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Tip#100: Enjoy The Journey - Citizen Kane

Each of us is on a unique journey. And yet some of us are so fixated on where we want to end up that we miss the gold and gifts along the way. It is important to stay aware along your path for all the magical moments, epiphanies and people you come across.

I am now celebrating my 100th motivational tip that marks a full year since I started this blog. In doing so I have discovered a new passion for writing and helping others by documenting my struggles and the movies and people that inspired me to keep moving forward. This writing gave me a new sense of purpose.

Looking back I am so glad I recorded this pivotal year. I've had to let go of old friends who did not believe in me and welcomed new ones I've met who have given their unconditional support and encouragement. It's like what Forrest Gumpsaid, "Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get."

The Pivotal Year

This may also be the pivotal year I discovered the focal point in my childhood that created all my primary blocks and challenges in my adult life. Back in the summer I had unearthed specific childhood incidents that my 7 year soul searching journey had unexpectedly led me towards. It is an epiphany that will be explained during the next year of this blog documenting the healing and rebuilding of my new wealth and prosperity consciousness.
The significance of childhood focal points has been explored in countless movies. It is a universal concept that the blocks we experience as adults can originate from programming instilled into us at a young age. The irony is unless we choose to dig deep we may never know that certain childhood experiences could have severely altered our sense of reality. So going back in time to our past can be the key to manifesting the future we yearn for and the happiness we seek in the present.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kaneis a classic movie written, produced, directed and starring a 25 year old Orson Welles. There are so many reasons why this movie has been called the number #1 Hollywood movie in AFI's 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time. Technically way ahead of it's time the film is full of rich symbolistic imagery and thought provoking themes.

This is a story about the mysterious last words of a dying publishing tycoon, Charles Foster Kane and his background tale that unravels revealing the elements that molded him. Though one of the world's famous and extremely rich, Kane died alone uttering the single word, "Rosebud".

Reporters scrambled to discover the meaning of Rosebud resulting in unearthing the complex puzzle of a man's life and how he eventually fell. And though it is no secret to what Rosebud means, as it will be revealed at the end of the film, the important point is the journey towards its discovery.

If you already know what Rosebud means then realize now that it is not the ending or destination that is important but the journey. The discoveries are what makes a life an adventure. Rosebud also represents the missing piece of our lives that was either taken away from us or that would make us whole again. Citizen Kaneis a mirror to remind each of us of the importance of our childhood days.

Your Own Rosebud

So if you are in a place in your life where you know something is missing deep inside your soul then start searching for your own Rosebud. Muster up all your available courage and make it your goal and journey to do whatever it takes to find the missing pieces of your life.

You will not be alone on your journey. The universe has a way of sending you all the synchronistic signs and chance encounters with people who will help move you forward. Let all the stories and tips I've shared in my journey fill you with hope and a vision that you too can find overflowing happiness along your path.

And because you are reading this right now know that I am already part of your journey urging you to remain optimistic and passionate. I am your motivational wingman. Reread these 100 tips whenever you need them.

Remember to keep doing the things you love doing that re-energize your spirit. These are your passions. And remember to nurture your personal relationships because they are vital to your journey. You are never alone. Be open to all the helpful souls and earth angels already around you.

Each and every one of us is on a unique journey. Let's share what we've learned along the way and help accelerate one another towards our dreams and goals.

"We're all here to do what we're all here to do. I'm interested in one thing... the future. And believe me I know the only way to get there is together."
The Oracle, The Matrix Reloaded

"The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination."
Peaceful Warrior

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tip#99: Take A Risk - Rocky Balboa

Taking risks are necessary to achieve your goals and dreams. But fear can keep you from taking any action. You end up staying in your comfort zone so you won't have to worry about what others will think about you. But then you never reach your goals. The key is to focus on how things "look" to you.

I took a risk and began sharing my personal goal of finding my soul mate with the world (see tip#78). I was once consumed with a feeling of embarrassment for not having attained "expected relationships" in life when I hit my 40's. I had focused on self-judgments towards my being single, of my mid-life age and what others thought of all that.

Thankfully, I realized my fears had everything to do with low self-esteem. I wasn't focused on my existing value of what I had in life and the uniqueness of who I was. Self-judgment is a real self-esteem killer. And when I flipped my focus I became empowered!

