Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip#278: What is Your Burning Desire? - Apocalypto

Desire: a strong wish or craving; a conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction

Just before I started my recent journey to rediscover my life purpose I felt deeply stuck. It was about 2 months ago when my career plans came to a halt. That's when my "money/wealth guru" asked me what my burning desire in life was.

He started me thinking about what I would do with my life based on questions similar to these 3 from

1) If money didn't exist would you still do it? (if your goal is a career / hobby)
2) Are you working towards it already in your life?
3) If I gave you $10m tomorrow would it still be in your plans?

These questions are designed to shake up your current mindset and unearth your true heart's desire. These questions made me take an important pause and dig deeper to understand why I kept hitting similar roadblocks in my career and life. The answer is revealed only after you identify AND feel your burning desire. For more see previous tip#277


The hero of the movie Apocalypto exemplifies what it is to have a burning desire. Set in the ancient Mayan civilization, a peaceful tribe is attacked by warriors seeking slaves and people to sacrifice to their gods. The hero, named Jaguar Paw, is taken from his tribe leaving his pregnant wife and child hidden in a deep cave.

It is his burning desire to return to his family that fuels his will to live. Jaguar Paw endures a long, shackled trek through the jungles while constantly tormented by his captors. But what he deeply cared about most in the world fueled his inner drive, confidence and resilience to keep moving him forward. He was filled with positive emotional energy.

So if you are tired of living an unfulfilling life or career then it's time to identify your burning desire. Your heart's desire IS your life’s purpose. Think deeply about the 3 questions outlined above.

Yes it can be a difficult inner journey to breakthrough old mindsets. Your heart's desire may be buried under false assumptions and other people's negative programming. You just have to believe that what you THINK you knew before in your life is meant to evolve and change.

Let your journey of your personal development be filled with the belief that YOU WILL discover what you need to discover. And you'll know when you discover your heart's desire. You'll be glowing with unlimited confidence, excitement and joy!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tip#277: Unearthing Your Passion & Purpose - Get Shorty

Finding your passion and purpose in life can happen quickly OR become a long journey of self-discovery. Whatever your case, the key is to enjoy the journey no matter what!

In my case I found it quickly, lost it and now rediscovering my purpose and true heart's desire!

Recently I've been feeling like I've been riding a law of attraction express train. Much of it due to the repeated listening of an audio book by Dr. Robert Anthony called The Secret to Deliberate Creation AND re-reading Bob Proctor's article called Purpose, Vision, Goals. See tip#271.

These resources have helped me accelerate the process of unearthing my absolute purpose on this planet. It's been a 3 fold process:

1) Declutter my living and work space a little everyday
2) Declutter and unearth important thoughts and feelings from my mindset AND heart-set
3) Allow myself to listen to reminders of my core gifts and strengths from friends, colleagues and worldwide readers of this movie blog.

One by one all of these amazing individuals held a mirror up to the strongest value I GIVE to people. I am a communicator of exciting and energizing ideas. So as of today (and after much soul-searching) my purpose and heart's desire is that I LOVE filling myself AND others with positive emotional energy. My passion for movies is just a tool to accomplish this.

Get Shorty 1995

A film that inspires how a passion for movies can lead to a successful career is Get Shorty starring John Travolta. Travolta stars as Chili Palmer, a Miami mobster who goes to Hollywood to collect on a debt. He ends up making meaningful connections just by talking about his love of cinema. His passion for movies leads him down an unexpected path in the movie industry.

With each person he encounters the conversation always turned to something about movies or the script idea that is forming in his head. This is a fantastic example of how real-life can be the same in that your true passions and purpose somehow bubble up to the surface. You just have to become aware and know in your heart what you ABSOLUTELY love to do AND share it with others.

So if you are at a point in your life or career where your soul feels empty or you know you are meant to be doing something more meaningful then take an important pause now.

Start decluttering your life and mind to unearth what you were born to do. Most likely you're already doing it in some way without realizing it. The key is to identify when you are feeling good about activities or actions you enjoying.

And once you make a commitment to discovering your true life's purpose people all around will be reminding you of your core gifts. All you have to do is listen and let it open your heart even more.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tip#276: Everyone Believes Something Different - The Matrix

The events of the past week have been so fantastic and surreal that it may be unbelievable for just anyone to hear. These events unraveled so quickly following the positive shift I wrote about in previous blog (see tip#275). Each day something I had been thinking about or wanted just fell into my lap.

For example I would be thinking about favourite restaurants and within a day someone out of the blue would contact me and offer to take us there. Or I'd be thinking about someone specific to discuss a new business idea with and I'd suddenly receive an email from that person asking if we could meet in the morning the very next day!

