Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tip#317: What’s Your New Year’s Wish? - Shorts

Looking over 2009 I feel so excited and grateful that many of my wishes had come true. Some actually felt like miracles because I was able to overcome seemingly impossible business challenges through helpful events or people that magically appeared.

This blog has been documenting many of these amazing situations for over 3 years. It's about being open to synchronicity and the law of attraction that can be harnessed to manifest the realities that you want. My goal has always been to inspire you the reader in deliberately creating the life or career you desire.

During one of many holiday gatherings I was introduced to The Circle concept written by bestselling author Laura Day. It is similar to other law of attraction teachings wherein you draw a circle and write down your wish in the centre. On the outside you write all your obstacles to that wish. The idea is to FOCUS on the inner circle and feel good feelings of your wish as if you already have it in your life. See a short video of Laura Day talking about The Circle: See video

Shorts 2009

The family movie Shorts tells a fun story about what happens when kids in one neighbourhood find a magic wishing rock. The concept brings up the excitement of what you would do if you had your own wishing rock. Some of the wishes the kids ask for include: unlimited chocolate bars, crocodile armies, rocket bikes and inventions that work.

This childlike wonder and imagination are key to making your own wishes come true in the adult world. When you're a kid anything is possible and that mindset is important to keep alive throughout your life. Miracles happen because you make them happen.

Bedtime Stories 2008

A year ago at this holiday time I saw another movie about wishes coming true called Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler. The story is about Skeeter, a hotel handyman, who tells bedtime stories to his niece and nephew. And whenever these kids finish off his stories they come true the next day. Skeeter later realizes that he can make his own wishes come true.

Though these movies are designed for children they have powerful messages that we ALL can create the lives and situations we dream about. These movies are reminders that our imaginations are powerful and all we have to do is believe that magic is real and anything can happen in real life.

So activate your imagination and make a wish for the new year of 2010. Believe that magic is real and wishes can come true. Picture the wish you have in your mind and then FEEL the feel good feelings of having it right now!

My wish right now is for your wishes to come true in 2010. Have a happy and exciting new year!

And please let me know what your new year's wish is. I'd love to hear from you.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tip#316: Stay Positive Even In The Rain – Julie & Julia

I just had the most surrealistic Christmas Day ever. It started in the afternoon of Dec. 24th when I answered a Twitter message that went out from a news reporter at CityTV, a major TV network here in Toronto. She was looking for a movie blogger in town who wanted to talk movies at 5:30pm Christmas Day at their TV studios.

As a movie blogger I thought I was perfect for this and actually had been dreaming about talking about movies that motivate on TV. Though, in this case, it would mean leaving a family Christmas dinner to do this. So I sent a twitter message back with a link to my blog saying I was interested. She responded asking if I'd be interested in talking about movies opening on Christmas day like Sherlock Holmes, Nine, etc.

I answered yes and asked what do I do next. Now this was Christmas Eve and by 4:45pm Christmas day still received no response. So I took the initiative and went down to the TV studios in the pouring rain. If this was a challenge from the universe asking me how badly I wanted this dream then I was going to take it!

I arrived around 5:05pm and was shocked to find the TV studio building locked with no one inside. In fact there were no signs of life anywhere that I could see through any of the windows of any of the floors. Despite this unexpected situation I felt no anger that I had traveled through the cold rain on Christmas day when I could have stayed warm surrounded by family.

This was a dream opportunity and it was worth taking a risk because movies were my passion and someone wanted what value I had to share.

Julie & Julia 2009

There was a key scene that mirrored my experience from the movie Julie & Julia based on 2 true stories of famed chef Julia Child and Julie Powell who wrote a blog about her passion for food and Julia Child.

There is a scene when Julie (Amy Adams) gets a call from a writer who wants to bring the editor responsible for getting Julia Child published to dinner with Julie. This was a big step for Julie in making her dream come true of getting closer to Julia Child.

Julie takes great initiative to make this evening the best evening possible. Unfortunately the weather turns into pouring rain and the writer calls to cancel. Julie is crushed. But eventually she picks herself back up and continues to push forward with her passion. She remained optimistic and eventually the New York Times called and her blog became a bestselling book and a big Hollywood movie.

