure it was a challenge for him at times but he persevered. So within the last 6 months I began to see a more optimistic side to him. Others saw this transformation too. He smiled and laughed more and he even walked with more of a bounce. He shined!

The solution was giving himself time. Time heals all and it can sometimes be a long process to fully let go of relationships. Even if the person isn't physically in your life their energy can still be attached to you like invisible tentacles and weights. Time helps to flush out those unwanted, residual memories out of your body and mind that are no longer good for you. My friend kept moving forward and had emerged from his re-energizing cocoon like a vibrant butterfly.

Notting Hill (1999)

There is a brilliant sequence that illustrates time healing in the romantic comedy film, Notting Hillstarring Hugh Grant. After he is rejected by the woman he loves, Grant's depressed character is seen walking through his neighborhood street market. In one camera shot you see the seasons magically change around him to show the passage of time. By the time spring returns he is smiling again and saying hello to a newborn baby and his mother who was shown only pregnant at the beginning of the sequence.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

The romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sallystars Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal and is about two friends who, after many years, cross the line and become lovers. Though Crystal's character starts off obnoxious you later feel his pain after he has a relationship breakup. His depression was exposed for the world to see on his face, in his broken voice and how he held himself in public. But people eventually bounce back and Crystal's character later comes back to life. All he had to do was have a supportive friend and to just keep on living one day at a time.

Transitions take time and the best gift you can give yourself are unconditional parameters to keep moving forward. Be with the residual pain and float like a cork down your path in life. Find at least one person who believes in your value when you don't have the energy to do so. There is always someone somewhere ready to lend support if only you let them and their supportive words in.

So whether you have parted from a painful work relationship or one that was personal be kind to yourself and take one day at a time. Know that a new you is percolating within. New, stronger wings are growing inside you. Know that one day you'll be smiling and laughing again.

"Tragedy plus time equals comedy."
Woody Allen

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Tip#73: Leave A Good Impression - Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

How do you want to be remembered? And not just after you die but for the here and now and the effect you have on people around you. Do you want to be thought of as an unkind co-worker? Do you want neighbours to refer to you as a rude or unfriendly person? Or do you want to be remembered and thought of as someone who made a difference in other people's lives?

Honest Ed

One man who made a difference was Ed Mirvish, 'Honest Ed'. His passing on July 11, 2007 hit the news big time demonstrating that this Toronto icon had a powerful and positive effect on this city's people. The cover news of the Globe and Mail newspaper the next day said it best, "Honest Ed did more for Toronto than anyone else."

Among his many gifts to the city Mirvish created Honest Ed's, Canada's first bargain emporium with it's massive signage showcasing hundreds of light bulbs and witty slogans like "Come In and Get Lost!". He also bought and renovated the crumbling Royal Alexandra Theatre and helped create the Princess of Wales Theatre.

In the end, I related with hundreds of others who saw Mirvish for what he was at his core, a warm-hearted man who genuinely cared about his fellow man, especially those who were less fortunate. Interviews on TV with citizens of Toronto all echoed this testament. Interviews mentioned how he took the time to say hello and learn a little about who they were. Newcomers to Toronto said that sense of compassion made them feel welcomed and appreciated.

Even the people who worked for Mirvish loved him as a thoughtful boss. People were not just customers or employees to Mirvish, they were fellow human beings and that attitude left a good impression.

I grew up getting to know Mirvish's good deeds for the community. I have fond memories of my father showing me the electric signage of the Honest Ed's store as a little boy for the first time. Later as an adult I'd watch Mirvish on the TV news giving out free turkeys with a big smile at Honest Ed's every year. I also got to see a man who enjoyed celebrating his birthday publicly with the people of Toronto. He truly celebrated life and it inspired me.

