Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tip#180: Taste The Deliciousness of Life - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Life can be so delicious. When experiencing life on a multi-sensory level you are treated to an indelible, unforgettable moment. Just like tasty foods it can affect all your senses simultaneously and take you to new heights.

Delicious Experiences

The recent weekend here in Toronto has been unusually active and surreal. It started off with my annual ritual of the Taste of the Danforth Friday evening. The weather was fantastic and I indulged in my favourite foods like succulent Rosemary lamb pies and roast pork on a pita oozing with warm Tzatziki sauce. I was leaving for the weekend so I savoured my only chance to be at this delicious food festival this year. My stomach and soul were sighing!

Massive Show

Later that night I had insomnia which led me to watch a rerun of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It was the most incredible performance art I had ever seen full of stunning visual stimulus. It was truly breathtaking to see such creativity with thousands of performers on a massive scale. Click here to see a great slide show


Then it rained all day Saturday as I traveled to the gorgeous woods of the Dundas Escarpment west of the city for a friend's 40th birthday party. We didn't let the thunderous rain stop us from going on a hike in what felt like a tropical jungle in Ontario complete with a raging waterfall and misty atmosphere. The rumbling energy and soaking rain made me feel alive.


And then there was the massive propane explosion early Sunday morning. I learned about it on the return home and it sounded devastating and surreal. When I saw footage of the blast and the shockwave on TV my jaw dropped to the ground as it looked like a scene out of a movie. I could almost feel the heat watching this video. Click here to see

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

By Monday I ended up taking an unexpected trip to Barcelona Spain through a sneak preview invitation I received for Woody Allen's new sexy comedy called Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It was a sumptuous movie experience!

The movie stars Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall and is about how all their relationships intertwine in the rich culture and settings of Barcelona. The movie is brimming with vibrant art, passionate Spanish guitar music, breezy country locations and plenty of scenes of the characters enjoying wine.

The sexy presence of Johansson and Cruz just elevated the film's delicious textures on a whole other level. These gorgeous women added a smart and sexy flavour to Woody Allen's already amazing script. The film seemed to radiate a multi-sensory experience and I really felt like I took a quick trip to Barcelona for 90 minutes. My senses felt rejuvenated from this unexpected movie treat.

That's what the movie celebrated. Enjoy what life has to offer and to follow your passions.

Energize Your Senses

Looking back now at the spectacle of the Beijing Olympic opening, it had lit up my visual senses and imagination. Hiking in the rain by a roaring waterfall drenched my soul with nature's energy. Witnessing a devastating explosion shook up my thoughts while a simple movie took me away from daily life to energize my senses.

So remember how powerful any new life experience can be to all your senses. See life as a buffet of experiences for you to taste with your eyes and ears. They remind you how alive life can be if you stop and drink the moments in.

As you read this take a second to listen to the sounds around you…
Notice the sights and colours around you right now…
Feel the physical sensations of whatever you are touching or the sun or cool breeze coming through your window…

Taste how delicious the moment is in your life right now.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Your e-mail is so beautiful i have stop every thing i am forced to say thank you.

Have a wonderful day!!

Saira B

Anonymous said...

That was nice Emmanuel.

I just returned from a trip to China...pre-Olympics. I saw a lot of beauty in that country and savored every experience.

The birdsnest though, was dull and grey and smog was hanging over it each time we passed by it.....when I saw it on tv for opening ceremonies......I watched in awe as this seemingly bleak structure took on new life...It was incredible.

I loved every minute of opening ceremony and all the memories of my experience in China made it so much more special.

Savor the moment...savor the memories.

Boston M.

Brian Patterson said...

WOW! Eman! this is so well written! you need to publish a book of your memoires! I also enjoyed traveling to Barcelona with you that Monday night :)

Brian Patterson