Focus on the Positives

Remaining optimistic is how I felt about what happened to me on Christmas Day. I chose to focus on the positives that now someone at a major TV station knows about my blog and my passion for discussing movies. Despite being left out in the rain I celebrated this as a little Christmas gift.

So if something you wanted arrives and suddenly gets taken away from you do your best to focus on the positives. Do your best not to dwell on the negatives that's right in front of you. Look beyond it. Stay optimistic and you will automatically keep yourself open to other opportunities right around the corner!

"What you focus on expands."
Napoleon Hill

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tip#315: You Are Never Alone at Christmas – Noel movie

Christmas time can be a very different experience for each person. Past events shape how you perceive this holiday time that can test your faith and courage.

I recently attended an uplifting Christmas concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Mississauga Choral Society and the famed Canadian Brass. The live, grand renditions of Deck the Halls, We Three Kings and White Christmas filled my heart and soul with a wonderful warm glow!

And I remembered the Canadian Brass years ago from my childhood when they visited my public school to play for us. Hearing them play again comforted my heart since I had been thinking about my dad who had passed away just before Christmas several years ago (see tip#313 for more).

Noel 2004

The movie Noel is a unique Christmas movie I recently discovered that mirrors what it is like to feel alone this time of year. I was surprised I had never heard of this hidden gem with a star-studded cast that included Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Robin Williams, Paul Walker and Alan Arkin. This film is all about characters that experience Christmas in unique and very personal ways.

Sarandon's character is single learning to deal with Christmas time alone while caring for a hospitalized mother. Cruz's character separates from her fiancé on Christmas eve. And her fiancé, played by Walker, has a strange and profound encounter with Arkin's character that would result in a life-changing experience.

In the end they each find someone that helps them keep moving forward and believe that the pain they feel will pass.

Have Faith and Courage

So if you are one of those individuals where Christmas is not all warm and filled with family and friends know that you are not alone. There is at least one person somewhere that cares about you. Have faith and courage that you are never alone at Christmas.

Listen to holiday music that has always made you feel good. Let the rhythm and melodies re-energize your heart and soul. That music is there to remind you that whatever hurt you are feeling will pass. And always remember, you are never alone.

I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wherever you are reading this and hope you find much happiness during this holiday time. See my special holiday greeting: Here

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tip#314: Step Outside Your World For Awhile - Avatar

The solutions you seek for your career or life challenges are sometimes right in front of you. You just have to step outside your own world in order to see them.

I am having the most amazing month! Business wise this has been the busiest December in many, many years and I believe it's because of all the personal and professional development I’ve doing on expanding my optimistic mindset. It feels amazing!

And it's because I decided years ago to step outside my own world in order to learn brand new ways of thinking. Taking this path involves a lot of faith, trust and courage because the only way to break out of old, ineffective ways of thinking is to step out of your comfort zone.

Avatar 2009

The 3-D movie Avatar is an astonishing world that can inspire you step outside of your comfort zone. It is one of the most incredible cinematic experiences I have ever had because I felt fully immersed on an alien planet for almost 3 hours!

Thanks to famed director James Cameron, he has created a world so realistic that you will forget that it is mostly computer generated images. The creatures and plant life are so rich in imagination, texture and colours. And the 10 foot tall, blue alien race characters are stunning to watch.

The story takes place in the future where Jake (Sam Worthington) can have his mind placed into an "avatar" or another host body resembling the alien race called the Na'vi. His mission is to gain information on how the military and corporation he works for can mine precious materials from under where the Na'vi live.

What Jake ends up discovering is a deeper appreciation of how others live and think. He discovers the sacred beauty the Na'vi see in all living things and how they are all connected. By stepping into this alien world Jake expanded his mind and heart and ultimately his own humanity.

New Possibilities

The movie hero literally stepped out of his comfort zone and in doing so realized a whole new way of thinking beyond his old life. And that is the magic of movies, they can open your thoughts to new ideas and visions. Movies help you step outside your existing world and imagine new possibilities and opportunities.

Changing old habits of thinking does take time. Though if you have faith, trust and courage you will be rewarded with exciting new solutions to your challenges and problems.

