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Tip#1216: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 22 – Kiss the Ground

This is Day 202 of the COVID-19 quarantine/social distancing here in Toronto, Canada.

The Autumn season always brings a colourful change in the seasons and for me it’s brought a multitude of wonderful changes and opportunities! First was finally getting my haircut after seven months and it felt fantastic and lighter. Then two great opportunities for building online communities have come up revolving around my food & mood posts and uplifting movie tips. I cannot say anymore but stay tuned for details! 

Next I celebrated at Halibut House for my friend Derek’s birthday and a bon voyage for his work trip to New Zealand. Then I had my first virtual wedding celebration for another friend, Lynda which was done on Zoom. It was an emotional experience seeing her and others I haven’t seen in person for months. But we each received a special package delivered in advance filled with party snacks, games and even champagne we opened during the gathering to toast the bride and groom! 

I also made some personal deliveries of food gifts to family and a friend. It brought me so much joy to see them appreciate some of the nutrient dense foods I’ve added in my daily diet. I felt so excited describing the health benefits of raw, unpasteurized cheese to them and how my life has changed being more aware of how these foods originate from grass fed cows, chickens, etc. And thankfully there was a fantastic documentary that takes this even further with the critical importance of the healthy soil these animals feed on. 

Kiss the Ground (2020)

The documentary, Kiss the Ground, features science experts and celebrity activists demonstrating ways the earth's regenerated soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet. This highly engaging and informative film outlines many common sense steps any one can take to help improve our environment, lives and health. Narrated by actor Woody Harrelson.
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This documentary expands on what I first learned about the life-saving nutrients in soil from the film, The Martian (see tip#1056). That movie showed it was possible to grow potatoes on the dead dirt of Mars by revitalizing it with water and the astronaut’s feces. The bacteria in the feces was an important factor and is what this documentary proves is possible with revitalizing dead soil all over our planet. 

Regeneration is a term this film speaks about and presents John D. Liu, Ecologist, who documented the miraculous change at Loess Plateau, China that had no vegetation. From 1994 until 2009 (14 years), they successfully regenerated an area of 35,000 square kilometres (14,000 square miles) into stunning, lush green fields. This then helped revitalize the community and health of its people. 

There’s also a fun scene I loved showing microscopic video of bacteria with the song, “You Sexy Thing”. This scene shows that tiny, living beings are coexisting inside us all and get depleted because most of our foods are devoid of healthy bacteria. Nutrient dense foods must come from living soil brimming with these microscopic beings. This made me remember another great scene of regeneration of the dead soil to produce healthy vegetation and animals in the film, “The Biggest Little Farm” (see tip#1179). 

Another scene I loved demonstrated how much better and healthier pasture-raised eggs were versus cage-free eggs from chickens only eating grains (a step up from factory raised chickens crammed together in cages). They showed how much more orange and denser the yolk was in a pasture-raised egg which means it has a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals from happy chickens living and eating in outdoor sunlight and rich, open fields. Autumn may be a time of nature dying but there will be another season for it to regenerate. This could be a mirror for great life-changes and regeneration for your own self. 

Documentaries can help open your eyes to little changes in your daily life like healthier foods you can eat or how to save the environment you live in. Be inspired today to make any small change to improve the quality and enjoyment of your life! 

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