Positive Signs

I later realized that the media was already giving me positive signs of the value my service I was providing with one of my most popular workshop series. For example the Toronto Metro News did an article at the start of this personal development series for singles. The series was called, Improve Your Social Interactions and was an instant success. (click here to download article)

And then back in July CBC Television called me and said they loved the concept of my program designed to build self-confidence, practice interactions in a classroom and then go into a singles event together to put the skills to use. It was exciting to have the CBC film the workshop for their upcoming documentary on dating in Toronto.

Motivational Wingman

Life really does have a sense of humour. The media loved the idea I was a single man helping other singles re-ignite their self-esteem and social interaction skills. They said I was like a male version of Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series, Sex and The City. Afterall, I was writing and sharing these motivational tips and acting as a motivational wingman for my students. I was in the trenches with them where they just needed an ally to confidently meet new people.

For almost 2 years of this program, I have received many heartfelt messages of thanks and gratitude from my students. And because there are those who were coming out of long term relationships they've experienced positive transformations from my teachings on rebuilding their self-esteem and their self-worth.

At first I wasn't going to do this program because I was afraid of people judging me because I was single myself. I was afraid of how I was going to look. In the end the participants proved to me that I had value and that they felt comfortable knowing I knew the pains of being single and that I was sharing in their journey.

I had taken a risk and discovered a powerful new value in being single. I could help others in the same boat. Even my friends in New York City believed my program would be a big hit there!

A Rocky Risk

I am reminded of the risk Sylvester Stallone took in making the most recent Rocky movie, Rocky Balboabecause of what others would think about the idea. The film went on to be a big success because it was filled with the same heart as the first Rockymovie and addressed these same issues on taking risks.

There is a pivotal scene in the movie where Rocky is with his new friend Marie questioning about whether he should go back into the ring to fight even though he was in his late 50's. Rocky wanted to do this but was afraid of what other people would think.

Marie helps him see this is what he was born to do and says: "It doesn't matter how this looks to other people. All that matters is how it looks to you."

"... how it looks to you."

Focus On Your Calling

So if you are feeling an impulse or urge to do something others may judge harshly then focus on your calling. Focus on the excitement you are feeling. If this is something you have to do then do it. Let your passion drive you. Move out of your comfort zone. Take a risk!

Don’t worry about how it will look to others. Someone will eventually see the value in what you are excited about. And they will be the people worth connecting with. All you have to do is step out of your own way.

"Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."
Frederick B. Wilcox

"You've got to go out on a limb sometimes because that's where the fruit is."
Will Rogers

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tip#98: Manage Your Goals - Multiplicity

Your goals and opportunities in life can sometimes be overwhelming. But when you take control of how you manage it all then you have found a true live/work balance.

My recent trip to New York City seems to have prepared me for a sudden influx of career opportunities here in Toronto. The extra testosterone energy I got from NYC (see tip#90) is helping me take action and seize these opportunities. I just need to find help managing these new goals.

So here's an update of my career goals and personal dreams I've been documenting on these blog tips:

1) My Blog and Self-help book:

I continue to follow my passion for writing this blog of motivational tips. There has been one Canadian publisher so far who reviewed my concept for my self-help book and received a polite rejection. Am I going to give up? Of course not! Oprah and Ellen are still waiting for my international best seller!

2) Personal Development Workshop bookings:

I just finished a busy week with 3 back to back bookings in Toronto and continue to be asked to give keynotes or workshops for organizations like the Royal Ontario Museum. I am also prepping for new regular public workshops which is a big new step for me. They will feature my 2 main topics, "How To Press Play When You're Stuck On Pause" and "Making Connections". You can read more at my main website:

3) Personal Health:

This personal goal has become an equal priority as earning my income. After all what good are you if you are not well enough to work and enjoy the benefits of your career? I've improved health through my diet of morning protein shakes and my continued daily shot of Noni juice I discovered a year ago (see tip#9) for increasing my immune system and energy levels.

4) Wealth & Prosperity Consciousness:

This is a big goal that I feel grateful I have made profound breakthroughs in the past 6 months. Thanks to my money guru (see tip#83) and Bob Proctor's free book, You Were Born Rich (see tip#56) my 'habits of thinking' around money have been shifting towards greater success. I plan to write more about this as it has to do with my visualizing technique of time traveling into my past to see how a poverty consciousness was embedded within me as a child.

