Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tip#367: Feel The Bliss of Nature – The Black Stallion

The sun was nice and hot as I drank in the clear cottage air. A breeze chimed through the green trees as I sat on the dock eating a juicy mango. Soon I'd be taking another dip into the cool, soothing lake waters. I was feeling at peace away from any thoughts of my life back home in the big city.

That's what I experienced this past weekend, a blissful time away at a friend's cottage. It did wonders for my spirit and it always brings out the kid in me when I get into nature. I was constantly singing old TV commercial jingles like, "I am stuck on Band Aid Brand 'cause Band Aid's stuck on me!" Listen here

The Black Stallion 1979

The movie The Black Stallion features many blissful moments in nature. A young boy (Kelly Reno) is shipwrecked on an island filled with some breathtaking scenery. The film is very meditative as there is no dialogue as he explores the island and swims in crystal clear waters. Soon he meets another shipwrecked soul in the form of a wild black Arabian horse.

The timeless visuals in this movie reflected how I felt at the cottage. I felt like an eternal, happy child living in the moment with no worries of the past or future. Magically, I could also hear the beautiful music from the film while gazing out on the sparkling lake. Listen here

Whenever you get a chance, get away from the bustle and stresses of the city and every day life. Take time to surround yourself with the sound of a breeze blowing through majestic green trees. Treat yourself to fresh air and a blissful swim of a peaceful lake.

Let your eternal, happy child come out and play. Sing your favourite TV jingles or hum a favourite song. Savor the taste of a juicy fruit you love. This is what it is to re-energize your soul.

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