Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tip#369: Stay Cool, Calm and Confident – G20 Toronto Pt.1 - The Matrix Reloaded

Being in the right place and the right time can feel fantastic (see tip#368). Though if you find yourself in wrong place and wrong time it can be a test of how well you remain positive and cool headed. This is where you discover what kind of mindset you have!

The G20 Summit in Toronto triggered many acts of violence as well as many peaceful protests. On Sunday (after posting previous blog tip#368) I made sure I avoided any areas of protest. I did errands and was on my way home right at Queen and Spadina when I spotted a crowd at the intersection. It felt like a regular street festival. Then I saw riot police coming in and started documenting what was happening in my own neighborhood with my video camera. I didn't realize the riot police were boxing me in.

See my video: Click here
See aerial angle: Click here

Though it was intense I didn't feel much fear. I tried to see how I could get out but every angle was blocked. I remembered to breathe and did my best to stay calm. I surrendered to the moment and kept alert. Then one by one we were pulled out to be detained. I experienced no violence.

The Matrix Reloaded 2003

The character Neo (Keanu Reeves) develops a cool headed confidence during The Matrix movie trilogy. In The Matrix Reloaded he displays this during a negotiation meeting within the enemy's own turf. Though surrounded Neo and his partners Morpheus and Trinity all stay cool, calm and confident. They knew when to take action and when not to.

At one point while surrounded by the riot police I looked up into the blue sky and wished I was Neo and fly right out of there. But this was real-life and I just kept calm. Others tried to break out and were met with violent restraint.

We all have to make a choice when faced with being in wrong place at the wrong time. If you find yourself in that situation do your best to stay cool, calm and confident. Find that part within you that is fearless. And always remember to breathe.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tip#368: Face the Shock of Violence – G20 Summit Toronto - Watchmen

It's been a shocking week in my hometown of Toronto. On Wednesday a 5.8 earthquake shook up homes and businesses while later that evening a tornado touched down north of the city. And now with G20 Summit happening as I write this violent protests have altered the streets of my own neighbourhood.

I was in right place at right time with my camera yesterday and was able to document the burning of a police car. Later I photographed standoffs between crowds and police in riot gear at Queen St. and Spadina Ave. It would last for hours while other forms of destruction happened all over Toronto.

More photos of police car on fire: Click here
More photos of police in riot gear move in: Click here

Witnessing the events shook me up and I felt emotional seeing my own streets in ways I have never seen before. I did wish I were a superhero who could help bring peace like Iron Man, Spider-Man or even one of the Watchmen.

Watchmen 2009

The movie Watchmen takes place in an alternate 1985 where superheroes were used to help crowd control and even employed by the government to end wars. There is a scene where Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson) and Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) fly into a protest to bring order. They do it quickly and with no casualties.

It would be amazing if there could be third party interventions like in the world of superheroes. For now we all have to make our own decisions on how we can make a positive difference with the violence we witness. Mine is to document what I am witnessing and let my photos tell the story.

Witnessing violence or forms of crisis stirs up emotions and those feelings need to be expressed. If you find yourself in this situation do your best to face what comes up inside you. Release what you are feeling like in writing, photography or even in discussion. Whatever you express can have so much power in itself.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tip#367: Feel The Bliss of Nature – The Black Stallion

The sun was nice and hot as I drank in the clear cottage air. A breeze chimed through the green trees as I sat on the dock eating a juicy mango. Soon I'd be taking another dip into the cool, soothing lake waters. I was feeling at peace away from any thoughts of my life back home in the big city.

That's what I experienced this past weekend, a blissful time away at a friend's cottage. It did wonders for my spirit and it always brings out the kid in me when I get into nature. I was constantly singing old TV commercial jingles like, "I am stuck on Band Aid Brand 'cause Band Aid's stuck on me!" Listen here

The Black Stallion 1979

The movie The Black Stallion features many blissful moments in nature. A young boy (Kelly Reno) is shipwrecked on an island filled with some breathtaking scenery. The film is very meditative as there is no dialogue as he explores the island and swims in crystal clear waters. Soon he meets another shipwrecked soul in the form of a wild black Arabian horse.

The timeless visuals in this movie reflected how I felt at the cottage. I felt like an eternal, happy child living in the moment with no worries of the past or future. Magically, I could also hear the beautiful music from the film while gazing out on the sparkling lake. Listen here

Whenever you get a chance, get away from the bustle and stresses of the city and every day life. Take time to surround yourself with the sound of a breeze blowing through majestic green trees. Treat yourself to fresh air and a blissful swim of a peaceful lake.

Let your eternal, happy child come out and play. Sing your favourite TV jingles or hum a favourite song. Savor the taste of a juicy fruit you love. This is what it is to re-energize your soul.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tip#366: Shake Up Your Mindset - Splice

Sometimes it takes highly unusual ideas and concepts to help you make positive changes in your life and career. At one time in history people believed the world was flat until someone brought up the shocking idea that it was round.

