Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tip#369: Stay Cool, Calm and Confident – G20 Toronto Pt.1 - The Matrix Reloaded

Being in the right place and the right time can feel fantastic (see tip#368). Though if you find yourself in wrong place and wrong time it can be a test of how well you remain positive and cool headed. This is where you discover what kind of mindset you have!

The G20 Summit in Toronto triggered many acts of violence as well as many peaceful protests. On Sunday (after posting previous blog tip#368) I made sure I avoided any areas of protest. I did errands and was on my way home right at Queen and Spadina when I spotted a crowd at the intersection. It felt like a regular street festival. Then I saw riot police coming in and started documenting what was happening in my own neighborhood with my video camera. I didn't realize the riot police were boxing me in.

See my video: Click here
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Though it was intense I didn't feel much fear. I tried to see how I could get out but every angle was blocked. I remembered to breathe and did my best to stay calm. I surrendered to the moment and kept alert. Then one by one we were pulled out to be detained. I experienced no violence.

The Matrix Reloaded 2003

The character Neo (Keanu Reeves) develops a cool headed confidence during The Matrix movie trilogy. In The Matrix Reloaded he displays this during a negotiation meeting within the enemy's own turf. Though surrounded Neo and his partners Morpheus and Trinity all stay cool, calm and confident. They knew when to take action and when not to.

At one point while surrounded by the riot police I looked up into the blue sky and wished I was Neo and fly right out of there. But this was real-life and I just kept calm. Others tried to break out and were met with violent restraint.

We all have to make a choice when faced with being in wrong place at the wrong time. If you find yourself in that situation do your best to stay cool, calm and confident. Find that part within you that is fearless. And always remember to breathe.

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Candice Frederick said...

talk about facing extraordinary measures...good review!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks Candice. So much more happened and will share more of what I faced in this series of G20 blog articles.


Cheryl Benson said...

"The G20 Summit in Toronto triggered many violent protests"? Where were those, I didn't see any, I filmed for 2 days. The only violence from protesters that I know of was for 1 1/2 hours downtown by the blac bloc and that was towards property and ALLOWED BY POLICE WHO DID NOTHING, SOME PARTICIPATED as under covers. the violence towards HUMAN BEINGS was by POLICE throughout the G20. What we do not need is more people giving in accurate spins of violence from protestors, I was at queens park and filmed that snatch and grab, they used rubber bullets as well. So please tell me, other than the 1 1/2 hours by blac bloc which people need to stop focusing on, what other violent protests were there by 'the people" ?

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi Cheryl. Thanks for pointing out an error in that sentence. I have corrected and now reads: The G20 Summit in Toronto triggered many acts of violence as well as many peaceful protests.