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Tip#363: Discover Your Life Purpose - Accepted

As I've been sharing recently that my current life changes are helping reaffirm that it is my passions that keep my spirit energized and active. My love for movies, writing this blog and social media are at the core of my purpose in life. See tip#355

Identifying your passions is part of discovering your life purpose and a fulfilling career. Another key step that helped me was shared in tip#343 where I took an amazing online career assessment called Career Matchmaker at It revealed that my top 3 ideal careers were: 1) Actor; 2) Motivational Speaker; 3) Corporate Trainer.

Therefore I am following my own formula for fine-tuning my life purpose by combining the passions I've identified with my ideal careers: Movies, telling stories, performing and motivating people. This is a formula you can use for yourself too.

Accepted 2006

The comedy Accepted celebrates exploring your life purpose with humorous insights. When Bartleby (Justin Long aka the Mac guy in Apple commercials) gets rejected from all the colleges and universities he applied to he deceides to create his own college.

In doing so he develops a simple yet radically inventive system for students to explore what they WANT to do. At first the ideas students share sound ridiculous but then you see the value of what they are learning. For example one student loves eating so he focuses on exploring the culinary arts. Another is skateboarding where they learn about engineering, physics and aerodynamics.

Get To The Heart

Life can get complicated when you "think" you know what you are suppose to be doing. The key is to get to the heart of what you LOVE doing and that will lead to a deep "knowing" that you are doing what you were born to do.

Follow your heart and what you are passionate about. Even if you explore what you love a little each day or week while you are at your current job is an important step. You have the choice to fully discover and live your life purpose. Take a small step today!

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