This was the law of attraction in action and this is part of why I write this Movies that Motivate blog. I am compelled to document what I'm learning about life and energy and to share it with anyone in the world who is interested.

Thankfully, I have received many comments supporting my journey and beliefs. And yet, as with everything in life, I've also received comments that do not believe in what I am sharing.

The Matrix

Understanding the law of attraction and how synchronicity flows can be completely foreign to a person's belief system. It asks someone to LET GO of what they THINK they know and see something both exciting and scary at the same time. The movie The Matrix exemplifies this mindset breaking process.

In the movie Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is asked to believe that what he THINKS is real in his world is not true. It is so unbelievable that Neo resists this new concept. It is only over time and encouragement from his new friends that he begins to embrace the true reality. Once he BELIEVED in this new world he became empowered to unleash his innate gifts and skills.

This is an inspiring metaphor for you to bring into your own life. And like this movie there will be people who believe or not believe in what you are all about.

So if you are opening up or awakening to new concepts in your life or career remember that not everyone will support or believe in your journey. Everyone on this planet is on a unique path. The great news is there WILL be people who believe in you.

They are the ones that will fill you with positive emotional energy with encouraging comments and supportive warmth. And that growing positive energy inside you is what makes you magnetic for more abundance. Like attracts like. That is the law of attraction.

Remember everyone BELIEVES in something different. Respect these differences and keep believing in YOU.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tip#275: The Placebo Effect – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Placebo Effect:
An improvement in a person's medical condition regarded as the effect of the person's BELIEF in the effectiveness of the treatment used.

During the past week I experienced a stunning positive shift in my life. I made an exciting revelation about how to move forward with my career that will help so many people and generate immediate income at the same time. More on this as it develops.

These results came to me because I had been focusing on BELIEVING I could be where I am right now. The 3 resources I shared in tip#271 were a big part of what helped. Another was watching a video on inspiring experiments with the placebo effect.

In the BBC/Discovery channel documentary Placebo: Cracking the Code many compelling experiments were recorded and presented. They show how a fake knee surgery cured patients and how the power of suggestion cured a devastating skin condition. See this video in 2 parts on Google Videos: click here

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Right after posting my last blog entry I was compelled to see the opening day screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with a friend. Despite the logical thoughts of focusing on my new income idea I believed that seeing the movie was the most important thing I could do that morning.

As it turned out this latest Harry Potter movie was the most enjoyable of the series. In this chapter Harry begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School. Like all the movies of this series there's lots of magic-filled scenes and colourful characters. What stood out are how Harry and his friends have grown and now exploring love and romance.

And without giving away too much the movie also explores the idea of the placebo effect. There is one character who experiences a boost of self-confidence and empowerment under his own BELIEF. His resulting achievements is like magic itself.

I left the theatre feeling great and I knew that I was filled with even more positive emotional energy than before. And the self-confidence I was feeling assured me that I was suppose to see the movie and that my new income idea would manifest even quicker. I felt validated when I arrived back to my office and found an overdue cheque was waiting for me in my mailbox. It felt like magic!

So think about the power of believing in your own life and career. Take time to understand the placebo effect and how the strength in your own mind can create the reality and happiness you want.

Note that it does take time to build courage in believing in things that seem unbelievable. So start today and just believe that ANYTHING is possible! Believe in magic!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tip#274: Choose To Feel Good Now - 500 Days of Summer

Celebrating my birthday for over 3 days filled me with an abundance of positive emotional energy. It was a blissful, ongoing feeling because of all the well wishes I received (see tip#273) AND my initial INTENTION for choosing to feel good now.

Even my "writing guru" friend helped increase my positive emotional energy by writing about my birthday in her blog. She echoed my feelings that birthdays are a time to celebrate your whole life. And she posted 3 key videos that celebrated different times of my colourful career. See here

I currently feel far from the personal turmoil and angst of many weeks ago (see tip#267). I believe a big part of it was soaking up the 3 fantastic motivational resources I wrote about in tip#271: Getting To The Core. I could feel my self-esteem and self-confidence growing and being more magnetic for more positive energy.

500 Days of Summer

Around those challenging times many weeks ago, a movie-fan I had met at a networking event emailed me a free offer to a sneak preview screening of the film 500 Days of Summer. I believe, on some energetic level, my positive energy magnetized this gift. I knew nothing about this movie and so it was a great surprise to discover a new film that I deeply enjoyed.