Frank Capra Movies

Mirvish made me think of the classic Frank Capra movies when I think of what he did for the people of Toronto and beyond. One of my favourite movies is Mr. Deeds Goes To Townstarring Gary Cooper. Another is James Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life.These down to earth characters embodied an unshakable love and compassion for their fellow man and didn't ask for anything in return. They just naturally thought of others first. They just wanted to help others.

Synchronistically around the time of Mirvish's passing I heard stories about certain CEO's and bosses that treated their employees poorly, rudely and with little respect. Their actions will be remembered as mostly negative, hurtful and mean spirited. They could learn a thing or two from Mirvish's spirit of treating others with kindness and respect.

So now ask yourself, how do you want to be remembered? What impression do you want to leave with others? What would you like people to say about you after you've met or worked with? What legacy do you want to leave with your family or to this planet?

Your actions will define who you are. They will either create positive outcomes or consequences you'll eventually be responsible for. All you have to do is choose how you'll treat people.

Choose to make a positive impression on others. Make a difference in someone's life. And even if you never see it you'll be remembered with a smile. What goes around DOES come around. Believe that the good you put out will have a lasting affect on yourself and the souls around you.

"Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down."

Jimmy Durante

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tip#72: The Ocean of Abundance - Ocean's 13

Picture Yourself In Abundance

Picturing yourself with something you desire is all about having fun. It's about letting your imagination run wild. It's about taking a snapshot of a future time when you'll have what you want, smiling and enjoying it all. And if the abundance of money is what you want to attract then you've got to visualize a satisfying future with it.

In my previous career as a successful illustrator the abundance of money I received was a direct result of the passion I had for my work and an undeniable belief in my value. My self-esteem was brimming. When I began to lose my passion for my work I unconsciously pulled myself out of that ocean of money or the ocean of abundance. Feeling worthless in my mid-life crisis I had lost sight of my value.

So after many years of creating and visualizing illustrations for other people I needed to learn how to visualize a new satisfying career for myself. I had to picture the ideal job I wanted and then the money I wanted to support this career and a satisfying lifestyle. In order to achieve these steps I first needed to fully believe in my value as a motivational speaker and a writer. I had to rebuild my self-esteem.

Two factors helped me recognize my value during my transitional years. First was the synchronistic support I received over the years from friends, family and clients I helped motivate. And second was the visual stimulus of movies.

Ocean's 13 (2007)

As mentioned in tip#70, movies like Ocean's 13starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt helped me picture the abundance of money. The film helped immensely by exciting my senses, taking me away from any financial woes, raising my spirits and giving me something powerful to visualize for myself.

There is a great scene about visualizing the money you want in Ocean's 13.The scene involves a sudden rush of casino winners as the camera pans along the casino room. Above the heads of jubilant winners were superimposed the detailed amounts of money they were winning. Millions were being won!

The action of the scene and the colours and excitement of the winners was contagious. I was excited for the people on screen that were diving into their oceans of money. I could feel within me a positive energy that was radiating out along with others in the movie audience.

Seeing those large money figures and getting excited is utilizing the law of attraction. That visual stimulus generates a positive energy within you and acts like a magnet. The key is to maintain that feeling every day.

Now as I write this I am still in a financial transition. So I am always picturing myself back in that wonderful ocean of abundance. I was there once so I know it exists. The Ocean's 13movie is one method that is helping me. And these blog tips are documenting my journey back to this ocean I once swam in as an illustrator. It's just become a newfound purpose and passion in my life to share the steps of my journey with others and to inspire that dreams can come true.

I've also learned that when I get excited for others achieving their goals that this feeling energizes me in return.

So get excited for friends who just received a raise. Be thrilled for strangers you see on TV and newspapers that win lotteries. Clip out pictures of those happy winners in newspapers holding up their million dollar cheques. Picture yourself sharing in their happiness. Becoming part of that positive flow for others will lead to your own ocean of abundance.