Take a step into a new experience today. If it feels uncomfortable that is a good sign. You are on your way to the answers you seek!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tip#313: Believe In Magic During The Holidays - The Shiny Dimes - The Family Stone

A magical thing happened to me recently. This past Sunday, I was compelled to go to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning around 7:15am. No one was there and I went straight to the counter where something shiny caught my eye on the floor. It was a shiny dime.

I have written before in tip#145 that whenever I find a shiny dime that I feel it is a message my dad is still with me. He had passed away without warning back in December of 2000. I felt a flush rush over me and somehow knew that the latest shiny dime was an extra powerful message from my father.

I didn't fully realize the significance of the message until that night when I remembered the very next day was the anniversary of my dad's passing. I cried at the epiphany. I felt he was telling me that he is still very much here warming me with his love.

That next day I was compelled to change all my online photos of myself on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all my promotional materials and website: See here

People have been telling me that I look more and more like my father as I grow older and I admit that my new photos do show this. So I believe the shiny dime was a special Christmas message for me to show my new photo to the world and that my dad was around in more ways than one.

The Family Stone 2005

The movie, The Family Stone, is a special film for me because it represents the magical things that can happen at Christmas despite profound sadness. The film is about a family's memorable Christmas gathering and the universal issues and comedies that occur in many families when they get together for the holidays.

Relationships are tested among the family as well as the woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) one son (Dermot Mulroney) brings home as his fiancé. The story is also about how a family deals with an unexpected terminal illness of a loved one in the mother (Diane Keaton). For that aspect this is a special movie for those, like myself, who have lost someone close during the Christmas holiday.

"I'd hate to see you not find what you really want."

In the end this film celebrates unexpected holiday magic. It's about believing that anything can happen and that miracles do exist especially in loving relationships. And if this is a special time of year for you then you can also rekindle the positive memories of Christmases past to energize your spirit.

Believe in holiday magic. And if you receive magical signs, like shiny dimes, it could be a message that the loved ones you've lost are still with you and loving you.

Synchronicity Note:
The date of the shiny dime I recently found was 2005. That is the same year The Family Stone movie came out and when I first saw it in a theatre with my mom at Christmas!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tip#312: Enjoy the Little Things - Zombieland

Do you want a sure-fire method of re-energizing your mind? Then remember to enjoy the little things in life. They can lift your spirits in a heartbeat!

I loved Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies growing up. And though I have had many different kinds of delicious chocolate chip cookies over the years nothing can match the FEEL GOOD energy I remember from the aroma and taste of Pillsbury cookies!

So after many years I recently treated myself to these fabulous cookies and they were as delicious and blissful as I remembered as a kid. So hot, chewy and crispy all at the same time. My mind and spirit lifted into the stratosphere with the re-igniting of these nostalgic memories. Check out this Pillsbury commercial from the 80's starring a very young Drew Barrymore: See

It is empowering when you are mindful of the things you loved or loved doing growing up. These are incredible resources always at hand to energize you whenever you are feeling down or overwhelmed with life.

Zombieland 2009

The movie Zombieland is an over-the-top gore-filled comedy about a young man who shares his rules for surviving a world infested with zombies. One of those rules is "Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things". And despite the unusual type of movie presenting this idea it is still a universal truth for anyone.

Throughout the story a fellow survivor named Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) is on a perpetual search for Hostess Twinkies. Why? He simply loves Twinkies! And even though he is chased by zombies in a world gone mad, Tallahassee remains grounded with the thought of a little thing he loved.

Your Positive Emotional Energy

So remember to enjoy the little things in life because they are a powerful source of energy. Positive emotional energy that flows through you can lead to a productive workday or the catalyst to help you focus on whatever you need to achieve.

Tap into the FEEL GOOD memories of childhood treats. Remember old hobbies and things you use to collect that still excite you. There is something in your past that will activate your positive energy right now!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tip#311: Be Open to Magical Messages, Part 1 - Serendipity movie

Sometimes when you are feeling lost in your work, career or life magical messages of encouragement will appear when you need it most. All you have to do is see or hear what’s right in front of you.

During the current business challenges I'd been writing in my previous blog tips (tip#308 and tip#309) my faith and belief were being tested. I felt stuck with the obstacles I was facing. As always there were movies I discovered to help motivate me. There were also 3 magical messages of encouragement.

