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Tip#72: The Ocean of Abundance - Ocean's 13

Picture Yourself In Abundance

Picturing yourself with something you desire is all about having fun. It's about letting your imagination run wild. It's about taking a snapshot of a future time when you'll have what you want, smiling and enjoying it all. And if the abundance of money is what you want to attract then you've got to visualize a satisfying future with it.

In my previous career as a successful illustrator the abundance of money I received was a direct result of the passion I had for my work and an undeniable belief in my value. My self-esteem was brimming. When I began to lose my passion for my work I unconsciously pulled myself out of that ocean of money or the ocean of abundance. Feeling worthless in my mid-life crisis I had lost sight of my value.

So after many years of creating and visualizing illustrations for other people I needed to learn how to visualize a new satisfying career for myself. I had to picture the ideal job I wanted and then the money I wanted to support this career and a satisfying lifestyle. In order to achieve these steps I first needed to fully believe in my value as a motivational speaker and a writer. I had to rebuild my self-esteem.

Two factors helped me recognize my value during my transitional years. First was the synchronistic support I received over the years from friends, family and clients I helped motivate. And second was the visual stimulus of movies.

Ocean's 13 (2007)

As mentioned in tip#70, movies like Ocean's 13starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt helped me picture the abundance of money. The film helped immensely by exciting my senses, taking me away from any financial woes, raising my spirits and giving me something powerful to visualize for myself.

There is a great scene about visualizing the money you want in Ocean's 13.The scene involves a sudden rush of casino winners as the camera pans along the casino room. Above the heads of jubilant winners were superimposed the detailed amounts of money they were winning. Millions were being won!

The action of the scene and the colours and excitement of the winners was contagious. I was excited for the people on screen that were diving into their oceans of money. I could feel within me a positive energy that was radiating out along with others in the movie audience.

Seeing those large money figures and getting excited is utilizing the law of attraction. That visual stimulus generates a positive energy within you and acts like a magnet. The key is to maintain that feeling every day.

Now as I write this I am still in a financial transition. So I am always picturing myself back in that wonderful ocean of abundance. I was there once so I know it exists. The Ocean's 13movie is one method that is helping me. And these blog tips are documenting my journey back to this ocean I once swam in as an illustrator. It's just become a newfound purpose and passion in my life to share the steps of my journey with others and to inspire that dreams can come true.

I've also learned that when I get excited for others achieving their goals that this feeling energizes me in return.

So get excited for friends who just received a raise. Be thrilled for strangers you see on TV and newspapers that win lotteries. Clip out pictures of those happy winners in newspapers holding up their million dollar cheques. Picture yourself sharing in their happiness. Becoming part of that positive flow for others will lead to your own ocean of abundance.

That positive attitude and energy within you will grow. It will radiate out into the world. It will magnetize the steps necessary to achieve your financial goals. Just remember to picture yourself enjoying that glistening ocean of abundance with a great big smile!

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I just read your Ocean of Abundance blog entry – another fantastic and encouraging piece, Mister MotivatorMan!

Stephanie M.