As I wrote in previous blog tip#365, to understand how and why the world of social media works is to transform your current way of thinking. Facing strange and foreign ideas is one way to shake up your mindset. It's one way to empty your cup so all things new can pour in.

Splice 2010

The movie Splice is a science fiction story that will shake up your mindset with its provocative concepts of splicing the DNA of several animals with human cells. The result is a humanoid creature unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Seeing this exotic female and how she grows and learns will fascinate you. What will shake up your thoughts is how her creators, Elisa (Sarah Polley) and Clive (Adrien Brody) cross so many moral boundaries in her growth process.

Whether they were right or wrong is not the point. The focus is that this movie will challenge your thoughts of what YOU think is right or wrong. This is an opportunity to push your own boundaries and beliefs. And when you are able to disconnect from previous perceptions that's when new ideas and solutions can enter your mind. Your imagination and mindset has now been opened to new possibilities.

Remember to remain open to whatever is new and different. Be curious. Be like a child again and remember when everything you saw, smelled, tasted, heard and touched was shiny and new. This way you'll be more adaptable to unexpected change or crisis. You'll have a new, resilient mindset.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tip#365: Social Media is About Synergy & Community – Avatar

To fully understand the benefits of social media is to recognize what it is to be social. Being social is having positive interactions with other people. It's also about synergy that celebrates cooperation and working together.

Social media choices like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogs have become highly integrated into how we communicate and how we purchase and sell. And the only way to utilize the benefits is to build an optimistic mindset. You must first let go of any preconceptions of what you "think" you know about social media.

Avatar 2009

The movie Avatar features an alien culture of blue cat-like humanoids that represents the core of synergy and community. Everything about the Na'vi culture is about interaction and cooperation. You see it in how the Na'vi ride their horse-like creatures and the dragon-like birds they fly on.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) learns about the Na'vi culture and after 3 months transforms his old mindset to recognize how connected these people were to each other and to the plants and animals all around them. He is able to clearly see the richness of this alien world and eventually harness its power so he could help this race on a massive level.

Social Media Success Tips

Social media is really an online tool that is breaking down the invisible barriers between people locally and globally. It's about getting back to a small town community mindset where everyone knows each other and helps one another.

See a 3 part video interview I gave where I shared helpful tips on understanding how and why social media works:

Part 1: Social Media is Dialogue - 5:06 min.
• Positive online buzz increases sales
• Create dialogue not monologue
• Sell the sizzle not the steak
Click here

Part 2: Increase Your Social Network - 4:56 min.
• Keywords increase your presence
• Leverage your current database
• Being "viral" online is good
Click here

Part 3: Keep An Open Mind - 5:05 min.
• Boomers can learn social media
• Build an optimistic mindset
• Social media builds community
Click here

Social media is here to stay and reflects our evolution in communications. It is teaching us all how to get back to our roots, build community and increase cooperation and synergy. It's about being more interactive with like-minded individuals anywhere on our planet. In the end make it your goal to balance your time invested online with actual physical interactions.

The bonus is that social media will help you build an optimistic mindset. You'll be able to apply this positive attitude in other areas of your life and career. Keep an open mind to new worlds like social media. You may discover something that truly excites you!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tip#364: Overcome The Shock of Change – The Karate Kid

Recently I was shocked to discover that Le Gourmand, my favourite coffee shop of 9 years, was shut down. This unexpected change mirrored the emotional feelings I've had of my own life change to move into a new home (see tip#352)

I'm not sure if the economic downturn that hit in late 2008 is the cause of Le Gourmand’s current situation but I know it affected my life and business. The important thing to remember is to learn to adapt and see the silver lining hidden in front of you when the shock of change hits.

The Karate Kid 2010

The remake The Karate Kid stars Jaden Smith as Dre Parker who must move with his mother to Beijing, China from Chicago where she has been relocated for work. Dre immediately experiences the culture shock and gets into a fight with local kids.

You see the pain Dre goes through as he wishes things stayed the same living back home in Chicago. Soon he finds the help and support he needs from a maintenance man named Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). Through Mr. Han, Dre discovers his silver lining by learning to defend himself from bullies, be a more thoughtful person and have more respect of another culture.

I saw myself in Dre every time he was knocked down and got back up. And though he was 12 years old this little movie hero motivated me to know I can always get back up from the shock of any change.

Sudden changes and endings like jobs, new homes and even favourite coffee shops can lead us to new opportunities. First step is to take the time to be thankful for what you had. This will activate your optimistic mindset and allow you to see your silver lining.

Unexpected change happens so we can learn how to stay positive. It is that positive energy that magnetizes magical opportunities into our lives!