Magical Message #1

I recently had an amazing week giving several social media talks here in Toronto. At one presentation an attending friend and colleague gave me a gift she said she was compelled to purchase and give me. She gave me this beautiful silver heart-shaped Christmas ornament with the word BELIEVE written on it.

Magical Message #2

During another presentation I was talking about how fast you can connect with people on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. An attendee shared something that amazed the audience and myself. She had been tweeting on her smart phone about my seminar. and soon after she announced that someone I knew from high school responded to her twitter message saying, "Emmanuel was one of the people that taught me how to draw and airbrush at Canada’s Wonderland!!!"

The attendee's name who shared this message was FAITH!

Magical Message #3

Finally, during that same week a university student had contacted me wanting to interview me about my success stories with Twitter. I later asked him how he found my name. He said he did a search online with the keywords "Toronto media expert". My expertise in social media was already in search engines online. I was excited!

To me these were all empowering messages encouraging me to BELIEVE and have FAITH that everything will work out. I also felt strongly that the universe was reminding me that I am an expert in the field of social media and networking even when I have my doubts.

Serendipity 2001

The movie Serendipity celebrates magical signs and having the faith to follow them. Serendipity is defined by Kate Beckinsale’s character Sara as "a fortunate accident". She and Jonathan (John Cusack) meet one special night at Christmas time and then lose touch of each other for many years.

But then fortunate accidents and magical messages kept reminding them of each other. The universe was encouraging them of their destiny to come together as soul mates. They eventually chose to believe that the coincidences they experienced had a greater meaning they must follow. The results end up a very happy reunion for them both!

So if you are feeling lost in your work, career or life remember that magical signs, clues, serendipities, synchronicities and messages are always being sent to guide you through. Use your intuition to FEEL the messages in the signs you see and hear. BELIEVE that you will get through your challenges. And have FAITH that everything will work out in the end.

"You don't have to understand. You just have to have faith."
Serendipity (2001)

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tip#310: Find Your Place In The World - Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Finding your place in the world can be a challenge. It may come easy to some or it may take years to achieve. Just remember somewhere deep down you already know your place in society.

I believe the recent business challenges I've been documenting about (see tip#308 and tip#309) are helping me define my place in the world. I have so many passions and ways to help others that I sometimes overload my ability to focus on my core purpose.

When you feel stuck in your life and career it is a sign that something within you needs to be examined. So despite my unease with the blocks I was facing I remained open to what I needed to learn.

The fact that I had multiple social media talks recently (see tip#307 and tip#308) was already a big sign that there was a need for my passion and skill sets for helping people connect and build their networks. I believe the universe is always guiding you to share your innate gifts and strengths.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2009

The animated movie Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs celebrates the idea of sharing your gifts and finding your place in the world. The hero named Flint (Bill Hader) is a young inventor who has demonstrated his talent since he was a little child. You see how early failures caused him pain and frustration and yet he persevered with his passion for inventing.

There are many other positive and inspiring messages for kids and adults in this imaginative movie. For example, Flint was proud of being a nerd and later inspires the girl he likes, a TV reporter named Sam (Anna Faris) to return to her nerdy roots and be her authentic self.

And there is a message that childhood issues perceived as failures can end up becoming powerful solutions later in life. The movie shows that despite all the problems we face that it always works out in the end.

See the Evidence of Your Purpose

So if you are on a journey to find your place in the world remember that somewhere in your childhood and growing up were the evidence of your purpose, passions and your innate gifts and skill sets. You are already doing what you were born to do.

Just be open to how the universe is guiding and encouraging you to use the talents and skills you enjoy doing. The more conscious you are in the positive difference you are making with others the closer you get to KNOWING your place in the world!

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tip#309: See The Positives In The Negatives, Part 1 - Catch Me If You Can

Remember in times of struggle that your faith and enthusiasm can be re-ignited when you can see the positive possibilities in the negatives you face.

I've been feeling a sense of calm and peace ever since I recently surrendered to my current business and career challenge. As I wrote in the previous tip#308, surrendering to unavoidable obstacles in your path is the first step to overcoming it. The next step is to be able to switch on your optimistic mindset and visualize a positive outcome.

