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Tip#1238: The Recipe For Resilience, Part 44 – In & Of Itself

This is Day 362 of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Toronto, Canada. 

I am in awe that it is now a year since we went into quarantine here in Toronto. I know my life has changed dramatically over these long months. And I feel there have been many blessings in disguise that have helped me grow as a stronger, more resilient human being. The COVID-19 pandemic offered me a mirror to look deeper into myself. The year has been a period of massive personal growth and discovery for me. 

Here is a list of what I learned about myself or changed: 

• Decluttered my home/office: Clearing kitchen cupboards, old clothes, papers, unearthing buried boxes of junk etc.
• Donated old belongings regularly to local thrift stores
• Completed many financial tasks
• Vastly improved my personal relationships
• YouTube is a fantastic resource for "How to" videos and entertainment
• Discovered new, local places to shop for healthier foods
• Researched and educated myself on cooking and eating more nutrient rich foods: Read more

In the end all these achievements over the past 12 months helped me feel lighter. I was able to let of so much by having the courage to take inventory of my life. 

There is a unique film I saw that also asks the viewer to take inventory of their own lives. It was recommended to me by a connection on Facebook and my intuition told me to watch it without knowing anything about it. Doing this made it one of the most amazing, rewarding cinematic experiences I’ve had right in the comfort of my home! 

In & Of Itself (2021) 

This will be the first time I recommend a film on this blog without any explanation. In & Of Itself is a powerful documentary that is also highly entertaining and engaging. And as it asks at the start of the film, it is recommended that you watch it uninterrupted as if you were watching a live play. And don't watch the trailer!

Watch free with library card: Hoopla
Watch/Rent or Buy now: Cineplex
Watch/Rent or Buy now: Hulu

I would love to hear your feedback after watching it. Please let me know your thoughts and reactions. 

Remember that every cloud has a silver lining. There is always something invaluable to learn from difficult times. And these blessings in disguise could be powerful instigators in pushing you to take inventory of your life, to see what works or doesn’t work and what you can let go of. Find your silver linings today, look in your mirror and then you’ll be on your way to feeling profoundly lighter! 

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