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Tip#70: The Ocean of Money - Ocean's 13


Money is very much like an ocean that anyone can dive into. The challenge is some may feel they are not allowed into this ocean or are not worthy enough to even dip their foot in. And some believe that money is simply a bad thing. Believing an ocean of money exists is the first step towards enjoying the flow of money in your life and making your dreams come true.

Ocean's 13 (2007)

Recently I was compelled to see the crime comedy film Ocean's 13starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It was another fun romp about a creative comedic heist much like the previous 2 films. What surprised me were the empowering messages about money the movie highlighted in key scenes.

The first two movies, Ocean's 11and Ocean's 12revolved around the themes of revenge and strategy. Whereas Ocean's 13takes you to an awareness that there is an abundance of money in the world for anyone who wants it. You get to see individuals throughout the film happily receive a lot of money.

Loyalty and helping friends is the catalyst for Ocean's 13,the latest adventure of Danny Ocean, played by Clooney, and his gang. Like the previous films you continually hear of the millions of dollars that are at their disposal to accomplish their tasks. You also get to witness the massive amounts of money that flow through Las Vegas casinos.

Movies themselves cost millions to make. The Ocean's 13budget was about $100 million while the Spider-Man 3budget was estimated at $258 million. On it's opening weekend Spider-Man 3broke all box office records with over $533 million worldwide. Think about those figures for a moment. Is there not a vast ocean of money out there?

All this information is a great reminder to you that there are oceans of money flowing in this world even if you feel you are not currently part of the flow. As I have written in a previous blog tip #56 you have to change your old paradigms around money before it can enter your life. And then you have to believe in your self-worth before you can see a pathway towards this ocean of money.

Believing is a life lesson I am always learning to improve. Over the years I have been letting go of my old habits of belief around money and eventually saw its connection with my stronger self-esteem. Self-esteem is how you estimate yourself and is all about believing in your value.

So believe the ocean of money exists and wants you to dive in anytime. Let go of any negative walls that someone else put between you and money. Let go of those voices in your head that someone else planted telling you how bad money is or your lack of value.

You have to shed all judgments about money and believe you are worthy to receive it. When you do your relationship with money will start to change for the better. Then you may realize one day that you've already been standing within a warm ocean of money!

"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale."
Zig Ziglar

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Photoboy said...

Personally for myself I would take health over money. If I could get my health back my life would be totally different then it is now. I could enjoy all the things I once enjoyed. Once your health goes, your life changes. There are so many limitations put on it.

Therefore all the money in the world could not make me feel better. I would rather be swimming in an ocean of good health if it were at all possible.

For those who are healthy it is hard to understand what it is to not have good health. Life can change in an instant as it did for me. I was 100% heatlhy,bathing in an ocean of money. I had a great job and a great life, but then one day it was gone.

Today, I've learned to value health more then money. I learn to cope with each days challenges and to try to live each day the best I can.

Anonymous said...