While I was searching for solutions to my challenge I took a much needed break and went over to a friend's home and enjoyed a movie marathon. The last film was actually a movie already playing on a TV network and contained the magical answers I'd been seeking.

Catch Me If You Can 2002

The movie Catch Me If You Can was inspired by a true story about Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars worth of cheques. He had successfully impersonated a Pan Am pilot, doctor and legal prosecutor in the process.

He was finally caught, tried as an adult and sentenced to 12 years in prison. While in prison Frank helps the FBI agent Carl who caught him (Tom Hanks) by giving advice on other cheque forgers he was investigating. Frank was hired immediately by the FBI to work for the cheque fraud department under Carl's custody.

The inspiring message I received was that a positive outcome came from the negatives of this story. What Frank did was clearly against the law so he suffered the consequences. And yet he had developed skill sets that were of great value to others. Frank received a new lease on life helping others with these hidden skill sets.

Watch/Rent or Buy now: Amazon Prime Video 

Struggles Have A Purpose

This movie message empowered me to see that my business and career struggles have a deeper, enriching purpose. Frank's story inspired me to believe that the skill sets I've been learning in order to overcome my own challenges will have very positive results in the future.

Today the real Frank Abagnale Jr. advices the business world of fraud and is paid millions for his services. He has since paid back all that he scammed over his criminal career.

So whenever faced with overwhelming negatives in your career or life do your best to switch your optimistic mindset on. Find inspirational stories with evidence that something positive will come from your struggles.

You are always surrounded by real-life heroes and movie heroes reminding you that everything will be okay. Keep open to the empowering messages coming to you.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tip#308: Step Into The Unknown - Joe Versus the Volcano

Sometimes we are faced with a challenge that is unavoidable. This is the moment we must have full faith in stepping into the unknown.

This past week was one of the busiest for speaker bookings and already one of the most meaningful and memorable. The dominant topic I spoke on was how to utilize social media and social networking and I was able to add great value to the professionals attending these keynotes and seminars.

On the flip side I am currently facing unavoidable challenges concerning my business. As I've been documenting on this blog, I've been sharing the challenges one faces in running a business or following your path in life. And part of my purpose in life is to be an open book so you the reader can learn from my successes as well as struggles.

So on one hand I am following my passions AND helping others overcome their challenges. And on the other hand I am learning how to increase my indestructible optimism on an even higher level. I am learning how to step into an even bigger unknown.

Joe Versus the Volcano 1990

The movie Joe Versus the Volcano is a mirror for anyone faced with an unavoidable obstacle. The story is about Joe (Tom Hanks) who is diagnosed with a terminal disease and accepts an unusual request to jump into a volcano.

The motivating aspect of this movie hero revolves around Joe's fearless attitude on his journey towards the island where the volcano is located. At one point his boat is capsized and he is left floating for days on a makeshift raft. A luminous full moon rises and in a dehydrated delirium Joe says...

"Dear God... Thank you for my life..."

Joe had surrendered to his path and expresses profound gratitude for what whatever he'd received in life. This is one movie hero moment that mirrored what I've done in my current situation. Expressing gratitude and faith has empowering me to BELIEVE there is a solution to my challenge.

So when you are faced with a career or life challenge that feels unavoidable do your best to BELIEVE that you will move through the darkness and into a place where all is well. Do your best to be grateful for what you have right now no matter how grim the future looks.

Be inspired by movie heroes and real-life stories demonstrating that facing unexpected change is part of your life path. And remember there are always good people nearby who will support you.

We all have our own volcanoes we must step into at some point of our lives. BELIEVE that everything will somehow turn out absolutely positive in the end.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tip#307: Enjoy Good Old Fashioned Fun - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Sometimes it feels even more incredible to be aware of whenever you are having fun. That's when you know you are truly living in the moment and fully empowered!

I've recently done several keynotes and seminars on social media and social networking for organizations like Royal Ontario Museum, BCX Danforth-Business Connection Exchange and ACPI Association of Career Professionals International. During these presentations I was acutely aware of how much fun I was having.

I've also been enjoying the Saturday morning matinee screenings at the AMC Theatre in downtown Toronto for over a year now. It has re-ignited happy childhood memories of when there were morning matinees at cinemas and when life was much more simpler.