This romantic comedy stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel and the story breaks the rules of typical "romcoms". In fact it actually says in the opening narrative that "This is not a love story". What unfolds is a story ABOUT love. The movie was filled with a great soundtrack, emotional scenes and moments that will make you laugh and cheer.

I was on a high long after I left the theatre. I was brimming with positive emotional energy and know that it’s all because I originally had the INTENTION of lifting myself out of that low energy funk weeks ago.

This movie represented that there are highs and lows in life and relationships and that you can always land on a high. It also mirrored my current focus for identifying my core purpose, my true heart's desire and my ultimate passions. You can’t help but feel good just exploring this for yourself!

So wherever you are in your life remember there are always highs and lows. And by making it your INTENTION to do things that will make you feel good you can lead yourself out of your lows. Think about your passions and how good they make you feel. Think about all your supportive relationships that always have the right things to say to you.

You get to choose how you want to feel. Choose to feel good now.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tip#273: Everything Old Is New Again – Blast From The Past

I am in the middle of celebrating my birthday all weekend long! And though the actual date was 3 days ago I believe when you get to a certain age you can celebrate your birthday for as long as you want!

And since I am still in the middle of decluttering my life and unearthing important factors of my authentic self (see tip#271) I was compelled to dig up an old video that showcased the height of my illustration career. I then posted it on Facebook and Youtube for all the world to see. View here

The video is a compilation of the many TV interviews featuring my illustration work through my company Crackers World Communications from 1986 to 1991. To my surprise I received many excited responses from people around the world on Facebook that had no idea I had this other "life" before being a motivational specialist.

The reactions I was hearing helped me remember that I had a rich history of achievements. It was definitely a self-esteem booster. So on my birthday I am celebrating all my forgotten successes with the world!

It also proves that something old that you may not see value in can become new again and exciting to other people.

Blast From the Past

The movie Blast From the Past is a fun, romantic comedy that celebrates nostalgia from the 60's. Brendan Fraser stars as Adam who had been living in a bomb shelter in Los Angeles with his parents and emerges in the mid 90's. So all he knew were the values and pop culture of the 1960's as taught to him by his parents.

Adam then meets Eve, played by Alicia Silverstone, and it is a culture shock for both of them. There is one inspiring scene where they are in a nightclub and Adam dazzles everyone with his swing dancing skills. It is a fantastic example of how something old can become new and exciting to others.

So if you find yourself going through your past whether it's your life or career, do your best not to take your experiences for granted. We all have accomplishments that others would be interested in knowing about. Your experiences HAVE VALUE to someone somewhere.

If you are in the middle of updating your resume take a pause to congratulate yourself on your achievements. If you are clearing personal items from your home remember that your junk could be another person's treasure.

You have a rich history of achievements and experiences! Be open to sharing it!

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tip#272: How Sorrow Connects – Michael Jackson Memorial – Deep Impact

Grieving is a cause to feel sorrow. In times of extreme loss, feeling that loss can help you release emotions that can connect you with others.

The memorial for Michael Jackson was a worldwide event on July 7, 2009 and seen live on TV by millions around the world. I was one of those many people and was deeply touched by the eulogies that were given.

I was mostly effected by seeing and hearing Jackson's 11 year old daughter Paris for the first time. Her heartbreaking message for her father affected me in a way that I could only express in the form of shared tears. The media would later replay Paris's message over and over again and I was still moved every time. See here

In those times of sharing Paris's pain and sorrow I would think about the last movie I saw with my own father before he passed away without warning. The movie was called Deep Impact and it would allow us both to connect during the tragic parts of the story.

Deep Impact

The film Deep Impact is about how people prepare for a comet's collision with the Earth. Starring Robert Duvall, Tea Leoni and Morgan Freeman as the US President it was much more than just a disaster movie. It was about how precious life is and the importance of family.

I remember one heart-wrenching scene where a young daughter had to say goodbye to her parents in order to survive a fast approaching tidal wave. My father was next to me sobbing. We both cried watching this scene and I'll never forget that moment. Looking back I am grateful we were able to share this emotional experience.

Today whenever I see this movie it has the irony, in its title, of having a deep impact on my spirit. It reminds me that any sorrowful event, whether real or cinematic can bring people together.

So if you are feeling an emotional trigger to events such as Michael Jackson's passing, his daughter's message or your own personal losses allow yourself to FEEL it. Feel the emotions being stirred up within you and express it if you can.

Through releasing what you feel, you are making a connection to your authentic self and you can make meaningful connections with others around you. This is the silver lining in tragedy - it brings people together.