5) Soul Mate:

What can I say about this? I've met many wonderful women but so far I haven't felt that magic love vibe. I continue to remain positive and excited that I will meet and share my life with this loving soul mate, wife, traveling companion and business collaborator. I've actually documented a book's worth of my adventures of how the law of attraction has been working to bringing me closer to my ideal woman. More to share in the future! (see tip#78)

6) Business Alliances:

Since making my primary goal for attracting business alliances in tip#78 and tip#93 I had connected with 4 interesting possibilities. One was aligned with my money guru friend, two were connected to IT services and the other was a wellness centre. I have been slowly building relationships with them all and getting to know their strengths and their own goals. Time will tell what will grow from each of these relationships.

7) Business Manager:

I have reached a point in my new career where I need a business manager and am currently outlining a new goal to utilize the law of attraction. My ideal business manager will help me focus on my many stream of income opportunities that are coming to me without getting buried in my job.

I do not want to become a workaholic like I was with my previous career as an illustrator. Life just unexpectedly passed me by then. I was so deep within illustration assignments and being an entrepreneur that it prevented me to not even think about settling down with my own family and having a beautiful home with a great porch and backyard.

Of course it is not too late for any of these personal dreams to come true. Finding my ideal business manager will help me balance all my career goals. And as more career opportunities flow my way I aim to find and maintain my ideal live/work balance.

Law of Attraction Always In Action

I wanted to outline the progress of my goals and dreams because I want it to inspire you to know that your own desires are like multiple seeds for success that grow at different rates. We all have things we want to attract in our lives and it's important to remember the law of attraction is always in action. (see #32)

The key factor is to not focus on the lack of movement of one goal but to celebrate the little signs, clues and movements that come to each of your goals. It is also important not to overload yourself and become obsessed with making your goals and dreams come true at the expense of your family or other personal responsibilities of your life. That's how one becomes a workaholic or creates a live/work imbalance.


The movie, Multiplicityis another engaging comedy by director Harold Ramis who directed 'Groundhog Day' (see tip#96). It stars Michael Keaton who needs help to accomplish his busy work and to spend more time with his family and home duties. He is a classic workaholic who has allowed the demands of his work to take control of his life. So he decides to get himself cloned only to have his clones get cloned further so he could accomplish even more in his life. The visual effects are amazing.

The film becomes an entertaining lesson on how to balance your live/work time. It shows the consequences for taking self-serving actions that will hurt others around you as a workaholic. And best of all there is the lesson reminding you to let go of your ego and admit when you need help.

Stay In Control

So remember you have the ability to stay in control of managing your life and work responsibilities. There is always help when you feel overloaded and lost. All you have to do let others know when you are stuck.

And remember all your goals are like seeds that need care and attention. They are all growing at different rates. If you need help watering them just ask and someone will hear you!

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tip#97: Jerry Maguire Motivates

Some movies can resonate deeply with your own life experiences. Some can even become powerful mirrors for where you've come from, where you are presently and what you still yearn for in life. These movies can become a road map to help make your dreams come true.

In my previous blog tip#96 of films that are full of life lessons I noticed that one stood out which I had yet to write about. Jerry Maguireis one of my favourite films and somehow there were no tips discussing its fantastic benefits for motivating. So I watched it again recently and was reminded of the overflowing number of lessons to finally dedicate this entry to the movie.

The Mission Statement

First of all Jerry Maguirewas a mirror for the early mid-life crisis I experienced. I saw myself right away in the opening scenes with Maguire, a sports agent played by Tom Cruise, having a breakdown in his hotel room. That was me in the year 2000. And they do make a reference in the film that Maguire was going through an early mid-life crisis.

We all know the famous lines that have come from this movie like, "Show me the money". Andy yet one I love is in the opening scene of his breakdown where Maguire says, "Breakdown, breakthrough!"

That's when he is compelled to write a mission statement of his epiphany to go back to the roots of his job. He rediscovered what he loved most about his profession which was about passion and the importance of personal relationships.

Maguire chooses at that pivotal moment to live an authentic life again. The mission statement becomes his catalyst for change, his document of what he stands for and his underlying drive for when his transition gets tough.

Believing In Each Other

Maguire later impulsively sends copies of his 25 page mission statement to everyone at his sports agency firm and, to his surprise, gets fired for his beliefs. He leaves the firm and is able to take only one loyal client, Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. One other person that leaves with Maguire was an accountant, Dorothy played by Renee Zellweger who was deeply moved by his mission statement. Her love for Maguire is apparent and it leads the story into the romantic side of the movie full of relationship lessons and memorable quotes like, "You complete me."