It's been really fun seeing movies with friends on a Saturday morning like the latest Star Trek film, Julie & Julia and 2012. And recently I caught a movie on TV I had seen many years ago that evoked this timeless childhood fun.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1985

The movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is all about good old fashioned fun! It's the last part of a trilogy of films starring a young Mel Gibson as a post-apocalyptic survivor in Australia named Mad Max.

This chapter is filled with colourful, exotic characters with names like Aunty Entity (Tina Turner), Dr. Dealgood and Ton Ton Tattoo. The settings like Barter Town and the Thunderdome sequences are so creative that even today are still exciting to watch. And the tribe of children sequences are still amazing to listen to because of the mishmash dialect they created.

The action adventure scenes are also mixed with slapstick comedy and somehow it all reminded me that movies are sometimes there to instigate a sense of fun. They can take you away from all your troubles and leave you feeling more energized and optimistic.

So remember your own forms of timeless Saturday morning matinee fun. Become aware of times now of when you are enjoying the moment. Relish in a positive pause and say to yourself or to others around you, "Hey! I am really having a good time!"

These moments are uplifting and will fill you with positive emotional energy. And that is the fuel that keeps you resilient, optimistic and enthusiastic about life!

CAWEE, Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tip#306: The Power of Collaboration – Funny People

An important, vital key to achieving your dreams comes from the power of collaboration. Collaboration can ignite high levels of creativity and provide the solutions to manifesting goals.

I've recently had an epiphany that will revitalize the course of my career. With the help of one of my business advisors I was reminded of a key factor for the success of my previous career as an award-winning illustrator (see artworks). That key was the full-time general manager I had employed.

This invaluable individual took care of the general duties of running a business such as all the paperwork, book-keeping, administrative tasks and marketing development. It allowed me to focus on what I loved most: to cultivate clients and create the artworks. Overall it was the spirit of collaboration that enabled the success of my first business.

So now I realize what's been missing in my current business and that is the synergy of daily collaboration. I've just started the steps to finding a full-time business collaborator to inject new life into my dreams and goals.

Funny People 2009

Once again I experienced an amazing synchronicity discovering the perfect movie to motivate this new initiative. The movie Funny People focuses on the power of collaboration.

The film is about a famous comedian turned movie star named George Simmons (Adam Sandler) who learns he is dying. He decides to do more standup comedy and hires a struggling comedian named Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) to write him jokes.

You see that their collaboration produces so many positive results for one another. Their differences and strengths enables the other person to become better people and professionals.

George lets Ira go onstage to be his opening act and then hires him to be his personal assistant. Ira in return helps George on a personal level to face his personality faults that has prevented him from maintaining close relationships.

Collaboration simply helped accelerate the process of achieving professional success as well as personal.

So let the spirit of collaboration inspire you to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether it is for your career, business or personal goals fill your life with meaningful relationships that are supportive, energizing and exciting.

Inject new life into your dreams and goals by finding people you want to work with. Make collaboration a key part of your life!


1) BCX-Business Connection Exchange Danforth
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2) ACPI-Association of Career Professionals International
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3) CAWEE, Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tip#305: How To Build Meaningful Contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook - 2012 Movie

When it comes to building networks with social media like LinkedIn and Facebook the key is to focus on cultivating meaningful contacts. Sharing your passions and personal interests attracts like-minded people.

Writing my previous blog post on the movie 2012 was such a joy that I wanted to share it on LinkedIn and Facebook. Soon after I was so amazed to receive worldwide responses so quickly that I wanted to share the evidence that you too can build online networks by sharing what is meaningful to you.

1) Passion
It all starts with passion. I am so passionate about movies and for writing that I've combined the two to write an article on the motivational aspects of the movie 2012. You start by taking action with your passion.

2) Harness Social Media
I then used social media to post the article on my Movies that Motivate blog. Next I posted a link to the article onto my "current status" section of LinkedIn and Facebook. This way all my contacts on these sites automatically saw what I was up to when they were online.

