Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tip#184: Take Control – Part 1 - Vanilla Sky

The subconscious is a powerful thing. This is where old habits and addictions do their best to keep you from moving forward. And when this happens make it your job to take control and show them who is boss!

I shared in my previous tip#183 how I experienced profound manifestations of financial goals over the summer. And it continues to progress at a rapid rate. What I did not expect was something inside starting to hold me back.

I started to slip into old habits and addictive behaviours that were slowing me down like eating heavier foods and watching too much TV. It was my subconscious threatening to take control of my life.

A noun defined as mental activity not directly perceived by the consciousness, from which memories, feelings, or thoughts can influence behaviour without realization of it.

Old habits attack your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Old habits want you to stay in fear even if you want a new life filled with more happiness. Those old habits/addictions want for you to stay in your old self where it feels safe.

Recently my writing guru friend also admitted on her blog Live Lighter that she had slipped into old addictions of drinking, overeating and smoking. This was a very brave move to share this with the world because her blog is about healthy living. Click here to read: The Cure to Indecision

She demonstrated much courage and integrity for acknowledging her old habits returning. She was taking control by being honest with her readers. I believe her decision showed she chose to "wake up" to her current situation.

Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky is a movie starring Tom Cruise that has him choose whether to stay asleep or awaken to a new life. And that is more then just a metaphor. The movie was also designed to be confusing at times because it is meant to shake up the viewer's perception of what they are witnessing in the story. Shaking up one's perceptions (paradigms) is a key to revealing what is lurking in your subconscious.

The film is a fantastic mirror for you to ride out the confusion just like the problems of your own life and realize there is meaning to it all in the end. Cruise's character at one point is totally confused in his life and is then approached by a stranger. This person tells him simple steps to taking control of his problems that can also be used in yours:

1. Keep calm
2. Overcome your fears
3. Regain control of your life

Each step is simply and yet it is important to know each one can take time to workout and master. So take control now and choose to start down a path towards overcoming your old habits.

Choose to wake up and recognize when old habits and addictions are holding you back. Choose to recognize your fears. Don't let your subconscious be in the driver's seat of your life. Take control of that steering wheel right now!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tip#183: How X-Men Movies Motivate

You have such a powerful mind. And the only way you can unleash that power is realize it's inside you somewhere waiting for you to believe.

I believed and as the summer winds down I am looking back at how transformational my life and career had become since my profound experiences with the Millionaire Mind Intensive back in June. See tip#169: Your Thoughts Are Worth Millions.

A big part of what I learned was how powerful our mind and thoughts really are. The intensive weekend program gave a multitude of methods for manifesting what you wanted especially when it came to money. I put it to the test and within 4 days of that weekend received a lucrative commission out of the blue.

At first I thought it was a miracle and then realized that I created this commission. My thoughts created it. I used the law of attraction. I was astounded and also saw the irony because the job came from another inspirational speaker who saw my Chocolate Energizes video on YouTube and loved it. He then commissioned me to create a promotional video for him. You can see it here on YouTube: Click here

X-Men-The Last Stand

Recently, powerful synchronicities guided me to re-watch specific movies. They all had a similar theme of realizing the hidden potential of your mind. One of the movies was X-Men-The Last Stand.

This film was the 3rd part of the X-Men Trilogy movies and based on the popular comic book. The stories revolved around gifted individuals young and old who have mutant genes that gave them special powers. Some can manifest ice (Iceman) and some control the weather (Storm).

In The Last Stand, the character Jean Grey had died saving the X-Men in the previous movie and was reborn in this one as Phoenix. At the beginning you see her as a child who had mind powers that could potentially make her the most powerful mutant ever. You then learn that protective mind control barriers are put on her to keep her power in check.

Her death causes these "psychic circuit breakers" to switch off unleashing her full potential. And although her power is used for destructive purposes the message I received was the mirror of my own mind powers coming alive.

