Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tip#200: How To Build Indestructible Optimism - Top 9 Movie Tips

Defined as impossible to destroy; durable, lasting

Defined as a tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation

The stress and anxiety of unexpected crisis and change can be painful. But you can overcome anything when you develop an optimistic mindset. It will give you x-ray vision to help you see the solutions, options and opportunities hidden right in front of you.

This is the 200th tip on this blog and I am in a state of blissful celebration! I am celebrating this 2 year journey while sipping an equally blissful vanilla bean latte from Second Cup as I write this! This part of my life has been incredibly transformational and I am grateful for all the movies I've seen that helped motivate me.

And this spring was a huge turning point for me. Everything changed when I felt my back up against a wall financially. That triggered a primal energy inside me to aggressively go for what I wanted (see tip#170). I was able to finally refine and implement 3 key factors I'd been working on for years to accelerate the process of building an optimistic attitude that was indestructible. Here they are…

1) See it & Believe it

Visualizing the future you want is first step. Focus on the positive vision you want to achieve. Identifying your favourite cinematic role models can accelerate the process. Movie heroes can help you see possible futures you truly desire or the strengths you want to develop.

Maintaining unshakable faith and belief in your vision is next step. You must believe your dreams and goals are attainable AND that you can overcome any life and career challenge. You have to believe that all things are possible no matter what you currently see blocking your way. Believing in your vision then leads to self-confidence.

Here are 3 movie examples to help you visualize & believe:
Contact (1997)
The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Pleasantville (1998)

2) Rewrite Old Habits

Your habits of thinking can either support or derail your optimism. Look at your brain as if it were a computer. There are old programs inside it that have been running on automatic for years. These represent old habits keeping you from moving forward. You have to identify those old programs and rewrite them. They are taking up valuable head space and energy.

And when you finally transform these old habits it makes room for new positive habits of thinking. New neural pathways are created in your brain. Find the courage to step into a new world and let go of ideas and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Here are 3 movies to inspire you to rewrite old habits:
Jerry Maguire (1996)
As Good As It Gets (1997)
Peaceful Warrior (2006)

3) Repetition

Creating new lasting habits of proactive thinking is achieved through repetition. It's about reprogramming your inner computer with new ways of looking at problems. Use every available resource to continually feed your mind with new ideas and methods you are attracted to: books, articles, audio recordings, online sites, seminars, speakers, movies, music, TV shows, etc.

Here are 3 movies about the benefits of repetition:
Groundhog Day (1993)
The Karate Kid (1984)
50 First Dates (2004)

Change can be challenging but practicing a little every day eventually goes a long way. Even now I continue to work on all these 3 factors as if it were a daily workout for my brain.

And when times feel extremely tough what helps lift me up are my passion for movies and the supportive relationships I've cultivated. And, of course, the occasional vanilla bean latte!

So remember the powerful benefits of building an optimistic mindset. You will be able to see that every cloud does have a silver lining. You will see the positives in the negatives. And you will feel a confidence that is indestructible!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tip#199: You'll Meet The Right People At The Right Time – That Thing You Do!

No matter where you are in your life or career remember there are always helpful people along your journey.

I am astounded that I've written almost 200 tips on this blog. This blog has been an amazing journey for the past 2 years and has connected me with people all over the world. My online story of my career transition into being a world-class motivator has been inspiring others to follow their own passions and dreams.

At times the journey has been difficult but looking back I can see how magical it's been because there was always someone I met at the right place and the right time to help me along the path I was compelled to take.

That Thing You Do!

The movie That Thing You Do! celebrates the journey of career success when one follows a passion. Written and directed by Tom Hanks it tells the story of Guy Patterson working at his family appliance store in the 60's. He has a passion for jazz drumming and plays secretly at night.

Guy's journey unfolds when he is asked to play drums for one rock and roll song in a friend's band. He adds his personal touch to the song and it becomes an instant success at a high school competition. That success cascades into attracting the right people who help the band move forward to more successes.

Guy becomes the key for attracting the right person to help them record the song. This then attracts the right manager to get the band playing on the radio and to bigger live audiences.

Eventually that manager connects them to a major label manager played by Tom Hanks. The synchronicities of meeting the right people at the right time in movies like this can happen in real life too.

Relationships Accelerate You Forward

The movie was like a mirror for my own journey especially during the 2 years of writing this blog. I have documented many synchronistic encounters with individuals that came into my life to accelerate me forwards.

There are always earth angels along your path waiting to help you move forward. Do your best to recognize the help that come to you.

And remember relationships are all about how people can help each other. It is a two-way street. So stay passionate and optimistic about your career and life and that positive energy will magnetize the right person to help take you to the next level!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tip#198: Accept Unexpected Change & Crisis - Take The Lead

Unexpected change and crisis can shake up your world. It can push your comfort zone and fill you with unwanted stress. That's why it is so important to focus on the positives even though all you see is negative.