Together all 3 characters become a fantastic model of building a business together based on the primary importance of believing, loyalty, passion and people coming first. They become living examples of what their new business stands for. And if one was not acting upon the mission statement principles they would help each other learn their lesson.

Let Maguire, Dorothy and Tidwell become mirrors for those individuals in your life that push your buttons to help you be a better person. Everyone around you has a puzzle piece of experience to pass on to you. Maguire's quest for an authentic life provided him with the perfect individuals to help him change his unauthentic attitudes to finally attract the success he wanted. And success came both monetarily and personally for himself and for all the relationships around him.

We Determine Our Worth

There is a scene where Maguire and his only client, Tidwell, are waiting for an important fax for his football contract offer. When it arrives it is clearly a disappointment and not even close to the amount of money they expected. Tidwell's wife tells him to reject the offer and keep believing he is worth more. She says with conviction, "We determine our worth."

Through patience and faith Maguire, Dorothy and Tidwell eventually uphold their worth in themselves and help each other accomplish their individual goals. The results end with another contract offer ten times the original. Plus we see a burst of interest from other sports stars to have Maguire be their agent after witnessing the personal relationship and attention Maguire had with Tidwell.

Let that inspire you to maintain your belief in your own worth. Stand your ground. Believe in the value of your skills, knowledge and services. It may take time but in the long run your passion and personal attention towards people will lead you to great success money wise and in your personal growth.

The Late, Great Dicky Fox

As a bonus this movie also includes great motivational tips that can be applied to any career by Maguire's mentor, the late, great Dicky Fox. Here are some examples:
"The key to this business is personal relationships."
"Roll with the punches. Tomorrow is another day."
"I love getting up in the morning. I clap my hands and say this is gonna be a great day!"
"Unless you love everyone you can’t sell anyone."
"If this [points to heart] is empty, this [points to head] doesn't matter."
"Hey... I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I have failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you my kind of success."

Be Filled With Hope

In the end the film Jerry Maguirecontinually fills me with hope that in my own life I will achieve all my career goals by maintaining my passion and nurturing of the personal relationships around me. And perhaps the new epiphany I have right now is that my dream for finding my soul mate includes the excitement of having her be a full time business collaborator like Dorothy was for Maguire. Now I have something thrilling to visualize and magnetize.

So if you feel stuck in your career or feel compelled to live a more authentic and passionate life then look at Jerry Maguire's journey towards success. Start by writing a personal mission statement of what your passion is and what you value most. Find one or two individuals in your life that will believe and support you.

And whatever happens on your journey remember to walk your talk and be a living example of what you stand for. Your example and actions will eventually attract others to your mission and your dreams.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tip#96: Your Favourite Stories Energize - 10 Movie Tips

We all have stories or movies that we love to read or watch over and over again. And if you choose to see the deeper meanings to why you can't get enough of these stories then you will experience powerful epiphanies. You will discover the answers you’ve been seeking have always been embedded within your favourite stories or movies.

You may have noticed that throughout this series of motivational tips that some movies come up more than once. It's because these movies have several lessons and messages worthy of being highlighted again and again. In fact it is because of my own experiences of repeat viewings that I am uplifted, motivated and educated on an ongoing basis. It's as if these movies are a unique series of "cinematic textbooks" with life lessons on "How to have the best life on planet earth".

The Ultimate Gift

There is a new movie I discovered that deserves repeat viewings called The Ultimate Gift. The film stars James Garner as Red Stevens a very wealthy man who just passed away and has left several video taped challenges for his rebellious grandson, Jason played by Drew Fuller, for his inheritance.

Each challenge represents a life lesson that Jason never embraced because he took his wealthy upbringing for granted. So each challenge helped him to experience a set of lessons that included the gift of friends, the gift of work and the gift of problems.

You get to witness the transformation of this once self-centred young man as he learns each gift the hard way. This film is a perfect blend of Hollywood story telling and powerful personal development lessons. Even during the end credits each gift is highlighted and summarized.

