Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tip#192: Look For The Good In Destruction – Outsourced The Movie

Sometimes destruction is a good thing. It ends one cycle so a new one can begin. Remember this whenever something is crashing down in your life, career or workplace. It's part of a positive change.

There are definitely more reminders of transformation going on in my life right now. In my last blog entry I wrote about the 2 demolition cranes tearing down the building next to mine (Tip#191). It was mirroring my old mindsets being torn down. Synchronistically I was recently recommended a movie I hadn't seen before and it contained a powerful message reminding me that I am currently ending one cycle of my life and career and building a new one.


The movie recommended was called Outsourced, an independent film that had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival of 2006. It's about an American novelty products salesman, Todd Anderson, whose entire department is outsourced to India where he must travel to and train his replacement. This film not only provides many insights about dealing with unexpected change it was also so full of spicy, uplifting energy that I felt like I went to India for a 90 minute vacation!

From the very start you feel for Todd as he deals with his sudden job transition and having to adapt to the culture shock of India. Later there is a pivotal moment where he finally surrenders to his situation. Todd gets caught in a colourful street ceremony where brightly coloured powder are thrown at each other. He joins in joyfully. You later see his business attire covered with blue and red as he peacefully submerges himself in nearby waters to cleanse himself.

Todd discovers invaluable lessons about the culture and beauty of India that helps him enjoy his experience. His new attitude helps him become a highly effective manager with his new staff. He also happens to find love.

Kali, Goddess of Destruction

During his transformation Todd asked about a statue he kept seeing everywhere and is told she is Kali, goddess of destruction. He learns that sometimes destruction is a good thing and that Kali's purpose is to end one cycle so a new one can begin.

So keep this optimistic attitude in your own mind when faced with unexpected change in your life, career or workplace. See destruction as having a positive purpose and that it is part of a cycle for you to make room for a better mindset, life or job coming your way.

Surrender to your situation and believe there is something amazing about to arrive.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry today Emmanuel.

Sounds like a great movie. This reminds me of a low budget movie I recently saw that was also shot in India at the AMC Interchange. It was called Kamil or something like that. It was about a rickshaw driver in India who had nothing, yet he was the richest man in all of India. Also a nice film.


Anonymous said...

So pleased you liked the film as much as I is wonderful with its insights. And I did read your blog and thought you captured some important points and made the career connections beautifully. Good words of wisdom that comes from being there.

Thank you for sharing it with me.


Rhonda Singer, M.Sc. C.H.R.D.
President, Noanda Enterprises Ltd.
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