That positive attitude and energy within you will grow. It will radiate out into the world. It will magnetize the steps necessary to achieve your financial goals. Just remember to picture yourself enjoying that glistening ocean of abundance with a great big smile!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tip#71: The Ocean of Richness: Self-Esteem - Pleasantville

Feel Rich And Deserving

In the world of psychology, self-esteem (also called self-worth, self-confidence, and self-respect) reflects a person's overall self-appraisal of their own worth. In other words knowing and embracing your value in yourself may be the primary key to making all your dreams come true. After all, how can anyone else see your value if you don't see and believe it yourself?

I wrote this entry on the morning of my 44th birthday. And though I could have chosen to dwell on desires still missing in my life I chose to focus on the riches I already have. I felt positive and highly grateful for all that had gotten me to this age. I counted my blessings and toasted them all with a delicious chocolate, frozen fruit protein shake!

In my mind and heart I thanked all my friends and family for believing in me and for all their unconditional support. I gave thanks for the roof over my head, the food in my belly and for having a healthy mind and body. I gave thanks to the world of movies for motivating me forward and for all the gifts and abilities that God gave me. And I was most grateful for my ability to maintain my optimism no matter what.

Turning a certain age can be a self-esteem killer for some because it can magnify what you don't have in your life. Remaining optimistic in the face of any age transition is an important life lesson to master. It can free you of the energy drain that come from judgments. Judging yourself or allowing another's judgments to affect your opinion of yourself can sabotage a happy, rich life.

Pleasantville (1998)

"It's not suppose to be anything."

Say that line to yourself anytime you are feeling down and thinking things in your life are suppose to be something else. That powerful and simple line comes at the end of the inspiring movie, Pleasantvillestarring Tobey Maguire.

In the scene, Maguire's character, David returns home a wiser person after his adventures in Pleasantville,a 1950's sitcom he magically got sucked into. He hears his mother crying in the kitchen where she has returned from an unsuccessful date with a younger man. She tells David that when his father was there she thought this was it, this was how it'll always be. She had the right house, the right car and the right life.

David smiles and says, "There is no right house. There is no right car." And as his mother cries she says her face looks like a mess. David replies lovingly, "It looks great." She then says, "I'm 40 years old, it's not suppose to be like this." David replies, "It's not suppose to be anything."

Let that transformational dialogue inspire you to focus on being optimistic when you find yourself down from whatever is still missing in your life. Being grateful for the positives in your life is a step towards seeing the value in yourself. Seeing that value will allow you to eventually see pathways to whatever else you want to make your life richer.

For some that could lead to an ocean of money or, more importantly, an ocean of richness. And that richness is just about being: well supplied; abounding; abundant; copious; bountiful.

The key is to feel rich and deserving and radiate that magnetic energy as much as possible. That will attract more richness into your life in the form of the house, job, money, relationships and other dreams you desire. Remember these steps when you feel your self-esteem is low...

Self-Esteem Boosters:
1) Count your blessings
2) Do things you love to do
3) See your value through other people's eyes
4) Be optimistic

Create the rich life you want by seeing the riches you already have. Lift your head up and smile at all the gifts right in front of you!

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Tip#70: The Ocean of Money - Ocean's 13


Money is very much like an ocean that anyone can dive into. The challenge is some may feel they are not allowed into this ocean or are not worthy enough to even dip their foot in. And some believe that money is simply a bad thing. Believing an ocean of money exists is the first step towards enjoying the flow of money in your life and making your dreams come true.

Ocean's 13 (2007)

Recently I was compelled to see the crime comedy film Ocean's 13starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It was another fun romp about a creative comedic heist much like the previous 2 films. What surprised me were the empowering messages about money the movie highlighted in key scenes.

The first two movies, Ocean's 11and Ocean's 12revolved around the themes of revenge and strategy. Whereas Ocean's 13takes you to an awareness that there is an abundance of money in the world for anyone who wants it. You get to see individuals throughout the film happily receive a lot of money.