Be a Phoenix

The definition of a phoenix is of a mythical bird that consumed itself by fire and rose renewed from its ashes. That's what I felt like this summer as my own "circuit breakers" of my brain's potential were released. And so many incredible synchronicities had manifested rapidly during the summer that I hope to share more of how I'm creating the life and career I desire in this blog.

So believe that you are a truly gifted and powerful individual. Believe that you've had "psychic circuit breakers" on all your life and it is time to release them. Believe that you have the ability to transform all the problems in your life or career.

Picture yourself as a phoenix and know you can be reborn with all the self-confidence and resilience you've always wanted. Allowing yourself to believe in your hidden possibilities is the first step to unleashing what is already inside you.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tip#182: See Through Other People’s Eyes - You Don't Mess With The Zohan - Meet Dave

Sometimes silly stories can offer meaningful messages. Here are 2 movies I discovered this summer that made me laugh and also left me learning more about life through other people's eyes.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Adam Sandler offers another over the top comedy in You Don't Mess With The Zohan. The plot is simple and silly, an Israeli Special Forces Soldier fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist! And yet beyond the film's rude and crude jokes you will open your eyes more to the Israeli and Arab cultures. For example there is a hilarious running joke about hummus.

There are so many cultural references that even if you don't understand some of them you will at least see a pattern of something new. That's how we learn more about one another is by recognizing repeating references.

In this case the movie dialogue is a mishmash of cultural dialects and gibberish. If you are interested in learning more about the Hebrew/Arabic/Yiddish/Gibberish spoken in the movie check out this informative link by an Israeli film critic. Click here

Another positive message that comes through is to follow your passions. Many people around Zohan, including his parents, were not supportive of his desire to change careers and become a hairstylist. But he perseveres and turns everyone's opinions around including the Arab characters that were once enemies. Now isn't that a positive message for wanting to make the world silky smooth?

Meet Dave

In the comedy Meet Dave, Eddie Murphy plays 2 characters. He plays a tiny captain of an alien ship that has a human form looking just like him. It is this human looking ship that generates hilarious scene after scene of him trying to act natural in New York City.

During Dave's attempts to mimic human behaviour the emotionless crew within the ship begin to see the uniqueness of being human. Slowly each crewmember begins to develop individual personalities. They begin to enjoy and see the benefits of the multiple flavours of our world.

Despite many negative reviews Meet Dave is one of my favourite movies of the summer. It made me laugh and it reminded me how rich our communities are with the diversity of cultures and personalities. That's why I love Toronto, it is a city rich with ethnic cultures and annual festivals that celebrate it.

So step outside of yourself and see the world through other people's eyes. This way you get to better understand another person’s point of view. The benefits are tremendous. You can reduce conflict and friction in your relationships and build more synergy and productivity in your workplace.

Have a taste of the buffet of personal points of views around you right now!

Emmanuel Lopez
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tip#181: Find Your Bliss - Forrest Gump

Definition of Bliss: A state of extreme happiness

As I write this I am still connected to the bliss I felt on my recent cottage vacation north east of Toronto. The sun was shining all weekend, the air was fresh and the clear water was deliciously soothing. The first night I arrived I just soaked up the lake's quiet energy with my friends. A full moon shone brightly above.

The next morning I was floating peacefully in the cool waters with the gentle sound of crickets and the occasional loons calling nearby. I realized I was in a state of bliss. I had no concerns about work, no stress about relationships and no worries about the future. I was completely present, in the moment and happy.

This is what connecting with your positive emotional energy is all about. Connecting with your state of bliss is tapping into this energy that vibrates on a higher level. And places far away from where you live and work can help take you there.

Forrest Gump

There are many blissful moments in the movie, Forrest Gump. One is a scene where Lt. Dan (Gary Sinise) is helping Forrest (Tom Hanks) on his shrimp boat. For a long time he had been angry and bitter for losing his legs in the war but finding a new purpose in life working with Forrest had him metaphorically let go and jump into the ocean. You see him float peacefully in the serenity of the water under a glorious sky. (See photo above)

And there is a scene near the end of the film where Forrest reflects on blissful moments throughout his adventures. He describes to his love Jenny (Robin Wright Penn) of the extraordinary beauty of a sunset, a mountain lake and being in the desert. She then says, "I wish I could've been there with you." Forrest simply replies, "You were."