I have a friend who called me up recently who's been getting more and more worried about the economic situation in the US and Europe. He was surprised at how calm I was about the whole crisis and asked how am I able to stay positive and confident.

I said that my mid-life crisis that hit me in early 2000 has trained me to have a resilient and optimistic mindset. I have learned how to focus on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Take the Lead

Right after our talk a synchronicity occurred when I was drawn to seeing the movie Take the Lead right away. This film had a powerful message about transforming mindsets and was exactly what I discussed with my friend.

The film stars Antonio Banderas as dance instructor Pierre Dulaine. He was compelled to help troubled high school youths in New York and offers to teach them ballroom dancing. At first the school principle and the group of teens laugh at this seemingly impossible and unthinkable concept but over time they slowly warm to this new idea.

What happened was the world of these youths were shaken up by this unexpected situation thrust upon them. Their old paradigms of thinking were being threatened. But after several days of being introduced to classic forms of dance and music they began to transform their old ways of thinking.

In one powerful scene Dulaine explains what ballroom dancing was teaching the kids. It was teaching them how to be respectful to others, teamwork and dignity. In the end it was inspiring to see how each and every person Dulaine came across experienced a positive change and growth from an idea they all despised at first.

What made the movie even more powerful was that the end credits showed that this was based on a true story and that Dulaine's program has grown to involve 42 instructors and more than 12,000 students in 120 New York City public schools.

Accept Change

So do your best to accept the unexpected change and crisis that come into your life or career. Face these stressful times by focusing on a positive outcome for yourself. Identify what you can learn from these situations and unearth the hidden opportunities that come from a crisis.

Dwelling on the problem will only clutter up your mind. Make it your priority to train your thoughts and build an optimistic mindset a little bit every day. It's never too late to learn a new way of thinking.

And find cinematic role models that will keep you motivated. Movies have the power to teach you about yourself while filling you with positive emotional energy to keep moving forward!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tip#197: The Power of Your Passions – 15 Movie Tips

Passion: A powerful emotion such as love, joy, hatred or anger. The object of such love and desire, great enthusiasm or anger.

Whenever you get stuck in your life, career, or workplace always remember that passion is a primary source of energy. Whatever you are passionate about can re-energize you. What you feel excited about can jumpstart your engine. Passion is fuel you can tap into immediately and at anytime. It will help lift your spirits and move you forward with confidence.

I have a passion for vanilla bean lattes. Every first sip I take of this delicious coffee sends my taste buds soaring and activates my positive emotional energy. From there I apply that positive feeling into mental energy. So when I am feeling low, depressed or a little lost I always treat myself with a passion of mine, like a favourite beverage.

Movies are one of my biggest passions for many reasons. The excitement I feel for films is always there. I think about movies every day. The first section of a newspaper I go is the entertainment section, which is the same when I go to the magazine section of a book store. Every day I check my favourite bookmarked websites that feature news on upcoming movies and their release dates. And I love writing and discussing movies with others!

How do you find your passion?

A passion can be any personal interest or hobby you love or love doing. It is an activity that you are compelled to do without having been told to do it. A passion can be something you loved as a child that still makes you feel good like a favourite song, toy, character, game, story, TV show or movie.

A passion can also be the thing you've been doing your whole life that you don't think is a big deal. It's something you don’t even notice because it's second nature to you. This is where it takes time and dedicated effort to look back over the years and see whatever is second nature to you from a whole new perspective.

The key is to identify what you are passionate about and build awareness of the positive emotional energy you feel when indulging in that passion. This is your hidden fuel. And if you are stuck remembering what your passions are always know that the power of movies can help. Films can trigger your memories with its visual stimuli and your favourite cinematic role models.

Here is a list of 15 movies to help you identify and unleash your passions:

This French film explores and celebrates a multitude of passions people have for the little things in life as seen through the vivid imagination of a young woman.

This magical movie explores how a passion for playing with toys can become a viable skill for employment in a toy related corporation.

Having a passion for chocolate is about a powerful energy that can excite your soul as well as your taste buds. This movie also shows how sharing passions can connect you deeply with people.

This Christmas classic explores the importance of keeping childhood passions alive in a grown-up world. It will remind you of the positive energy that can fill you through the little things in life you loved growing up with.

This fantasy movie is all about having a joyful passion for life. The eternal optimism of the heroine is so pure that she transforms even the cynics she encounters in New York City.

Happy Feet
This animated movie explores the importance of keeping a passion alive even though people around you do not support your talent, strengths or gifts.

Kung Fu Panda
This animated feature shows how a passion for food can become a positive incentive to help you become a better, more confident person.

