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Tip#69: Be In The Moment - Peaceful Warrior

Being in the moment is one of the most challenging things in the world to do. And yet it could be the single most important lesson to learn and the key to living a truly blissful life. Only then can you fully taste how juicy life can be.

We are constantly thinking of thoughts that take us out of the moment when we dwell on the past or worry about the future. It is a natural behaviour and most people live their lives not even aware that they do it all the time. There just comes a pivotal time in your life when you realize that thinking too much about the past or future is sabotaging your happiness in the now.

I finally got to see the movie, Peaceful Warrior. A good friend had been raving about it for months and the film left a powerful impression on me. It was also a mirror for what I had experienced in my own life and lessons I've been learning to enjoy my journey. 

Peaceful Warrior (2006)

The fantasy drama film, Peaceful Warrioris based on Dan Millman's bestseller Way of The Peaceful Warriorand the movie is filled with many inspirational phrases and themes from the book. One of those themes is the importance of being in the moment. The character Dan wants to become a success as an Olympic gymnast and encounters an unexpected mentor in a gas station attendant played by Nolte. His advice to Dan is to focus on the moment, to be conscious of the now as a key to his success.

Through a magical and mystical moment he shows Dan what he is talking about and suddenly time slows down as he sees everything in a park transform. He sees friends laughing and enjoying each other's company in a dramatically new light. He sees the beauty, joy and love of a dog and it's owner. He sees the preciousness of an insect with the sounds it is making amplified. And he sees the profoundness of a couple's kiss slowed down so Dan can take in the blissful love in that moment of connection between two lovers.

"There are no ordinary moments."

That is what Nolte's character tells Dan. Before they met Dan was truly asleep and didn't know it. And when he opened up to being more aware in the present and letting go of the distracts of the past and future he was able to do miraculous things in his life. Everyone around Dan was amazed at what he could do.

Slow Down

Next time you have a meal, slow down and really taste the food. Focus on the taste, the textures and the seasonings. Take in the aroma of your food and feel what it is doing to your spirit.

When you are walking down the street don't think of work. Focus on feeling the sun and heat on your face or the rain that is falling or the sound of the cool breeze blowing through the trees around you. Let it in as if it were being poured into you like a cup of your favourite beverage. Drink in that moment.

Your world will become a whole new world when you find the courage to let go of your old ways of thinking. It takes time and training to tune your mind and you can start this very second. Focus on the present a little more each day. Once you do, time will feel like it is slowing down and every thing around you will be amplified for you to enjoy on a whole new, exhilarating level.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Emmanuel

Your blog is a perfect picture of the movie. I loved it

Peaceful warrior is a life changing movie and it's worth watching over and over again.



Anonymous said...

This tip made me reflect on two things.

1. Live to eat, not eat to live.
2. Babies - I have a 13 month old son and I know that his every moment is about the 'now' and he soaks it all in.

Anonymous said...

What a great suggestion… so many times I just through everything and only on holidays take the time to actually rest and enjoy… this is food for thought….

Unknown said...

Hi Emmanuel,
Well thanks again for sending me the link to this blog post about Peaceful Warrior. This was actually the 3rd time that i watched this movie, and i must say that i was just as powerful and empowering. I believe the movie goes beyond our usual experience and daily thoughts and allows us to get a glimpse of life in a completely new dimension.
Being in the moment is definitely an experience that few of us are ever aware of, and in my opinion that goes to show what area of life we have chosen to live in.
I mean, to really be able to focus on what is happening RIGHT NOW is an experience that one can spend their whole life cherishing. However, the grocery list, the cell phone bill or the fight with a loved one can take our focus away so easily and then the moment is lost. But the interesting fact is that it is not any specific moment that is special, it is all moments.

Anyway, it was a pleasure reading your post. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog closely. To tell you the truth I am just in the process of launching my blog and i just thought i should stop by and say hello. My blog is going to be located at . I look forward to your visit. Much Love, Afshin.