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Tip#179: Important Messages From The Kid - Disney's The Kid

Changing your mindset is the answer to solving issues that have plagued you for years. The challenge is having the courage to go back in time and find out what created that mindset preventing you now from getting what you want in your life or career.

The July that just passed was the best July I can remember in years. It led to the recent long weekend where I was feeling so great and celebrating with my favourite ice cream (see previous tip#178). This was a far cry with how depressed and disconnected I was a year ago. See tip#78: Disconnect In Order To Reconnect.

Positive Changes

This July was filled with positive changes that definitely originated from attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive the 2nd last weekend in June. My view about money had transformed. See tip#169: Your Thoughts Are Worth Millions.

What happened on the 3 day intensive was I went back in time to isolate the turning point in my childhood that created a subconscious block a had with money. That block originated with my father.

With the help of the intensive program (and years of other personal development programs) I was able to further isolate that block and the things my father said that programmed me to think a certain way about money. And through multiple facilitated methods with different workshop partners I was able to delete as much of that program as possible.

Disney's The Kid (2000)

The Disney movie, The Kid is all about moving forward in life by identifying blocks from your childhood even if you don't believe you have any. The movie stars Bruce Willis as a passionless and uncompassionate consultant named Russ. He magically meets his child self Rusty, played by Spencer Breslin, and together they help each other become better human beings.

With the help of little Rusty, Russ rediscovers his childhood passions while Russ imparted his grown up knowledge to help his child self to face his fears. They helped deprogram each other and create new mindsets that would benefit both their futures.

I had wanted to see this film for a long time because I knew it had a synchronistic message for me. I finally saw it recently and the timing was perfect. The adult character was a mirror for me who had once believed there were no issues that stemmed from childhood around money.

It reminded me that my positive changes started by simply being open to the possibility. By keeping an open mind I was able to discover that elusive secret programming that was running my life.

Stay Open

So stay open to all the possibilities that could be blocking your dreams and goals. Stay open to answers and solutions that come your way to guide you back to remembering what was programmed into you growing up.

Until you open up to the unknown possibilities you may remain stuck for the rest of your life. Changing your mindset is key to getting unstuck. All you have to do to move forward is pause and take the time to look back.

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