Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tip#178: Childhood Passions, Part 1 - The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch - Star Trek

Tapping into your childhood passions could be your key to getting unstuck in your life or career. Doing the things you loved to do growing up not only energizes you but could lead to incredible dreams coming true.

July in Toronto was very memorable partly because it brought in record rainfalls. And despite the number of flash storms we had the summer weather still had its hot days. These were the times when I was grateful for my childhood passion of a favourite kind of ice cream!

It fills my spirit every time I enjoy the blissful goodness of Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. The delicious taste of vanilla, chocolate and caramel all swirled together always re-energizes me and fills me with positive emotional energy. And that magnetic energy can lead you to like-minded people or attract them to your passion (Read more in tip#175: See How Passion Becomes Magnetic).

The Legacy of Randy Pausch - Star Trek

Professor Randy Pausch created a famous lecture posted on YouTube that explored the power of childhood passions. Pausch has inspired millions of people because he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and decided to present his final lecture which was called The Last Lecture.

In it he describes several of his passions growing up that included Star Trek. He admired Captain Kirk and felt he was a great role model in leadership. Later he went on to meet William Shatner who played Kirk. Shatner was also very interested in Pausch's work in virtual reality.

And then late in 2007 Pausch received a personal invitation by director J.J. Abrahms to have a cameo in the latest Star Trek movie currently in production. Pausch said he was thrilled to be fitted with a Star Trek uniform and also has a line in the movie. This is just one of many true life stories where sharing your childhood passions can lead you to dreams coming true.

Sadly, Pausch finally passed away last week on July 25th. Thankfully he has left his legacy and message on how important it is to keep your childhood passions alive. If you want to be deeply inspired see The Last Lecture on YouTube. Click here

Remember Your Childhood Passions

So remember life is too short to not be living and sharing your passions. And if you are stuck with identifying what you are passionate about just go back to your childhood and think about what you loved doing…

• What activities did you love doing that nobody had to tell you to do?
• What were your favourite games or toys you loved playing with?
• What were your favourite movies or TV shows you watched over and over again?

Remembering your forgotten passions will fill you with positive emotional energy. Sharing that energy can also lead to a whole new world of happiness. And at the very least, remember what your favourite ice cream was and treat yourself today!

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Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "the last lecture" book not the lecture. I wondered if the Randy has passed away and now I know. Sad.


Anonymous said...

It has been a challenging week for me, but your emails have been so timely and inspiring in helping me deal with one of my current challenges.

I loved this latest tip and I really enjoyed knowing about Randy Pausch. What an inspiring person he was! I cried when I saw him on Oprah doing his Last Lecture.

I've made a summer list of things to do a la The Bucket List and one of the things I want to do is to try 3 new ice cream flavours for me this summer! I have tried one new one so far and it is the coffee one from Ben and Jerry's; it is made with fairly traded organic coffee. It was delicious! I shall have to try your favourite ice cream flavour, too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

Isn't the Last Lecture such an amazing story? I discovered it a few months ago with the release of Paush's book. He's a man with important lessons to teach the world.