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Tip#1224: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 30 – Moonstruck

This is Day 257 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

There were many ups and downs this week while in the first week of the latest Toronto lockdown and store closures. There was a family crisis and then a few days later the shocking news of the passing of someone I greatly admired. Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos, died from injuries due to a house fire and it left me deeply saddened. 

Tony was so nice to me from the very first message I sent him via Twitter which led to him inviting my mom and I to a tour of the Zappos Las Vegas headquarters in 2018. Since then his leadership and visionary work cultures and customer service continued to inspire me professionally. He also contributed to my Amazon Kindle book, Movies for Motivation. Rest in peace Tony. 

It’s sad news like this that reminds me to cherish every moment of life and the people we love. This is why I am so grateful I joined my dear friends in Vermont via Zoom for their US Thanksgiving turkey dinner! It was a wonderful experience filled with laughter, the sight and taste of delicious foods and, most of all, the tangible love of friendship and family. 

So it was very synchronistic that I recently watched a beautiful, remastered BluRay of a movie that celebrated all these uplifting qualities about life! 

Moonstruck (1987) 

The romantic comedy film, Moonstruck, is about Loretta Castorini (Cher), a widowed, 37-year-old, Italian-American woman who falls in love with her fiancé's estranged, hot-tempered younger brother, Ronny Cammareri (Nicolas Cage). This modern day screwball comedy is brimming with hilarious, memorable scenes and wonderful performances by the entire cast that include Danny Aiello, Olympia Dukakis, Vincent Gardenia and Feordor Chaliapin Jr.
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This Oscar winning movie is absolutely note-perfect, from every character to the amazing script, dialogue and direction by Norman Jewison. Every person is so lovable and seeing this film again is like visiting a loving family during the holidays. Even with all the arguments! It’s also a mouthwatering foodie film with scenes I’ve always loved like the breakfast with the Egg-in-the-Basket (or Egg-in-a-Hole) being cooked!

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Heartwarming movies with lovable characters can lift your spirits when dark days loom over you. They can remind you of the rejuvenating power of family and friends and of delicious foods! Find a film today to feed your optimism and resilience and remind you that you are never really alone. 

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