Jerry Maguire
This movie explores how a sports representative's original passion for sports compels him to turnover his career to live a more authentic life with meaningful relationships.

This movie is a magical story about freeing one's hidden passions, desires and personal interests. It shows how much more colourful life can be when you indulge and share what is most meaningful to you.

The Pursuit of Happyness
A homeless, single parent survives on the streets because of his passion for his toddler son and his passion for a new meaningful career.

This movie explores the importance of following a dream and competing with passion. The main character fought with his heart keeping him deeply energized.

The Sound of Music
This musical classic is brimming with passion. The song, "My Favourite Things" represents the power of passion and how thinking of your favourite things can lift you up when you’re feeling sad.

School of Rock
A struggling musician with an overwhelming passion for rock and roll discovers a joyful new career teaching and sharing his passion with young school kids.

Stand By Me
During one summer adventure, 4 friends celebrate the innocence and passions of childhood during the 1950's.

Stranger Than Fiction
A businessman is unexpectedly forced to redefine the value of his life by exploring his passions and personal interests. The story also features a young woman who created a successful business with her passion for baking. This movie ultimately celebrates the little things in life we are passionate about and how they can save our lives a little bit every day.

Be Aware

Let these movies re-ignite your passions and personal interests. Identify other favourite movies that are mirroring the enjoyable activities or careers you’d love to do or have. What you are doing is being more conscious of what makes you feel good and energized.

Remember to train your mind to become aware of how good you feel when you are doing something you love. Be conscious of how alive you feel when remembering your childhood passions or favourite hobbies you spend time on today.

Feel the positive emotional energy that flows through you when you think of favourite things in your daily life, job or workplace. This energy will increase your confidence, your focus and your optimism.

Go ahead and tap into this powerful resource called passion right now. Start by treating yourself to something you love like your favorite coffee, beverage or movie!

And please let me know what your favourite movies about passion are. I'd love to hear from you.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tip#196: Favourite Foods Will Lift You Up - Ratatouille

Food is a phenomenal resource for lifting up your spirits. Just the thought of your favourite foods can transport you instantly to happy memories of your past.

Recently I was feeling a little low energy and almost cancelled a meeting with my friend, the money guru. I'm glad I kept the meeting because he insisted we just celebrate life and go to Swiss Chalet for dinner. The instant he said that my eyes lit up and my energy jumped at the very thought. I realized we both had a passion for Swiss Chalet chicken and that excited me even more!

As we sat dining on the delicious, savory chicken and crispy fries drenched in Swiss Chalet's famous sauce we were both overflowing with positive emotional energy. I was smiling more and feeling empowered from the experience!

What was most amazing was that I was simultaneously transported to happy times as a child when my family and I dined at Swiss Chalet. I felt fantastic. I simply tapped into a hidden resource of energy within me.


The animated movie Ratatouille is all about a deep love for food. It tells the tale of a rat in Paris named Remy who has a passion for cooking. It is also about how a delicious meal can transform a negative mindset into a positive one.

There is a character named Anton Ego, voiced by Peter O'Toole, who is a food critic of such nasty proportions. He is mean-spirited, creepy and extremely frightening to look at.

But there is an incredible scene when he finally tastes Remy's cooking. Once he takes his first bite his eyes widen and is suddenly flashbacked to a moment in his childhood where he was feeling down and was comforted by his mother's cooking. It was a profound and universal truth about comfort food.

Comfort Food

Comfort food is exactly what it sounds like, food that comforts the soul and provides a sense of home. Anton Ego experienced that feeling and it transformed whatever negativity he'd being carrying all his life. That delicious meal he was served by Remy resurrected that missing happy part of himself that just got buried over time.

So remember the power of your favourite foods growing up. Realize that they are a passion that can re-energize you anytime you need it. Even just thinking of your favourites can activate positive emotional energy within you. Realize that you have this resource and it will transform your heart and mindset for the better.

And remember there is only one thing greater then indulging in your favourite foods and that is to share it with someone who shares your passion!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tip#195: Life Affirming Things - The Sound of Music

The news still continues to report the turmoil of the stock market in the US and around the world. And it can get you down if you let it. Just remember that there are other thoughts you can focus on that will lift your spirits.

Last night I attended the live performance of The Sound of Music here in Toronto. Immediately upon starting, the music and the lyrics of these classic songs reached deep into me and triggered emotions that were both sad and profoundly joyful.

It reminded me of happy times as a child and of falling asleep halfway through The Sound of Music movie in the theatre with my mom and dad. I thought about my dad who has since passed away and how I missed him. I thought about how my personal life today was not how it was suppose to be and that I still have dreams I want to come true.

I grew up loving the songs from the movie The Sound of Music and as an adult was surprised to discover how fantastic this film was on so many levels. The music, performances and cinematography were all so engaging. And last night's live performance made me realize how life affirming the story was.