See Jermaine Jackson's beautiful performance of the song "Smile" dedicated to his brother, Michael. See here

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tip#271: Getting To The Core - My Cousin Vinny

So far, this year of 2009 has been an amazing journey of unearthing core issues holding me back in life and career. As noted in my recent blog entries and in tip#225, I've been "peeling my inner onion" to uncover my hidden blocks. What I've discovered so far is that it’s been my own THOUGHTS holding me back and my THOUGHTS CAN CREATE THE WAY OUT.

Decluttering Space

Decluttering my work and living space has been a big key to unearthing core issues. The act of clearing my physical space allowed my mind to feel more free and open (see tip#270). It also made room for synchronistic encounters with people who've been fantastic in helping me declutter as well as advice me with my core business goals (more on this in coming blogs).

The Subconscious Mind

The decluttering has also been a profound parallel to my studies of the subconscious mind. The external clearing is helping me identify unproductive thoughts buried in my subconscious. These hidden thoughts are contradicting my dreams and goals in my conscious mind thus creating my blocks. So I've made it my goal to transform those subconscious thoughts. And this simultaneously is revealing my true core purpose.

Here are 3 key resources that have been a joy to learn from which I highly recommend to you. These resources are currently helping me to REDEFINE my core passion, skills, gifts and purpose:

1) Purpose, Vision, Goals article by Bob Proctor: See
2) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy: See
3) The Secret of Deliberate Creation audio program by Dr. Robert Anthony: See

My Cousin Vinny

The movie My Cousin Vinny entertains and inspires on so many levels. Both of the main characters Vinny (Joe Pesci) and Lisa (Marisa Tomei) are great cinematic role models for knowing AND demonstrating each of their core skills. The story is also a journey for Vinny to build his self-confidence as a lawyer who never fully utilized his core gift.

Vinny's core gift is his ability to see through deception and not let anyone get away with it. By being thrust in a seemingly impossible-to-win court case he does whatever it takes to face his own fears and persevere. Along the way he inspires others to help him be the person he was born to be.

Vinny knew his core gift AND purpose in life and just needed to prove it to himself and help the people who believed in him.

Let this movie inspire you to get to the core of what you were born to do. Be courageous and uncover your core skills, passions and gifts. By exploring your thoughts and mind you can discover whatever is holding you back from your purpose on this planet.

All you have to do is make the decision to get to the core of your ultimate strengths!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tip#270: Decluttering Will Free Your Mind, Part 1 – 5 Movie Tips

There is an astounding connection with decluttering your space and how it actually makes room for abundance to flow into your life.

I am currently experiencing a surge of confidence and clarity about my life and career. And I owe it to the decluttering of my space and the letting go of paperwork, old clothes, etc. This external clearing has somehow freed my mind to think more clearly and to feel lighter.

This positive feeling is a far cry from the emotional challenges I'd been documenting recently on this blog (see tip#267) but I believe it was part of the process of letting go. By clearing your space you are making room for what you truly want to come into your life.

This sounds so simple and yet I've realized that by keeping junk in our lives WE are the ones preventing abundance from coming in. And my recent studies of the subconscious mind reveals the hidden truth that the state of our spaces can mirror the state of our minds.

So decluttering is a necessary journey to getting to the core issues holding you back in life or finding your life purpose. Here are some examples of movie heroes that can mirror your own clearing.

Jerry Maguire
At the start of this story the movie hero is stripped of his current job, clients and the company he helped build. And though this situation could be a shock to anyone you will see how it freed Maguire to create the life and career he truly wanted.

Peaceful Warrior
The movie hero experiences a motorcycle accident that actually helps him clear his mind filled with negative thoughts and attitudes. This allowed him to manifest his dream by rebuilding a more soulful mindset.

The Pursuit of Happyness
Forced into being homeless allows this movie hero to let go of an old life and pursue a completely new profession that brought him joy and the income to raise his young son.

Stranger Than Fiction
A wrecking ball comes crashing into the apartment of the movie hero which becomes a metaphor for the movie hero to declutter his rigid thoughts and lifestyle. It allowed him to follow his true passions and try new, exciting experiences.

Although the animated movie hero is at an old age he is able to let go of a house he had strong emotional connections with. He realizes that new adventures in life can only happen when you release yourself of the previous ones.

Let these movies inspire you to see that decluttering has benefits for your soul as much as the physical space around you. Miraculous things can come into your life when you find the courage to let go of things collecting dust around you.

Realize that there is a strong connection with the space around you and the space in your mind. Decluttering can free your mind and fill it with a new sense of confidence and clarity!

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