So find your bliss. Find that place of extreme happiness. For some it is taking a trip or vacation. Or maybe it's indulging in a favourite activity you love to do. Or perhaps it starts by treating yourself to your favourite coffee or foods. Whatever it is find that method that leads you to a natural emotional high.

And when find your bliss allow yourself to enjoy the moment and float in it as long as you can.

"Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real."
Deepak Chopra

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tip#180: Taste The Deliciousness of Life - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Life can be so delicious. When experiencing life on a multi-sensory level you are treated to an indelible, unforgettable moment. Just like tasty foods it can affect all your senses simultaneously and take you to new heights.

Delicious Experiences

The recent weekend here in Toronto has been unusually active and surreal. It started off with my annual ritual of the Taste of the Danforth Friday evening. The weather was fantastic and I indulged in my favourite foods like succulent Rosemary lamb pies and roast pork on a pita oozing with warm Tzatziki sauce. I was leaving for the weekend so I savoured my only chance to be at this delicious food festival this year. My stomach and soul were sighing!

Massive Show

Later that night I had insomnia which led me to watch a rerun of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It was the most incredible performance art I had ever seen full of stunning visual stimulus. It was truly breathtaking to see such creativity with thousands of performers on a massive scale. Click here to see a great slide show


Then it rained all day Saturday as I traveled to the gorgeous woods of the Dundas Escarpment west of the city for a friend's 40th birthday party. We didn't let the thunderous rain stop us from going on a hike in what felt like a tropical jungle in Ontario complete with a raging waterfall and misty atmosphere. The rumbling energy and soaking rain made me feel alive.


And then there was the massive propane explosion early Sunday morning. I learned about it on the return home and it sounded devastating and surreal. When I saw footage of the blast and the shockwave on TV my jaw dropped to the ground as it looked like a scene out of a movie. I could almost feel the heat watching this video. Click here to see

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

By Monday I ended up taking an unexpected trip to Barcelona Spain through a sneak preview invitation I received for Woody Allen's new sexy comedy called Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It was a sumptuous movie experience!

The movie stars Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall and is about how all their relationships intertwine in the rich culture and settings of Barcelona. The movie is brimming with vibrant art, passionate Spanish guitar music, breezy country locations and plenty of scenes of the characters enjoying wine.

The sexy presence of Johansson and Cruz just elevated the film's delicious textures on a whole other level. These gorgeous women added a smart and sexy flavour to Woody Allen's already amazing script. The film seemed to radiate a multi-sensory experience and I really felt like I took a quick trip to Barcelona for 90 minutes. My senses felt rejuvenated from this unexpected movie treat.

That's what the movie celebrated. Enjoy what life has to offer and to follow your passions.

Energize Your Senses

Looking back now at the spectacle of the Beijing Olympic opening, it had lit up my visual senses and imagination. Hiking in the rain by a roaring waterfall drenched my soul with nature's energy. Witnessing a devastating explosion shook up my thoughts while a simple movie took me away from daily life to energize my senses.

So remember how powerful any new life experience can be to all your senses. See life as a buffet of experiences for you to taste with your eyes and ears. They remind you how alive life can be if you stop and drink the moments in.

As you read this take a second to listen to the sounds around you…
Notice the sights and colours around you right now…
Feel the physical sensations of whatever you are touching or the sun or cool breeze coming through your window…

Taste how delicious the moment is in your life right now.

Emmanuel Lopez
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tip#179: Important Messages From The Kid - Disney's The Kid

Changing your mindset is the answer to solving issues that have plagued you for years. The challenge is having the courage to go back in time and find out what created that mindset preventing you now from getting what you want in your life or career.

The July that just passed was the best July I can remember in years. It led to the recent long weekend where I was feeling so great and celebrating with my favourite ice cream (see previous tip#178). This was a far cry with how depressed and disconnected I was a year ago. See tip#78: Disconnect In Order To Reconnect.