Loyalty and helping friends is the catalyst for Ocean's 13,the latest adventure of Danny Ocean, played by Clooney, and his gang. Like the previous films you continually hear of the millions of dollars that are at their disposal to accomplish their tasks. You also get to witness the massive amounts of money that flow through Las Vegas casinos.

Movies themselves cost millions to make. The Ocean's 13budget was about $100 million while the Spider-Man 3budget was estimated at $258 million. On it's opening weekend Spider-Man 3broke all box office records with over $533 million worldwide. Think about those figures for a moment. Is there not a vast ocean of money out there?

All this information is a great reminder to you that there are oceans of money flowing in this world even if you feel you are not currently part of the flow. As I have written in a previous blog tip #56 you have to change your old paradigms around money before it can enter your life. And then you have to believe in your self-worth before you can see a pathway towards this ocean of money.

Believing is a life lesson I am always learning to improve. Over the years I have been letting go of my old habits of belief around money and eventually saw its connection with my stronger self-esteem. Self-esteem is how you estimate yourself and is all about believing in your value.

So believe the ocean of money exists and wants you to dive in anytime. Let go of any negative walls that someone else put between you and money. Let go of those voices in your head that someone else planted telling you how bad money is or your lack of value.

You have to shed all judgments about money and believe you are worthy to receive it. When you do your relationship with money will start to change for the better. Then you may realize one day that you've already been standing within a warm ocean of money!

"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale."
Zig Ziglar

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tip#69: Be In The Moment - Peaceful Warrior

Being in the moment is one of the most challenging things in the world to do. And yet it could be the single most important lesson to learn and the key to living a truly blissful life. Only then can you fully taste how juicy life can be.

We are constantly thinking of thoughts that take us out of the moment when we dwell on the past or worry about the future. It is a natural behaviour and most people live their lives not even aware that they do it all the time. There just comes a pivotal time in your life when you realize that thinking too much about the past or future is sabotaging your happiness in the now.

I finally got to see the movie, Peaceful Warrior. A good friend had been raving about it for months and the film left a powerful impression on me. It was also a mirror for what I had experienced in my own life and lessons I've been learning to enjoy my journey. 

Peaceful Warrior (2006)

The fantasy drama film, Peaceful Warrioris based on Dan Millman's bestseller Way of The Peaceful Warriorand the movie is filled with many inspirational phrases and themes from the book. One of those themes is the importance of being in the moment. The character Dan wants to become a success as an Olympic gymnast and encounters an unexpected mentor in a gas station attendant played by Nolte. His advice to Dan is to focus on the moment, to be conscious of the now as a key to his success.

Through a magical and mystical moment he shows Dan what he is talking about and suddenly time slows down as he sees everything in a park transform. He sees friends laughing and enjoying each other's company in a dramatically new light. He sees the beauty, joy and love of a dog and it's owner. He sees the preciousness of an insect with the sounds it is making amplified. And he sees the profoundness of a couple's kiss slowed down so Dan can take in the blissful love in that moment of connection between two lovers.

"There are no ordinary moments."

That is what Nolte's character tells Dan. Before they met Dan was truly asleep and didn't know it. And when he opened up to being more aware in the present and letting go of the distracts of the past and future he was able to do miraculous things in his life. Everyone around Dan was amazed at what he could do.

Slow Down

Next time you have a meal, slow down and really taste the food. Focus on the taste, the textures and the seasonings. Take in the aroma of your food and feel what it is doing to your spirit.

When you are walking down the street don't think of work. Focus on feeling the sun and heat on your face or the rain that is falling or the sound of the cool breeze blowing through the trees around you. Let it in as if it were being poured into you like a cup of your favourite beverage. Drink in that moment.

Your world will become a whole new world when you find the courage to let go of your old ways of thinking. It takes time and training to tune your mind and you can start this very second. Focus on the present a little more each day. Once you do, time will feel like it is slowing down and every thing around you will be amplified for you to enjoy on a whole new, exhilarating level.

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