Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tip#98: Manage Your Goals - Multiplicity

Your goals and opportunities in life can sometimes be overwhelming. But when you take control of how you manage it all then you have found a true live/work balance.

My recent trip to New York City seems to have prepared me for a sudden influx of career opportunities here in Toronto. The extra testosterone energy I got from NYC (see tip#90) is helping me take action and seize these opportunities. I just need to find help managing these new goals.

So here's an update of my career goals and personal dreams I've been documenting on these blog tips:

1) My Blog and Self-help book:

I continue to follow my passion for writing this blog of motivational tips. There has been one Canadian publisher so far who reviewed my concept for my self-help book and received a polite rejection. Am I going to give up? Of course not! Oprah and Ellen are still waiting for my international best seller!

2) Personal Development Workshop bookings:

I just finished a busy week with 3 back to back bookings in Toronto and continue to be asked to give keynotes or workshops for organizations like the Royal Ontario Museum. I am also prepping for new regular public workshops which is a big new step for me. They will feature my 2 main topics, "How To Press Play When You're Stuck On Pause" and "Making Connections". You can read more at my main website:

3) Personal Health:

This personal goal has become an equal priority as earning my income. After all what good are you if you are not well enough to work and enjoy the benefits of your career? I've improved health through my diet of morning protein shakes and my continued daily shot of Noni juice I discovered a year ago (see tip#9) for increasing my immune system and energy levels.

4) Wealth & Prosperity Consciousness:

This is a big goal that I feel grateful I have made profound breakthroughs in the past 6 months. Thanks to my money guru (see tip#83) and Bob Proctor's free book, You Were Born Rich (see tip#56) my 'habits of thinking' around money have been shifting towards greater success. I plan to write more about this as it has to do with my visualizing technique of time traveling into my past to see how a poverty consciousness was embedded within me as a child.

5) Soul Mate:

What can I say about this? I've met many wonderful women but so far I haven't felt that magic love vibe. I continue to remain positive and excited that I will meet and share my life with this loving soul mate, wife, traveling companion and business collaborator. I've actually documented a book's worth of my adventures of how the law of attraction has been working to bringing me closer to my ideal woman. More to share in the future! (see tip#78)

6) Business Alliances:

Since making my primary goal for attracting business alliances in tip#78 and tip#93 I had connected with 4 interesting possibilities. One was aligned with my money guru friend, two were connected to IT services and the other was a wellness centre. I have been slowly building relationships with them all and getting to know their strengths and their own goals. Time will tell what will grow from each of these relationships.

7) Business Manager:

I have reached a point in my new career where I need a business manager and am currently outlining a new goal to utilize the law of attraction. My ideal business manager will help me focus on my many stream of income opportunities that are coming to me without getting buried in my job.

I do not want to become a workaholic like I was with my previous career as an illustrator. Life just unexpectedly passed me by then. I was so deep within illustration assignments and being an entrepreneur that it prevented me to not even think about settling down with my own family and having a beautiful home with a great porch and backyard.

Of course it is not too late for any of these personal dreams to come true. Finding my ideal business manager will help me balance all my career goals. And as more career opportunities flow my way I aim to find and maintain my ideal live/work balance.

Law of Attraction Always In Action

I wanted to outline the progress of my goals and dreams because I want it to inspire you to know that your own desires are like multiple seeds for success that grow at different rates. We all have things we want to attract in our lives and it's important to remember the law of attraction is always in action. (see #32)

The key factor is to not focus on the lack of movement of one goal but to celebrate the little signs, clues and movements that come to each of your goals. It is also important not to overload yourself and become obsessed with making your goals and dreams come true at the expense of your family or other personal responsibilities of your life. That's how one becomes a workaholic or creates a live/work imbalance.


The movie, Multiplicityis another engaging comedy by director Harold Ramis who directed 'Groundhog Day' (see tip#96). It stars Michael Keaton who needs help to accomplish his busy work and to spend more time with his family and home duties. He is a classic workaholic who has allowed the demands of his work to take control of his life. So he decides to get himself cloned only to have his clones get cloned further so he could accomplish even more in his life. The visual effects are amazing.

The film becomes an entertaining lesson on how to balance your live/work time. It shows the consequences for taking self-serving actions that will hurt others around you as a workaholic. And best of all there is the lesson reminding you to let go of your ego and admit when you need help.

Stay In Control

So remember you have the ability to stay in control of managing your life and work responsibilities. There is always help when you feel overloaded and lost. All you have to do let others know when you are stuck.

And remember all your goals are like seeds that need care and attention. They are all growing at different rates. If you need help watering them just ask and someone will hear you!

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

Hey Emmanuel,

Great goals! And good for you for keeping at it all. I'm working on making some more goals for myself as well.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. You have practically redefined and re-focused on your goals in achieving success. I am sure you have inspired somebody or someone to do the same thing.

As with a race runner, small steps are used and eventually gains speed with faster steps until he is off and running! Of course on the way, he gets help like water or somebody wiping his sweat etc.

SK WONG said...

I Like this "The key factor is to not focus on the lack of movement of one goal but to celebrate the little signs, clues and movements that come to each of your goals"

Can I have your permission to quote this on my blog with a link back to this blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled that you're planning to publish your motivational tips -- Congratulations!!

You've authored vast quantities of relevant tips and strategies that need to be gathered in book format so that we'll now have the luxury of reading/meditating over one of your chapters on a daily (or near-daily!) basis.

For long-lasting changes in our thinking patterns to come about, we need that arsenal of repetitive advice. It's only by reading and re-reading motivational literature like yours that real changes in perception and outlook can occur.

I look forward to your publication date -- please let me know when the book launch is scheduled!!

All the best,

Rita Bolton (aka "Ritbolt") :-)

Amit said...

great post! You should check out the passion test book and john asarafs vision board!