Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tip#192: Look For The Good In Destruction – Outsourced The Movie

Sometimes destruction is a good thing. It ends one cycle so a new one can begin. Remember this whenever something is crashing down in your life, career or workplace. It's part of a positive change.

There are definitely more reminders of transformation going on in my life right now. In my last blog entry I wrote about the 2 demolition cranes tearing down the building next to mine (Tip#191). It was mirroring my old mindsets being torn down. Synchronistically I was recently recommended a movie I hadn't seen before and it contained a powerful message reminding me that I am currently ending one cycle of my life and career and building a new one.


The movie recommended was called Outsourced, an independent film that had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival of 2006. It's about an American novelty products salesman, Todd Anderson, whose entire department is outsourced to India where he must travel to and train his replacement. This film not only provides many insights about dealing with unexpected change it was also so full of spicy, uplifting energy that I felt like I went to India for a 90 minute vacation!

From the very start you feel for Todd as he deals with his sudden job transition and having to adapt to the culture shock of India. Later there is a pivotal moment where he finally surrenders to his situation. Todd gets caught in a colourful street ceremony where brightly coloured powder are thrown at each other. He joins in joyfully. You later see his business attire covered with blue and red as he peacefully submerges himself in nearby waters to cleanse himself.

Todd discovers invaluable lessons about the culture and beauty of India that helps him enjoy his experience. His new attitude helps him become a highly effective manager with his new staff. He also happens to find love.

Kali, Goddess of Destruction

During his transformation Todd asked about a statue he kept seeing everywhere and is told she is Kali, goddess of destruction. He learns that sometimes destruction is a good thing and that Kali's purpose is to end one cycle so a new one can begin.

So keep this optimistic attitude in your own mind when faced with unexpected change in your life, career or workplace. See destruction as having a positive purpose and that it is part of a cycle for you to make room for a better mindset, life or job coming your way.

Surrender to your situation and believe there is something amazing about to arrive.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tip#191: Tear Down Old Ways of Thinking - Dark City

There are 2 demolition cranes roaring away next to my building as I write this. They've been at it for over a week tearing down an old building starting as early as 7am.

At first I was irritated by all the constant noise until I realized the synchronistic gift it was telling me. It was the universe reminding me that I was also in the process of tearing down my own walls of thinking.

In the previous tip#190 I shared how I committed a random act of kindness buying a stranger a large carton of milk in a grocery line-up. What I want to share now is that this act was a breakthrough in my own thinking process.

I could have thought of a dozen reasons not to have paid for this stranger's groceries. I could have talked myself into saving that money for something else I needed or wanted. But the mindset I've been building was one of living in the moment and in that moment my gut was telling me to do this good deed.

If you saw my bank accounts you might have thought I was crazy for even giving away my money in this way. And that in itself is another mindset I am building. It's acting as if I am already in the unlimited abundance of wealth.

That is the key to the law of attraction. Believe and feel you already have what you currently don't have in the physical. Your thinking creates the reality you want.

Dark City

The movie, Dark City is a fantastic story that mirrors the concept of tearing down old ways of thinking. It is a science fiction tale about a man named John Murdoch, played by Rufus Sewell, who awakens in a city that doesn't "feel right". But with the help of a Dr. Schreber, played by Kiefer Sutherland, Murdoch literally rebuilds his mind in order to tear down this city and rebuild a better world.

The movie's core concept is similar to The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves as Neo. It's about letting go of old ways of thinking that are meant to end. And it is the courage of these movie heroes that will help inspire you to let go of your old ways of thinking.

Let Go

Remember that if you are committed to changing old habits of thinking the universe will provide opportunities to tear down your old mindset. Committing random acts of kindness is just one method to accomplish this.

It's like wanting to grab onto your dreams or goals that's right in front of you but you can't because your hands are full holding onto something you were meant to let go of.

So tear down your old walls of thinking and you will make room for your new, exciting mindset waiting to be built.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tip#190: Do A Daily Challenge – Pay It Forward

Committing random acts of kindness could be the most challenging AND rewarding actions one could take. What you receive in return could be ten fold.