9 Other 'Motivational Textbook' Movies:

Bicentennial Man
This movie features the story of an android with a unique gift of awareness to improve itself on many "human" levels. Lessons include:
• Benefits of self-improvement
• Resilience and perseverance
• Value of family
• Value of one's legacy
• Being in service to others
• For more see tips: #48, #79, #87

Cast Away
This film features the survival of a man on a deserted island for several years. Lessons include:
• Being resourceful
• Letting go
• Optimism
• Power of companionship
• Appreciating the essentials of life
• Soulmates
• For more see tips: #42, #45, #47, #86

Jerry Maguire
This movie begins with the character Jerry Maguire having a breakdown launching him onto a journey of living an authentic life. Sections of the movie are introduced with a motivational tip by Maguire’s mentor. Lessons include:
• Living an authentic life
• Mission statements
• Business ethics
• Believing in something or someone
• Changing a mindset
• Loyalty
• For more see tips: #97

Groundhog Day
This film features the transformation of a mean spirited, self-centred man by exhausting himself of methods that no longer get him what he desires in life.
Lessons include:
• Breaking loops in life you are caught in
• Benefits of thinking of others first
• Benefits of self-improvement
• Finding true love
• Changing a mindset
• For more see tips: #24, #54, #77, #81

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
This epic trio of fantasy movies features a group of diverse individuals and cultures bound by a common goal. Lessons include:
• Dedication to a goal
• Teamwork
• Courage
• Tolerance of differences
• Strength of will and character
• Taking risks
• Resilience and perseverance
• For more see tips: #47, #83, #90

Meet Joe Black
This movie features a dying, wealthy man who discovers what is most valuable and lasting in his life. Lessons include:
• Value of family
• Power of money
• The beauty and joy of simple things in life
• What love is
• Letting go
• For more see tips: #20, #45

Peaceful Warrior
This movie is about a young gymnast who learns the higher purpose of life and achieving success through an unexpected mentor. Lessons include:
• There are no ordinary moments
• It is the journey not the destination that is important
• Being in the moment
• Being in service to others
• Clearing out the junk in your head
• Changing a mindset
• For more see tips: #69, #83, #92, #95

The Pursuit of Happyness
This film is based on a true story of Chris Gardner and how he and his young son overcomes sudden poverty and homelessness. Lessons include:
• Following your passion
• Perseverance
• Belief in oneself
• Building connections
• Faith
• For more see tips: #22, #23, #40, #47, #84

Stranger Than Fiction
This movie is about a rigidly thinking man who learns to take control of his life even if he feels powerless to change it. Along the way he improves the quality of his life and finds love. Lessons include:
• Following your passion
• Letting go of old mindsets
• Taking control of your life
• Appreciating the little things in life
• Faith
• For more see tips: #21, #52, #63, #93

Benefits of Repetition

So remember the repetition of your favourite stories and movies has fantastic benefits beyond just entertainment. You are helping to program your mind to form powerful habits of thinking AND to visualization how to alter your present reality. Therefore it is important to be more conscious of whatever you are reading or watching over and over again.

Ask yourself if the messages are empowering to you. Are the characters you identify with positive role models? Or are the characters representing a negative side of you that keeps you from making positive changes in your life?

Experience your favourite movies, TV shows, plays or novels with new and sharper eyes. Know that you have always been magnetizing the resources and tools you need for a better life from the stories and movies you've always loved.

Emmanuel Lopez
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tip#95: Power of Writing, Part 3 - Biloxi Blues

Part 3) Writing to Unearth Your True Self

Writing can be a big key to rediscovering your true self and true path in life. Writing has a way of removing the junk in your head in order for your authentic thoughts, feelings and mission in life to shine bright.

In many ways writing is saving my life. It has become a companion during difficult times. It has become a passion and a daily ritual that, in hindsight, I can see how my career had benefited from. For years I wrote in a daily journal and now my blog allowed me to find myself and rediscover my identity again. I was able to heal and discover the paradigms that had been holding me back. Writing allowed me to face the darkest sides of myself and become the hero in my own life.

The Morning Pages: The Artist's Way

During my lost years when my life and career had crashed I gravitated to journaling every day. I wanted to notate the struggles I was going through and the movies and people that magically came into my life to give me hope. As I said in the previous tip#94 writing was deeply cathartic and brought me a sense of peace. I also received more awareness to its benefits when I was introduced to an exercise called the morning pages from the book, The Artist's Wayby Julia Cameron.

