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Tip#1199: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 5 – COVID-19 – Runaway Bride

This is Day 84 of the COVID-19 quarantine/social distancing/self-isolation here in Toronto, Canada

This week I passionately researched online to learning the egg differences of Caged vs Free Run vs Free Range vs Pasture-Raised! I even generated some helpful discussions on Facebook about these differences. It felt really good to connect with other people who are also caring about what they eat. For me this quarantine has been a profound time to learning more about self-care in really delicious ways!

What I discovered is that I resonated with pasture-raised eggs because I loved the vision of happy chickens living and eating in the sunlight on fresh air and healthy green grass. The results include more orange yolks, higher vitamin A, B12, E, D, K2, omega 3 fatty acids and more that goes into our bodies! And since vitamin D is key for people dealing with seasonal/winter depression, like me, having these eggs would be very beneficial. More…

“They also found that eggs from hens raised outdoors on pasture have from three to six times more vitamin D than eggs from hens raised in confinement. Pastured hens are exposed to direct sunlight, which their bodies convert to vitamin D and then pass on to their eggs. Eating just two of these eggs will give you from 63-126% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D! Note that this benefit comes only from hens that are free to graze fresh greens, eat bugs, and bask in the sun. 99% of the eggs sold in the supermarket do not meet this criterion.” 
From an excellent eggs study: Read more

“Conventionally laid eggs come from hens that live in cages, called battery cages, which are about the size of a magazine. Several hens can be kept in these battery cages, making it difficult for them to move or spread their wings ever during their lifetime. This causes the hens extreme stress.” 
From another great article: Pastured vs. Free Range vs. Free Run vs. Cage Free - Guide to Eggs

Photos from my Vermont trip in August 2019 at Shelburne Farms and their pasture-raised chickens!

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One of my favourite videos I found on YouTube was a collection of 39 movie and TV scenes that featured eggs. This is where I discovered a wonderful scene from Runaway Bride featuring Julia Robert’s character learning about who she is as a person through how she likes to eat her eggs. So I was inspired to watch this film for the first time!

See video: 39 Egg-cellent Scenes in Film and Television

Runaway Bride (1999)

The romantic comedy film, Runaway Bride, is about New York columnist Homer Eisenhower Graham or "Ike" (Richard Gere) assigned to write a story about a woman, Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) who run and leave a string of fiancés at the altar. This entertaining, fun story features the wonderful chemistry of the lead actors as well as the charming small town community of Hale, Maryland.
Watch: movie trailer
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Even though I was eager to find that egg scene with Julia Roberts I ended up whisked away from life in quarantine with an unusual story I had no idea what was going to happen next. I ended up wanting to know the psychological reasons why a woman would run from her own wedding three times!

What unfolded was a study of how Ike and Maggie each were not in touch with who they really were which resulted in their chronic, disfunctional issues in life. And when the egg scene finally arrives these main characters demonstrated their courage to make positive changes in their lives thanks to the brutal honesty they thrust onto each other.

Movies can trigger happy emotions and memories whenever favourite foods like eggs appear on the screen! A film can also be a powerful mirror for helping us see where we can make positive changes in our own lives. They can be important reminders that our resilience can be fueled by the loving support of people around us. Find a film today to re-ignite your drive to find your true self and inner strengths!

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