Me at Le Gourmand during an interview for CAREER MOVES on Canadian Learning Television. Click here

A tribute I wrote for Le Gourmand in 2007 on my blog: Click here

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tip#363: Discover Your Life Purpose - Accepted

As I've been sharing recently that my current life changes are helping reaffirm that it is my passions that keep my spirit energized and active. My love for movies, writing this blog and social media are at the core of my purpose in life. See tip#355

Identifying your passions is part of discovering your life purpose and a fulfilling career. Another key step that helped me was shared in tip#343 where I took an amazing online career assessment called Career Matchmaker at It revealed that my top 3 ideal careers were: 1) Actor; 2) Motivational Speaker; 3) Corporate Trainer.

Therefore I am following my own formula for fine-tuning my life purpose by combining the passions I've identified with my ideal careers: Movies, telling stories, performing and motivating people. This is a formula you can use for yourself too.

Accepted 2006

The comedy Accepted celebrates exploring your life purpose with humorous insights. When Bartleby (Justin Long aka the Mac guy in Apple commercials) gets rejected from all the colleges and universities he applied to he deceides to create his own college.

In doing so he develops a simple yet radically inventive system for students to explore what they WANT to do. At first the ideas students share sound ridiculous but then you see the value of what they are learning. For example one student loves eating so he focuses on exploring the culinary arts. Another is skateboarding where they learn about engineering, physics and aerodynamics.

Get To The Heart

Life can get complicated when you "think" you know what you are suppose to be doing. The key is to get to the heart of what you LOVE doing and that will lead to a deep "knowing" that you are doing what you were born to do.

Follow your heart and what you are passionate about. Even if you explore what you love a little each day or week while you are at your current job is an important step. You have the choice to fully discover and live your life purpose. Take a small step today!

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tip#362: How Movie Posters Motivate – 4 Movie Examples

It's been a month since I moved into my new live/work space and into a brand new life change. It's been a challenge because it feels so strange and different. One of the steps I've taken to increase my confidence and optimism is to surround myself with empowering movie posters.

Marie Diamond is one of the law of attraction teachers in The Secret movie. She says to surround your home with positive photos or artworks that will help program your conscious and sub-conscious mind. That way you become magnetic to what you want to manifest in your life.

So since I love movies I decided to go online to and find exciting posters for my new home. Here are the 4 posters I got and why...

Gladiator 2000

There were several posters I found on Gladiator starring Russell Crowe as the movie hero Maximus. The one that spoke to me the most was a poster with the bold statement, "A Hero Will Rise". Seeing that empowering statement everyday will remind me of my own strengths and help me persevere during my times of change.

The Shawshank Redemption 1994

The poster I got for The Shawshank Redemption was one with the main characters Andy (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman). It will constantly remind me that friendships and supportive relationships is a primary key to overcoming adversity.

Kick-Ass 2010

This poster for Kick-Ass reminds me of the tenacious energy of all the young heroes. It helps me remember that testosterone injected attitude helps me be proactive and take action when opportunities come my way. I am a gentle soul at heart and movies like Kick-Ass can help me be assertive when needed!

School of Rock 2003

This poster for School of Rock reminds me everyday that the movie hero Dewey (Jack Black) had a passion for rock and roll that led him to a fantastic career teaching others what he loves. The poster is a mirror and reminder that I will continue to find success in my career by staying focused on my overflowing passion for movies.

Empower Your Thoughts And Mind

Movie posters can empower your thoughts and mind to magnetize the future you want to manifest in your life or career. And is one incredible resource you can access wherever you are on the planet. Check out their website and you'll increase your positive emotional energy just by looking up favourite movies that excite you. Click here

You have the power to change your life or career for the better. Feeding your mind and heart with images that lift you up is a key step to manifesting what you want. Be clear on what you want and then surround yourself with images and words that will accelerate you upwards and onwards!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tip#361: There Are Heroes Around You, Part 1 – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

There are superheroes, movie heroes and other fictional characters that can inspire you. And then there are real-life heroes already around you.

I recently gave a keynote on Movies That Motivate for the Arthritis Society Fundraiser here in Toronto. It was an honour because I was also there to support the event coordinator, Lynn Manwar who is a good friend AND a true-life hero.

Lynn has faced and overcome many health challenges over the years. At age 24 she overcame thyroid cancer, age 30 arthritis and recently breast surgery. Despite all this adversity she remains so positive, resilient and brimming with an optimistic joy for life.

Lynn also appeared on the TV series, Style By Jury in which she received a full makeover. She showed that making over your physical appearance goes hand in hand with improving your self-esteem and self-confidence. See the episode: Click here

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2010

The movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is based on a video game and features 2 heroes that inspire. Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) is unstoppable in discovering the truth to his father's murder and in bringing his family back together again.

The other hero is Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) who demonstrates her strength through her perseverance and persistence in fulfilling her destiny to protect a magical dagger. It is Tamina's strong will, resilience and tenacity that mirrors real-life heroes like my friend Lynn that can inspire you to overcome your own challenges with confidence.

There are heroes all around you whether they are fantastical movie heroes or real-life heroes. They are there to mirror your own hidden strengths and courage. They are there to help you build a proactive, optimistic mindset. Identify all your heroes and let their strengths become your own!

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