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Tip#364: Overcome The Shock of Change – The Karate Kid

Recently I was shocked to discover that Le Gourmand, my favourite coffee shop of 9 years, was shut down. This unexpected change mirrored the emotional feelings I've had of my own life change to move into a new home (see tip#352)

I'm not sure if the economic downturn that hit in late 2008 is the cause of Le Gourmand’s current situation but I know it affected my life and business. The important thing to remember is to learn to adapt and see the silver lining hidden in front of you when the shock of change hits.

The Karate Kid 2010

The remake The Karate Kid stars Jaden Smith as Dre Parker who must move with his mother to Beijing, China from Chicago where she has been relocated for work. Dre immediately experiences the culture shock and gets into a fight with local kids.

You see the pain Dre goes through as he wishes things stayed the same living back home in Chicago. Soon he finds the help and support he needs from a maintenance man named Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). Through Mr. Han, Dre discovers his silver lining by learning to defend himself from bullies, be a more thoughtful person and have more respect of another culture.

I saw myself in Dre every time he was knocked down and got back up. And though he was 12 years old this little movie hero motivated me to know I can always get back up from the shock of any change.

Sudden changes and endings like jobs, new homes and even favourite coffee shops can lead us to new opportunities. First step is to take the time to be thankful for what you had. This will activate your optimistic mindset and allow you to see your silver lining.

Unexpected change happens so we can learn how to stay positive. It is that positive energy that magnetizes magical opportunities into our lives!

Me at Le Gourmand during an interview for CAREER MOVES on Canadian Learning Television. Click here

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