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Tip#1246: The Recipe For Resilience, Part 52 – Avatar 2009 – Forest Bathing

This is Day 417 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

I have discovered a new passion and ritual for what’s called Forest Bathing! It’s also known as Forest Therapy and Shinrin-yoku since this practice was founded in Japan. It’s a form of self-care for removing stress and depression and an effective way to disconnect from too much technology. It has become a very welcome addition to my methods of dealing with the long isolation of the current pandemic lock down. 

I am also so grateful I discovered nearby woods for Forest Bathing. Once I arrive I always immediately feel the calming affects of the trees. The sound of birds singing is so soothing and the sound of wind through the trees transports my whole body and mood into another world. 

Here are links I highly recommend you check out for some quick overviews of the health benefits of Forest Bathing:

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About Phytoncides (wood essential oils) that boost immune system & stress relief

While in the woods I’ve intuitively put my hands on the trees as if I was plugging myself into our planet knowing that it’s roots are connected to other trees creating a vast underground network. This was a concept I was inspired by when I saw the film Avatar. That film definitely planted a seed (pun intended) of the magical power of trees and forests and how vital it is to create a loving relationship with them. 

Avatar (2009) 

The science fiction film, Avatar, is about a battle for the natural resources on the planet Pandora between visiting humans and the native tribe known as the Na’vi led by the human/avatar Jake Sully, a disabled former Marine (Sam Worthington). This epic and visually stunning movie also stars Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sigourney Weaver.
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I believe this is one of the most visually immersive CGI world ever created on film. The detail in the alien forests, creatures and alien race is truly breathtaking! I am so happy I got to see this more than once in 3D on the big screen making it one of the most amazing cinematic experiences ever!

The messages for maintaining the natural forests and trees is delivered loud and clear in this film. It also mirrors how vital it is to understand and accept that our well-being is dependent on embracing and caring for the beauty, balance and energy of nature, animals and especially our forests. Through Jake’s eyes we see this beauty and then witness his attitude transform from a non-believer into a true leader who fights to keep this new world alive at all costs. Highly recommended you see this film! 

If you are feeling stressed, depressed, isolated or overwhelmed by technology then your prescription is to spend around 15 minutes or more in the tranquil energy of a forest. Find a balance of time with work and time being out in nature with your cell phone turned off. Get rejuvenated and re-energized in nature today! 


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