Someone I knew dealing with a substance addiction was dedicated to this powerful self-development process. Every day when he woke up the first thing he would do is spend time writing whatever was on his mind onto 3 pages. It didn't matter if it made sense since it was meant to be stream of consciousness writing.

This exercise was about clearing the junk in your head. It was like doing a computer purge of all unnecessary information, thoughts and feelings blocking your primary life purpose program. These morning pages were not meant to be art or even writing, they were meant for the writer's eyes only.

Peaceful Warrior

"Take out the trash" is a line in the movie, Peaceful Warriorthat speaks to this important key of purging. Nick Nolte's character, Socrates tells his hard headed apprentice to "take out the trash in here" and points to his head. He goes on to say that the first part in your training is to learn how to throw out what you don't need in your head. This is where the act of writing can help you move forward by first clearing your cluttered mind.

That's why any personal development program or self-help exercise is vital to discovering your authentic self. All these various programs, methods, workshops, books and exercises may be saying the same thing but every action helps to purge yourself. Even if it feels repetitious. Writing in any form of self-help exercises, daily journals or memoirs is an ongoing necessity for unearthing your true self.

Biloxi Blues

Prolific playwright, Neil Simon has made a career from his memoirs especially those turned into successful plays and movies like Brighton Beach Memoirsand Biloxi Blues. In his book, The Play Goes On: A Memoir,he says one of the functions of a memoir is "to discover a truth about yourself you never had the time or courage to face before."

Writing Is A Mirror

So if you find yourself gravitating towards writing when you feel stuck in life remember all its powerful benefits. Writing is a way of externalizing the clues and reminders locked inside you of your true gifts, talents and skills.

Writing is a mirror for the answers you are seeking. Writing accesses your memory banks and the buried files of your inner hard drive. Be open to the gifts that will come from your own written words.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tip#94: Power of Writing, Part 2: Everyone Has A Story To Tell - Freedom Writers

The act of writing can heal your past. Over time unresolved pain and trauma can build inside us. With no outlet of expression these toxic feelings and thoughts can explode at any time or erode your identity. It can ultimately distort your sense of reality.

Writing this movie blog twice a week helps me manage times I feel lost and depressed. I get to express through the power of words my excitement about movies and how they help me look at parts of myself I know I’ve been hiding from. Writing has become a bigger passion than doing art and illustrations these days.

So by expressing yourself through words you can begin to face old pains and release heavy baggage acting as anchors that keep you from truly moving forward in life.

Freedom Writers (2007)

The biographical movie, Freedom Writers is an excellent example of a story of how one can transform pain through writing. The film stars Hilary Swank as teacher, Erin Gruwell, who bravely faced volatile teenagers of a Los Angeles school each suffering from gang related violence.

As I wrote in tip#92 one of the many powerful lessons in 'Freedom Writers' is discovering the great value in one's ideas and thoughts that are written down and shared. Gruwell makes a breakthrough reaching her resistant students by introducing them to the book Diary of Anne Frank and having them write their own daily journals.

The act of journaling has many personal benefits. It is cathartic and releases caged up anger and unresolved thoughts. It guides you out of the maze you've felt trapped in. And expressing yourself builds self-esteem, self-confidence and your sense of value towards your own thoughts and feelings.

Journaling gave each student a safe place to reveal their secret thoughts and painful memories bottled up within them. You get to witness the uplifting transformations of each youth. One student later shared from his journal that Gruwell was the first person to make him think of hope. Thanks to Gruwell's excellent skills as a caring teacher she helped improve the quality of life for these youth.

Inspiring Themes:
• Healing
• Self-Expression
• Creative Expression
• Leadership
• Courage
• Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
• Indestructible Optimism
• Supportive Relationships
• Community

"When I'm helping these kids make sense of their lives, everything about my life makes sense to me."
Freedom Writers (2007)

The Blogging World

Diaries have been a timeless method of recording one's thoughts and feelings. Throughout history we have benefited from the personal diaries of individuals like Anne Frank. We learned about different lives and cultures from around the world. The advent of the internet has also spawned a whole new world of documenting your interests, passions and values. Blogging has become a massive global culture in itself attracting more and more individuals to post their life experiences, pictures, videos, news or expertise online.

Blogging has allowed me to express myself and not let any painful experiences fester within me. And, at the time of this writing, I've blogged for almost a year and here you can read about how I've overcome unexpected road blocks in my work and life. This online format allowed me to set free the storms that could have brewed and erupted within me.

