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Tip#1235: The Recipe For Resilience, Perseverance & Indestructible Optimism, Part 41 – Top Secret! – Real Genius

This is Day 334 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

I’ve been feeling re-energized and rejuvenated leading my seasonal depression to be more stable thanks to a number of nutritional changes to my diet. For the past two weeks I’ve been making delicious blueberry smoothies daily which are filled with brain foods/super food ingredients like blueberries, almond meal and raw ginger. 

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I also continue to research bottled mineral-rich waters and the historical healing claims of brands such as San Pellegrino and Fiuggi. I’ve also started taking Sunwarrior Liquid Light that is bursting with nutrients missing from foods because of mineral depleted soil. 

Synchronistically I was then recommended to see Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Season 1, Episode 2 featuring Anna Kendrick and water sommelier Martin Reise which was brimming with insights about what the healthiest bottle waters are. 

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Cinematic medicine, in the form of comedy films from the 80’s, have also been re-energizing me through my winter blues. Two movies happened to star Val Kilmer and I’ve loved them since they were first released. I was so happy they still hold up 40 years later. Laughter can be an amazing energy elixir! 

Top Secret! (1984) 

The comedy film, Top Secret!, is a parody of WWII spy movies and 60’s musicals starring Elvis Presley. It’s about an American rock and roll singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany. Also starring Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge) alongside a supporting cast featuring Omar Sharif, Peter Cushing, Michael Gough, and Jeremy Kemp.
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This creatively witty parody comes from the creators of Airplane! and The Naked Gun film series and still makes me laugh decades later. Some of the comedy is so inventive and film lovers will really appreciate some of the amazing sight gags and hilarious weirdness of some of the scenes. This was also Kilmer’s first movie role and he sings all the Elvis-style songs.

Real Genius (1985) 

The comedy film, Real Genius, is about genius Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) in his senior year working on a chemical laser with new young prodigy Mitch Taylor (Gabriel Jarret). This highly entertaining and funny film has a wonderful cast that also includes William Atherton, Michelle Meyrink and Robert Prescott.
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This film is so much fun and the cast is note-perfect! I loved all the interactions and also seeing how genius minds can be brilliant, inventive, playful and silly all at the same time. There is also something heartwarming of how each of these quirky, eccentric geniuses look out for each other. And seeing this also injects a sense of joy into my spirit! Highly recommend! 

When you feel the need to rejuvenate just remember that simple diet changes can help feed your brain and body in a positive, uplifting way. Nutrient rich waters and food can make a difference in your focus and resilience. Add to that the re-energizing power of cinematic medicine and you’ll be feeling re-vitalized in no time! 

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