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Tip#93: Power of Writing, Part 1 - Stranger Than Fiction

The power of writing can have profound effects on your life and well being. The act of writing down your thoughts and feelings can become a gateway to many transformational benefits.

Writing can help:
1) magnetize your goals
2) heal your past
3) help unearth your true self.

Part 1)
Writing To Magnetize Your Goals

The law of attraction is initiated by the process of thinking, visualizing and feeling your goals. Writing is placing that order to the universe. The Beatlesknew this process and used it when writing their songs to finance what they wanted. Paul McCartney told the British rock magazine Mojo about their joke of saying, "OK! Today, let's write a swimming pool."

This meant that when they needed money they focused on writing a song. They still considered their writing to be art so the joke was a source of motivation. This started when McCartney and Lennon wrote one of the songs from their HELP! period so Lennon could buy himself a swimming pool with the profits.

Currently I am reaping the benefits of the core goals I wrote out that fateful August long weekend written in tip#78. What I had done was write down specific goals on a card that motivational speaker, Bob Proctor (see tip#56) provided to everyone that attended his Toronto seminar. They have since come true. On it I wrote the following:

By August 31, 2007
I'm so happy and grateful now that…
I have the best support team for my career goals.

I believed in what I wrote and stayed excited about the idea. It was also a challenge because I gave myself a deadline of four weeks. I carried that card with me in my pocket everyday and repeated my goal out loud as much as I could.

Within a week I had a few meetings with a company that resulted in their interest in managing my new motivational venture. And then 4 days before the deadline I was led to a new Toronto Bloggers meeting (an amazing synchronicity story I will share in the future!). There I met an inspiring organization with exciting concepts for building community that I had already envisioned. Since then we've had several, very positive meetings exploring how we could work together.

And making new connections for "having the best support team" didn't stop there. On the very last day of the deadline I felt strongly guided to a wellness centre that just happened to be renovating a new section for a workshop space. This was one of my primary career goals and I found it on the last day of the deadline! Plus the people working at this wellness centre felt like a team of earth angels whom I would be very happy to work with.

I am currently preparing the motivational workshops for this space that I've been dreaming about for years. It finally got initiated when I wrote down my goals and put a deadline to them. I manifested the reality I wanted.

Stranger Than Fiction

The movie, Stranger Than Fictionstarring Will Ferrell is a powerful movie about manifesting reality through writing. It is a story about an author, played by Emma Thompson, who is writing a new novel where whatever she is writing comes true for Harold Crick played by Ferrell. The inspiring message is that despite the dire future she writes for him, Crick eventually rewrites for himself a more positive future.

Let that motivate you to write a positive future for yourself. Manifest your own reality by putting down on paper or in a computer document what you want in life or career. Start with a small goal and give yourself a deadline with these guidelines:

By... (fill in date and year)
I am so happy and grateful now that... (fill in your goal)

Write this on a card and take it with you everywhere you go. Believe deeply in your goal and feel the excitement that comes with already having it in your life. Say your goal out loud as much as you can and with a smile. You deserve to have dreams and goals come true. Manifesting it starts with you!

"You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be."
Mark Victor Hansen

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007

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You are such an inspiration for me. I absolutely love/adore your Adventures of Motivatorman! When they pop up in my inbox, I think oh goody another gem from Emmanuel. That's it - just wanted to tell you you're wonderful.

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