Something strange and amazing happened last Sunday. I was in line with a friend at a Starbucks when a young woman came up to me and asked if I wanted her Caramel Macchiato coffee. I was a little stunned because the offer was so out of the ordinary and unexpected. After some time chatting about this unusual offer I graciously accepted it and she just left with a nice smile.

My friend and I were both in awe as well as another person in line that witnessed what happened. We were all a little excited about it all. At the same time this situation was so highly synchronistic that I thought maybe I was being set up by another friend hiding nearby!


You see this other friend was launching a new socially conscious website called Daily and its all about committing random acts of kindness. I was almost convinced he sent that woman to give me her coffee because it was a Daily Challenge thing to do. I later emailed my friend about what happened and he said he had nothing to do with that amazing incident.

I believe that the unexpected coffee gift planted a seed of awareness for me to do something nice for another stranger. So yesterday morning I was doing my groceries and at the check out I noticed the person behind me was just buying a large carton of milk. So I asked him if that was all he was buying and then I turned to the cashier and told her to put his milk on my tab.

Both he and the cashier were stunned. He was then very appreciative and said this is something you don't see everyday. He said he was speechless and I just said that he could pay this forward and he said he would with a big smile and left. And when I was leaving the cashier gave me a big bright smile as well.

I felt fantastic! I could see we were all positively affected and feeling energized.

Pay It Forward

The movie, Pay It Forward is all about giving. Committing random acts of kindness can have a cascade effect on everyone around the action taken. The film stars Haley Joel Osment as a schoolboy who has a class assignment to come up with an idea that can change the world and be put into action.

He comes up with an idea of instead of "paying back" someone is to "pay forward" a good deed to 3 individuals. And those 3 individuals will then do 3 goods deeds for others and so on and so on. Soon the concept becomes viral around the country.

Take Action Today

So take this daily challenge today. Do a random act of kindness for someone. Hold a door open for not just one person but for the next 3 people. If you are in line at a coffee shop buy someone a free coffee who is in line with you. Or if you see the person behind you in the check out of a convenience store and is buying something you can afford offer to buy it for them!

The feeling you will feel will be extraordinary. You will make them feel good, others witnessing will be amazed and you will be brimming with positive emotional energy! That positive energy can change the world.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tip#189: Storytelling Will Lift You Up – The Fall

The power of storytelling can move the depths of your soul. It can lift you from whatever dark place you are in and catapult you high above the clouds and beyond.

Recently I was feeling a little low because a year ago I was in New York City having a great time and getting energized by this amazing city. See tip#88. I thought I'd be able to return within the year but life had other plans and time flew by so quickly.

Now the fall has returned. The weather in Toronto has a cooler breeze blowing and I felt a little sad for how things in life don't work out the way we planned. Thankfully synchronicity led me to a new movie that re-energized my optimism.

The Fall

The movie The Fall is a magical and visually stunning story that takes place in a 1920's Los Angeles hospital. A little girl with a broken arm befriends a bedridden man who inspires her imagination with a fantastical story.

You are then transported to sumptuous locations all around the world as the story unfolds about 5 mythical heroes on a special quest. The beautiful costumes will ignite your senses with their rich colours and textures. Every frame of this movie is a work of art and the performance of the little girl in itself will touch your heart.

Drink In Stories

I am surprised I hadn't heard about this movie when it was first in the theatres. And I am grateful I didn't because when I was magically led to it my spirits were lifted exactly when I needed it most. And I was reminded of how powerful storytelling is and how much it deeply means to me.

Storytelling is my ultimate passion and is at the heart of all my other passions. Storytelling is at the core of my illustrations, music, seminars, this blog and my new video work. In fact I was able to tell my own life story in just 2 minutes in my new video. Click here to see

So if you are feeling stuck or a little low why not loose yourself in a good story? Read an engaging book. Read other blogs online. Listen to someone tell their own story. Watch a favourite TV show or movie.