Writing also allowed me to connect with strangers around the world who were grateful for knowing they were not alone in their struggles. Some of these individuals also cheered me on to not give up and to keep moving forward. In return I too have commented on other blogs sharing my thoughts and feedback encouraging the writers on their own journeys.

Recently I received a comment on tip#92 where I wrote about The Alchemist novel by Paul Coelho. It came from a fan of The Alchemist book who is now collaborating with Coelho. She shared other blogs for me to check out (see comments section of tip#92). The blogging world is amazing. When you write and share your interests you never know who you'll connect with!

Everyone Wants To Tell Their Story

So if you feel you are being held back by your past please give journaling or blogging a try. If you feel you are suffering in some way or just stuck in life start by documenting your thoughts with just a few daily sentences. Go out and treat yourself to a brand new blank book for journaling. Make it your new best friend!

Everyone has a story to tell. Give yourself the gift of permission to start releasing all you've wanted to say out loud. Let the words flow out setting free your thoughts and feelings. Remember your story can connect you with others that believe in what you believe. Your writing could inspire others aching to know they are not alone on their own journey.

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."   
Ray Bradbury

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."   
Anaïs Nin

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tip#93: Power of Writing, Part 1 - Stranger Than Fiction

The power of writing can have profound effects on your life and well being. The act of writing down your thoughts and feelings can become a gateway to many transformational benefits.

Writing can help:
1) magnetize your goals
2) heal your past
3) help unearth your true self.

Part 1)
Writing To Magnetize Your Goals

The law of attraction is initiated by the process of thinking, visualizing and feeling your goals. Writing is placing that order to the universe. The Beatlesknew this process and used it when writing their songs to finance what they wanted. Paul McCartney told the British rock magazine Mojo about their joke of saying, "OK! Today, let's write a swimming pool."

This meant that when they needed money they focused on writing a song. They still considered their writing to be art so the joke was a source of motivation. This started when McCartney and Lennon wrote one of the songs from their HELP! period so Lennon could buy himself a swimming pool with the profits.

Currently I am reaping the benefits of the core goals I wrote out that fateful August long weekend written in tip#78. What I had done was write down specific goals on a card that motivational speaker, Bob Proctor (see tip#56) provided to everyone that attended his Toronto seminar. They have since come true. On it I wrote the following:

By August 31, 2007
I'm so happy and grateful now that…
I have the best support team for my career goals.

I believed in what I wrote and stayed excited about the idea. It was also a challenge because I gave myself a deadline of four weeks. I carried that card with me in my pocket everyday and repeated my goal out loud as much as I could.

Within a week I had a few meetings with a company that resulted in their interest in managing my new motivational venture. And then 4 days before the deadline I was led to a new Toronto Bloggers meeting (an amazing synchronicity story I will share in the future!). There I met an inspiring organization with exciting concepts for building community that I had already envisioned. Since then we've had several, very positive meetings exploring how we could work together.

And making new connections for "having the best support team" didn't stop there. On the very last day of the deadline I felt strongly guided to a wellness centre that just happened to be renovating a new section for a workshop space. This was one of my primary career goals and I found it on the last day of the deadline! Plus the people working at this wellness centre felt like a team of earth angels whom I would be very happy to work with.

I am currently preparing the motivational workshops for this space that I've been dreaming about for years. It finally got initiated when I wrote down my goals and put a deadline to them. I manifested the reality I wanted.

Stranger Than Fiction

The movie, Stranger Than Fictionstarring Will Ferrell is a powerful movie about manifesting reality through writing. It is a story about an author, played by Emma Thompson, who is writing a new novel where whatever she is writing comes true for Harold Crick played by Ferrell. The inspiring message is that despite the dire future she writes for him, Crick eventually rewrites for himself a more positive future.

Let that motivate you to write a positive future for yourself. Manifest your own reality by putting down on paper or in a computer document what you want in life or career. Start with a small goal and give yourself a deadline with these guidelines:

By... (fill in date and year)
I am so happy and grateful now that... (fill in your goal)

Write this on a card and take it with you everywhere you go. Believe deeply in your goal and feel the excitement that comes with already having it in your life. Say your goal out loud as much as you can and with a smile. You deserve to have dreams and goals come true. Manifesting it starts with you!

"You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be."
Mark Victor Hansen

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