My Favourite Things

I was amazed to hear the song My Favourite Things again in the new light of being a motivational speaker because it relates to one of my core topics of identifying your passions. The song is about remembering your favourite things because they can lift your spirits up when you are feeling down…

"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad."

I grew up with these simple lyrics and didn't realize the full power of them. It was only after going through my mid-life challenges did I see that identifying what I am passionate about can fuel me during challenging times.

And so after feeling a little melancholy from seeing the live show I just remembered my favourite things like movies and enjoyed the thought of watching my DVD of The Sound of Music again to take me to another life affirming world for awhile.

So remember that you can lift yourself up anytime by remembering your favourite things. Think about the little things you loved growing up. Think about the little things today that make you feel good. What are your favourite songs? Or your favourite foods?

Whatever your favourites are they are here to remind you that they have the power to activate your optimism and the positive energy already inside you.

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tip#194: Start From Scratch – Regarding Henry

Sometimes you have to start from scratch when you're stuck solving a problem. Erasing an old mindset may be the answer to creating the effective, optimistic mindset you desire.

Right now, all around downtown Toronto there are big changes happening. Areas and buildings are being renovated and revitalized. I just walked by the Yonge and Bloor area and was shocked to see the entire southeast area torn down. It was just a pile of rubble where many business buildings and stores once stood for decades.

It was a perfect metaphor similar to what I wrote about in tip#192 where even if you grew accustomed to something for many years that you have to let go of it in order for something new and better to come in.

Regarding Henry

The movie Regarding Henry is all about starting from scratch. The film stars Harrison Ford as Henry a ruthless lawyer who has his memory erased after a gunshot wound to the head. He couldn't remember who he was or even his own wife and daughter. He also forgot the unethical behaviour he lived by as a lawyer.

The silver lining to Henry's devastating situation was that his mind was like a child needing to relearn the basics about life. He was able to activate his built-in attitudes for being a more thoughtful and loving human being. He rebooted his own world to become a better husband and father and lead a more meaningful life.

Starting from scratch is what happened to me with my early mid-life crisis that hit in 2000. And looking back I now appreciate the trauma and pain that helped shake up my old paradigms. It was the only way I could rebuild my values and the people that were most important to me. I also found the courage to leave a job that no longer held meaning for me and rebuilt a career that I love deeply.

And one day I know I'll walk by the Yonge and Bloor area and see something brand new that may be even more exciting then what I was used to seeing for years.

Fresh New Perspective

So if you find yourself in a situation that is forcing you into letting go of a mindset do your best to focus on the silver lining. Let go of what you are used to. You are being asked to start from scratch and build a fresh new perspective on living.

Find the courage to step into the unknown with childlike wonder. The life you are stepping into may be more amazing than the one you are in now!

Emmanuel Lopez
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tip#193: What Are You Made Of? – Night At The Museum

The economic turmoil in the US has being shaking up the news lately and it could easily lead you to worry, panic or focus on the negatives. But this is the best time for you to see this as an opportunity to see what you are made of.

The big news on Monday, Sept. 29th was that the status of the stock market continues to shake things up. There was also growing comparisons to The Great Depression of the late 20's. It made me realize that 2 movies I had synchronistically been led to the day before were preparing me to have an optimistic mindset for what's to come. These movies helped me see the silver lining in our current economic climate.

Night At The Museum

The movie, Night At The Museum stars Ben Stiller as Larry who takes a job as a night security guard in New York City's Museum of Natural History. He discovers that all the animals, statues and exhibits all come to life at night.

He is really tested having to deal with this fantastic situation and is pushed to his limits in trying to manage everything running amuck. Feeling desperate, Larry finally says to one of the historical figures come to life that he can't do it anymore. The figure then says to him...

"I'm made of wax, Larry. What are you made of?"

With that powerful question Larry digs deep and finds his inner strength. He chooses to unleash his hidden confidence, leadership abilities and his resourcefulness.

Wall Street

It was also timely that I caught the movie, Wall Street on TV starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. It was like getting a quick overview of how the stock market works and how quickly it can rise and fall.

But the strong message I received from this movie came at the end when Sheen's character is about to be arrested at his stockbroker firm. His boss, played by Hal Holbrook, gives Sheen some last words of wisdom...

"Man looks in the abyss, there is nothing staring back at him. At that moment man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss."

So remember these movie messages when you feel stressed or worried about unexpected changes in your life and the world around you. See it as an opportunity to find your hidden courage when faced with an abyss.

See your obstacles as an opportunity to see what you are made of. Dig deep to find your inner power. Believe that the silver lining in the cloud you are under is a way for you to become the person you dream of being. That resilient, confident hero is already inside you.

Emmanuel Lopez
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