Positive Changes

This July was filled with positive changes that definitely originated from attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive the 2nd last weekend in June. My view about money had transformed. See tip#169: Your Thoughts Are Worth Millions.

What happened on the 3 day intensive was I went back in time to isolate the turning point in my childhood that created a subconscious block a had with money. That block originated with my father.

With the help of the intensive program (and years of other personal development programs) I was able to further isolate that block and the things my father said that programmed me to think a certain way about money. And through multiple facilitated methods with different workshop partners I was able to delete as much of that program as possible.

Disney's The Kid (2000)

The Disney movie, The Kid is all about moving forward in life by identifying blocks from your childhood even if you don't believe you have any. The movie stars Bruce Willis as a passionless and uncompassionate consultant named Russ. He magically meets his child self Rusty, played by Spencer Breslin, and together they help each other become better human beings.

With the help of little Rusty, Russ rediscovers his childhood passions while Russ imparted his grown up knowledge to help his child self to face his fears. They helped deprogram each other and create new mindsets that would benefit both their futures.

I had wanted to see this film for a long time because I knew it had a synchronistic message for me. I finally saw it recently and the timing was perfect. The adult character was a mirror for me who had once believed there were no issues that stemmed from childhood around money.

It reminded me that my positive changes started by simply being open to the possibility. By keeping an open mind I was able to discover that elusive secret programming that was running my life.

Stay Open

So stay open to all the possibilities that could be blocking your dreams and goals. Stay open to answers and solutions that come your way to guide you back to remembering what was programmed into you growing up.

Until you open up to the unknown possibilities you may remain stuck for the rest of your life. Changing your mindset is key to getting unstuck. All you have to do to move forward is pause and take the time to look back.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tip#178: Childhood Passions, Part 1 - The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch - Star Trek

Tapping into your childhood passions could be your key to getting unstuck in your life or career. Doing the things you loved to do growing up not only energizes you but could lead to incredible dreams coming true.

July in Toronto was very memorable partly because it brought in record rainfalls. And despite the number of flash storms we had the summer weather still had its hot days. These were the times when I was grateful for my childhood passion of a favourite kind of ice cream!

It fills my spirit every time I enjoy the blissful goodness of Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. The delicious taste of vanilla, chocolate and caramel all swirled together always re-energizes me and fills me with positive emotional energy. And that magnetic energy can lead you to like-minded people or attract them to your passion (Read more in tip#175: See How Passion Becomes Magnetic).

The Legacy of Randy Pausch - Star Trek

Professor Randy Pausch created a famous lecture posted on YouTube that explored the power of childhood passions. Pausch has inspired millions of people because he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and decided to present his final lecture which was called The Last Lecture.

In it he describes several of his passions growing up that included Star Trek. He admired Captain Kirk and felt he was a great role model in leadership. Later he went on to meet William Shatner who played Kirk. Shatner was also very interested in Pausch's work in virtual reality.

And then late in 2007 Pausch received a personal invitation by director J.J. Abrahms to have a cameo in the latest Star Trek movie currently in production. Pausch said he was thrilled to be fitted with a Star Trek uniform and also has a line in the movie. This is just one of many true life stories where sharing your childhood passions can lead you to dreams coming true.

Sadly, Pausch finally passed away last week on July 25th. Thankfully he has left his legacy and message on how important it is to keep your childhood passions alive. If you want to be deeply inspired see The Last Lecture on YouTube. Click here

Remember Your Childhood Passions

So remember life is too short to not be living and sharing your passions. And if you are stuck with identifying what you are passionate about just go back to your childhood and think about what you loved doing…

• What activities did you love doing that nobody had to tell you to do?
• What were your favourite games or toys you loved playing with?
• What were your favourite movies or TV shows you watched over and over again?

Remembering your forgotten passions will fill you with positive emotional energy. Sharing that energy can also lead to a whole new world of happiness. And at the very least, remember what your favourite ice cream was and treat yourself today!

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