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Tip#1201: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 7 – Julie & Julia

This is Day 98 of the COVID-19 quarantine/social distancing here in Toronto, Canada.

The hot sunshine and warm energy of summer is here and it’s reflecting my luminous passion to continue researching my nutrient-dense diet (aka Ancestral Eating/Health). Since the start of this quarantine I have been dedicated to daily eating of homemade grass-fed beef bone broth, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed butter, raw sauerkraut, authentic sourdough bread and Norwegian cod liver oil. This week I dove into learning more about the delicious world of raw cheeses!

Thanks to Global Cheese Shoppe and Alex Farm Cheese Store here in Toronto I was introduced to a variety of raw, unpasteurized cheeses from France and Switzerland. This led me to finding fun and informative videos on YouTube that further educated me on understanding why so many people love raw, unpasteurized French cheeses!

Samples of delicious, raw cheeses from France and Switzerland I've tasted (click to enlarge)

Here are 3 videos:

5 Health Benefits of Raw Cheese:
• Considered a complete food high in vitamins A, D3, K2
• Helps calcium go to your bones and teeth
• Keeps blood sugars stable (no crankiness or the “hangries”!)
• More probiotics than yogurt (healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes)
• Raw milk for cheese comes from pastured animals and overall tastes better!

Listen to this great interview: 

Of course, all these French cheese experiences made me think of the movie Julie & Julia and I re-discovered what a fantastic foodie film it was. But make sure you have some food ready before you start watching it!

Julie & Julia (2009)

The comedy drama film, Julie & Julia, is based on the true stories of chef Julia Child (Meryl Streep) in the early years of her culinary career and on the life of New York Blogger Julie Powell (Amy Adams), aspiring to cook all 524 recipes in Child's French cookbook in 365 days. This highly entertaining film is also a popular foodie film filled with delicious scenes of food and cooking. There are wondeful performances by Streep, Adams and Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina who play their husbands.
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First, every foodie must see this delightful film! Every scene that features the joy of food, cooking and eating was so exhilarating to watch. Secondly, both stories highlight inspiring examples of resilience, perseverance and indestructible optimism for following each woman’s dreams and goals. Thirdly, Julie and Julia’s passion for French cooking was a strong message and reminder that there is something deeper to understand about the French and their joyful relationship with food. And when it comes to raw cheeses, the French believe in its superior taste and health benefits over pasteurized cheeses.

I’ve loved this film ever since I first saw it in the theatre and now, over a ten years later, it further inspires my new passion for eating raw cheeses daily for medicinal and enjoyable purposes. Julie’s passion for learning French cooking definitely mirrored my own and it fueled my inner drive to maintain my mental health by indulging in delicious, nutrition foods!

The food or movies we love can help re-ignite our inner strengths to persevere with the challenges of daily life or work. They can be amazing, easy-to-use tools for inspiring our passion and drive to be resilient even in the darkest of times. Find a favourite film or a delicious food now to empower yourself today!

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