Whatever the source is just drink in the story and you will energize your spirit. Remember this great big world of ours is full of enriching tales and is your personal resource for igniting your imagination and optimism.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tip#188: Wear A Coat of Optimism – The Shawshank Redemption

Build an optimistic mindset and it's like having an invisible coat that will protect you from anything life throws at you.

An optimistic mindset is defined as having a positive default response to any challenge one faces in the workplace, career or life. One cinematic role model that inspires this empowering frame of mind is Andy Dufresne.

The Shawshank Redemption

Tim Robbins plays Andy Dufresne in the movie The Shawshank Redemption which also stars Morgan Freeman as Red. Both men are facing life imprisonment together in a story about hope in the 1940's.

This film embodies key elements of feeding and maintaining an optimistic mindset: the importance of goal setting, friendship and even the power of music. There is a scene where Dufresne defies the prison warden and guards by playing a moving Italian aria over the prison speakers for all the inmates to hear. You could see that he and the other inmates felt free just for that one blissful moment.

Dufresne had to face many emotional, psychological and physical challenges during his years in prison. But he knew that his key to freedom in mind and spirit was to keep his positive emotional energy alive. He created projects to work on like improving the prison library and carving chess pieces out of rocks.

Build Your Optimism

So believe that you too can build an optimistic mindset in order to face your own challenges. Envision short term and long term goals to give yourself daily purpose and drive. Cultivate friendships that will support you during your journey. And fill your heart with the things you love like music or movies to generate an internal flow of positive emotional energy. This is your fuel.

Remember the biggest challenge you will ever face are the negative thoughts in your own mind. Make it your ultimate goal to master your thoughts and make optimism your best friend and ally.

"He strolled, like a man in a park without a care or a worry in the world, like he had on an invisible coat that would shield him from this place."
Red about Dufresne when they meet in prison
The Shawshank Redemption

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Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tip#187: Reinvent Yourself – Tropic Thunder

I love vanilla bean lattes from Second Cup! My first sip always sends a jolt of energy into me with its hot frothy deliciousness. It reminded me of when I saw the new Ben Stiller movie, Tropic Thunder recently. That sent a jolt filling me with such feel good energy and laughter.

The film was also motivating because I recognized that it was about reinventing yourself. I saw the movie during the suddenly hot September Labour Day weekend. August was like fall weather here in Toronto so it was a surprise to have a blast of summer heat that long weekend.

So to cool down I went with a friend to see Tropic Thunder in a soothing air-conditioned theatre with fresh buttered popcorn in hand.

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is the latest comedy written, directed and starring Ben Stiller. It's about a group of actors shooting a big-budget war movie who are dropped into a real war zone.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a white actor playing a black character playing a soldier. Downey Jr.'s character, Kirk Lazarus, reinvented himself by going through a surgical procedure to appear more black for his role as a black man. It is a ridiculous concept and controversial but that's where the humour comes in.

And in real life Downey Jr. has enjoyed a comeback with this hit movie and in his other role as Tony Stark in Iron Man. In the past he has had negative press for his substance addiction but has reinvented himself to move beyond all that and get rave reviews for both these roles.

Tom Cruise Reinvented

Tom Cruise also stars in Tropic Thunder although my friend didn't even recognize him until the end of the movie! Cruise plays a bald, slimy producer named Les Grossman and has truly reinvented himself.

Over the years Cruise has suffered much negative press but this flamboyant role will make you forget the past and make you laugh and celebrate this new direction he has chosen.

So don't be afraid of reinventing yourself if you don't like the person you are or have become. It is never too late to change. I just wrote a series of tips on taking control of your life and you just have to choose to take action. See tips #184, #185, #186

Madonna and Shatner Reinvented

Let the reinvention examples of Tropic Thunder inspire you. Look at other pop culture icons to also remind you that you too can rise from a negative position. Look at Madonna and her diverse and colourful career changes.

Look at William Shatner and how he evolved from his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek to reinventing himself through his self-deprecating humour. Choosing to have fun with how the world saw him led Shatner to win a Golden Globe award for his role on Boston Legal.

