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Tip#1214: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 20 – Waitress - Labor Day - Michael

This is Day 188 of the COVID-19 quarantine/social distancing here in Toronto, Canada. 

Eating well for me falls under two categories: Nutrient Dense Foods and Comfort Foods. Since the pandemic and quarantine started in March 2020 I made it a goal to learn more about nutritious foods for my self and my mother. This led me to the amazing 1930’s research on diet by Dr. Weston Price and carried on by Sally Fallon Morell (see more tip#1196). Since then I’ve enjoyed adding pasture-raised eggs, cod-liver oil, raw sauerkraut, raw unpasteurized cheese and more into my daily diet.

At the same time comfort food was still very important to indulge in once in awhile. The timeless, wonderful smell of bacon and eggs, the mouthwatering taste of butter tarts or even a favourite fast food once in awhile did instant wonders in lifting up my spirits during some dark periods of isolation. Of course the key was finding a balance with these two food categories. 

Currently I am enjoying the deliciousness comfort food of pies! I would see brands of home-style pies on sale and that would prompt me into giving it a try. I’ve been enjoying some amazing apple pies and blueberry pies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side (a la mode). The joys of these pie comfort foods are highlighted in three films I watched recently that also had many inspirational life lessons. 

Waitress (2007) 

The romantic comedy, drama film, Waitress, is about waitress Jenna (Keri Russell) trapped in an abusive marriage, a dead-end job and facing an unwanted pregnancy but finds joy in baking her pies and in an affair with her doctor (Nathon Fillion). The wonderful supporting cast includes Andy Griffith, Cheryl Hines, Jeremy Sisto and writer/director Adrienne Shelly.
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This film is about passion: passion for love, sex and for the blissfulness of pies! Jenna shows that she can transform her stress and hurt by allowing her mental state to inspire original, delicious pie creations. She gives them fun names like "I Hate My Husband Pie", "Pregnant, Miserable, Self-Pitying Loser Pie" and “Naughty Pumpkin Pie”. She also demonstrates amazing resilience in her abusive marriage and finds the courage to rise above all her problems. And each of the characters deliver wonderful life lessons in between all the delicious scenes of homemade pies! 

Labor Day (2013) 

The romantic, thriller, drama film, Labor Day, is about depressed single mom Adele (Kate Winslet) and her young son Henry (Gattlin Griffith) who offer a wounded, escaped convict Frank (Josh Brolin) a hideout in their homes and unexpectedly changes their lives deeply.
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This is a very unusual love story that features two epic foodie scenes that include the making of chilli and a peach pie. These delicious dishes are initiated by Frank who surprises Adele and Henry with his cooking and thoughtful deeds. This includes making numerous repairs to their home and giving each other the little things in life they were missing. It’s a beautiful story of how unexpected, frightening situations can lead to incredible happiness and how food can bring family together. 


Michael (1996) 

The fantasy, comedy film, Michael, is about how an angel living on Earth named Michael (John Travolta) who helps mend the wounded hearts of three reporters Frank (William Hurt), Dorothy (Andie MacDowell) and Huey (Robert Pastorelli).
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This entertaining movie celebrates the little joys of life through the eyes of Michael such as the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and the uplifting taste of homemade pies. In a wonderful, unlimited pie scene at a restaurant, everyone at the table shares why pie is a passion for them. Dorothy then shares her passion for pies by singing a song she wrote that touches Frank’s heart. 

Eating nutrient dense foods are excellent for your body and mind. While eating comfort foods feeds your spirit. They may not be nutritious but can bring back happy childhood memories and instantly transport you to a blissful state of mind with heartfelt aromas, tastes and the sight of delicious meals. Feed your soul today with one of these happy memories! And if fresh homemade pie is one of them then give yourself permission to indulge in a delicious slice a la mode!

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