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Tip#1232: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 38 – Appetite for Love

This is Day 313 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

This week was filled with amazing nutritional epiphanies and delicious food gifts! A fellow Illustrator I knew years ago saw my Facebook post on my raw sauerkraut meals and offered me a sample jar of his homemade red beet, cabbage and daikon sauerkraut. He was kind enough to drop it off (with us wearing masks and social distancing of course) and the rich red/burgundy colour was absolutely stunning and gorgeous! 

Fermented Foods/Probiotics 

My brother also gave me a food gift of his homemade cultured butter which was so creamy and smooth! Both this and the raw sauerkraut are fermented foods filled with probiotics which are healthy bacteria beneficial for gut health. Our gut is home to around 80% of our immune system and this bacteria can signal to the brain to make happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. I believe adding fermented foods to my daily diet for several months is why my seasonal/winter depression symptoms are much lower this winter. 

Vitamin D & COVID-19 

Another person on Facebook shared a video link after seeing my post about Vitamin D and seasonal depression. The video highlighted this vitamin’s effectiveness against COVID-19. I learned that Vitamin D is a steroid hormone which means it can go into cell membranes and nucleus and make effective changes to our immune system. And because it is winter with a lack of sunshine, I've learned to get Vitamin D mostly through foods like cod liver oil, sardines, salmon and raw cheeses while taking daily supplements of 4,000 IU. 

See video: Vitamin D & COVID-19

Food & Mood Presentation

I’m also thrilled to announce that a presentation I gave online about my Food & Mood journey is now available as a 20 minute audio recording and transcript. Big thanks to mental health organization, The Stability Network for having me speak. I talked about how NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS and COMFORT FOODS have helped empower my mental health and resilience. And I shared my inspiration that came from the amazing 1930's works of Dr. Weston A. Price. I also give simple food tips based on how I’ve successfully managed my clinical and seasonal depression during this pandemic. 

Check it out: Emmanuel’s Food & Mood Presentation

Wonders of Water

One of the key health tips I shared was drinking enough water per day. Part of my self-care discoveries over recent years was that some of my seasonal depression symptoms were due to dehydration during the winter. So it’s important for me to immediately drink one to two cups of water when my brain goes foggy, my body feels paralyzed and my mood drops. 

The theme of water came up again when I recently watched a Hallmark film that re-ignited an epiphany I had during my 2019 Vermont vacation. This is where I was truly amazed at the quality of the farm-to-table meals I had at the local restaurants. I was told that a big part of the reason was the local spring waters that grow the vegetables, feed the animals and the chefs used for cooking the delicious farm fresh foods! 

Appetite for Love (2016) 

The romantic comedy, Appetite for Love, is a Hallmark TV movie about corporate executive Mina (Taylor Cole) sent to a small town in Tennessee to re-brand a diner owned by her ex-boyfriend, Clay (Andrew W. Walker). With lots of foodie shots and warmhearted performances by the cast this film is set within beautiful scenery shot in British Columbia, Canada.
Watch: movie trailer
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There is a moment in this film that highlights the strengths of the diner’s food which was the quality of the local water rich with essential minerals. Mina discovers this through Clay and his head Chef Lucien about all the wonderful benefits that stem from their water. This spoke so deeply to me because I’d experienced the profound foods on my trip to Vermont and has inspired me to explore this more. 

I felt this was a surprising subplot that was also educating viewers to the benefit of mineral rich water and the quality of the foods we eat. So this was much more than a romantic Hallmark TV movie, it will also feed your mind! I highly recommend you see this film available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services. 

Movies and foods can help inspire you to stay healthy and strong during difficult times. And mindful eating of nutrient-filled foods can increase your resilience and optimism. Remember to also drink several cups of water per day for re-vitalizing your body, mind and spirit. Make your days a delicious journey of exciting, new self-care practices! 

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