So remember you can always turn your life or career around. Remember you are always in a state of evolution. Choose the role you want to play. You have the ability to reinvent yourself any time you want.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tip#186: Take Control - Part 3 - 50 First Dates

Taking control of your life requires energy. And one powerful way to re-energize your self-confidence and self-esteem is to review meaningful aspects of your life growing up.

As I previously wrote, my financial situation took a positive turn at the start of the summer when I started creating video stories for other people. See tip#183 for more.

Since then I was compelled to create my own video story by going through old photo albums for key points in my life since I was a baby.

Video Storytelling

Doing this reminded me of how my passions and heroes growing up helped shape the successes I've had in my career and adult life. For example I saw how my passions for movies and food fueled my positive emotional energy which helped maintain my optimistic mindset.

I also recognized how my heroes like Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation taught me about leadership and teamwork. Assembling these meaningful images into a video showed the value of my own life story so far. It empowered me.

So I am making this video available now for you and the world because it will remind you how powerful your own passions and heroes can be. Click here to see the 2 min. video and let it inspire you to look carefully at what you loved growing up. Click here

50 First Dates

The Adam Sandler movie, 50 First Dates has a powerful example of using video. Sandler's character Henry falls in love with Drew Barrymore's character Lucy in the beautiful setting of Hawaii. Unfortunately she suffers from short term memory loss and can't remember him or anything that happens the day before.

Henry loves her so much that he creates a video of images, messages and people in her life to remind her every morning she wakes up of her condition. He created the video to also remind her that he is meaningful in her life. Let this story remind you how powerful it can be to be reminded of meaningful aspects of your own life right now.

Get re-energized by reviewing the value of your own life experiences growing up. Look at your old photo albums. Note the feeling and thoughts you get when you review old photos of you. Feel the positive emotional energy that wells up inside you.

Rent old TV shows or movies you loved growing up. Identify real life or movie heroes who have inspired you over the years. Rediscover what you loved to do but for some reason were eliminated from your life. Taking these small steps is already helping you take control of your life.

Remember your passions and heroes have enormous value. They can help build your self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence now.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tip#185: Take Control - Part 2 – The Truman Show

Identify the walls of limitation that are holding you back in life. It's a big step towards taking control of your life.

This is part 2 of a group of movies I was recently compelled to watch that provided answers to my feeling stuck in life. Part 1 covered how powerful the subconscious can be in holding you back (see tip#184).

Identifying your limitations can also be a big step in making a positive change. When I realized my recent limitations were old habits of time-wasting distractions I just consciously took steps to wean out these bad habits and bring back my productive mindset that I had "put on a shelf" for awhile.

I just did a little less of my bad habits each day and focused on little goals I needed to achieve by evening. I took control by first identifying my addictive behaviours as barriers to my own success. These barriers could also be real walls or even unsupportive people in your life just like in The Truman Show.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a thought provoking movie and a powerful metaphor for anyone wanting to take control of their life. The film stars Jim Carrey as Truman who is the unwitting star of a 24 hour reality TV show about his life. Everything around Truman was a film set. It was an illusion.

For 30 years Truman yearned to leave town but the producers of the show have conditioned Truman to fear venturing beyond the walls of the massive set of the town he lived in. For example there is a hilarious poster in a travel agency where Truman is trying to book a flight out of town. The poster featured an airplane being struck by lightening with a headline that says, "It could happen to you"!

Thankfully it is Truman's persistence that has him slowly identify the limitations and barriers around him. He starts to see through the facade of the sets and surrounding people trying to suppress his true desires.

See Through Your Barriers

So see Truman as a mirror for you. See through your barriers. Be persistent. Look at all the clues of the unauthentic elements of your life. Have the courage to identify the people around you who are acting as barriers to your true desires. Then start focusing on finding inspiring messages and people who will support you.

It takes heroic courage to take control of your life. You have what it takes inside you and all you have to do is activate that belief and energy.

And ultimately you will see your barriers and limitations for what they truly are – an illusion.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008