3) Join Groups
The big key was to post the article link with examples of the 2012 movie's motivational messages onto groups I had joined on LinkedIn. Joining groups of themes that interest you is what connects you with 100's and 1,000's of like-minded people. They could be professional groups like Marketing or personal interest like Movie Lovers. See examples of my list on my LinkedIn profile on right side near bottom.

4) Results
Within 24 hours I received about a dozen comments and new meaningful contacts from around the world: Bombay India, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and in the US (Akron Ohio, Los Angeles California, New York NY). Most comments were very encouraging and shared my optimistic point of view about the 2012 movie.

These new contacts came from a variety of fields: Marketing, Human Resources, Graphic Design and Movie Lovers. Now that we are connected we are open to explore how we can help one another achieve our goals and dreams.

And like one of the motivational messages in the movie 2012, it all comes down to helping one another and perpetuating that human spirit on a global level.

Be Inspired To Explore

So be inspired to explore social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. It is a whole new world for quickly building your local and global network. Find something that excites you about social networking online and that's what will fuel the time and energy you'll invest.

Remember that is all starts with sharing your passions and personal interests with the world. By doing so you will be rewarded with the gifts of connecting with like-minded individuals across the planet that will encourage and support your thoughts, ideas and interests.

Isn't that a powerful thought?

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tip#304: What You Focus On Expands – 2012 Movie

No matter what you see in front of you it is vital you focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Always remember that what you focus on expands.

When the movie 2012 was released recently I received an email message from a friend who saw it that simply said, "It sucked!". I was also aware that it was getting mixed reviews with some just trashing the film. I simply chose to focus on enjoying the 2012 movie for what it was: An action adventure thrill ride! And I loved the film!

Many motivational speakers like Napoleon Hill and T. Harv Eker teaches the important message, "What you focus on expands". It is a statement that helped me deal with the negative comments I've received from posting my 2012 song on YouTube. See here

Instead of focusing on those harsh comments I celebrated the positive ones AND the right for anyone to express themselves through social media like YouTube. It wasn't easy at first but that's what I chose to do.

2012 Movie

The 2012 movie is generating mixed reviews and yet one factor they all agree on is the spectacular special effects. The visuals are both horrifying and exquisitely mind blowing. The images you see will affect you in some way.

It also brings up thought-provoking questions of what you would do if the end was near. For example, if something disastrous were approaching would you rather know now or when it actually happens? Would you want the chance to say goodbye to loved ones or the chance to forgive and resolve old relationships?

Ultimately the movie and the growing phenomenon of 2012 is giving you the opportunity to build an optimistic mindset. It is asking you to be mindful that if you focus on doom and gloom you expand those negative thoughts and feelings within you.

How 2012 Phenomenon Inspires

The solution to staying positive is identical to what I wrote about in Tip#233 and printed in the May 2009 issue of Zoomer Magazine called "How To Deal With Negative Economic News". Read here

Dealing with the negative news and opinions of the date 2012 is like looking at the sun. You don't need to look directly into the sun to know it is there. You know it is there so instead focus on seeing what 2012 is teaching you.

1) 2012 can inspire you to maximize the quality of your relationships RIGHT NOW.
2) It can help you focus your dreams and goals to make the most of your time RIGHT NOW.
3) It can increase your drive and energy to make a meaningful difference in your life and those around you RIGHT NOW.

And when the year 2012 comes and goes you will be amazed at how much more you accomplished in your life and career when you chose to focus on the positives!

Check out another positive point of view of 2012 phenomenon on blog post by my friend and "Writing Guru", Stephanie Miller. See here

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tip#303: Express Your Passions in Work & Love – 500 Days of Summer

Passion is the universal energizer for work, life and love. And when you consciously incorporate passion into your life you fill yourself with positive emotional energy that magnetizes like-minded people.

I am excited to share that I'm part of a unique video campaign with Lavalife Prime and VideoBIO. I've been asked to present myself in 2 videos, one to promote my business and one for finding my soul mate. Yes it took some courage for the personal video!

The whole process was an amazing learning experience that helped me focus and articulate my dreams and goals in front of a camera. I learned how to be more fearless and to always speak from the heart instead of my head. That's how true passion is best communicated.

A common factor in both videos was expressing my passion for movies. This passion for cinema is a vital factor in my work as a motivational speaker and in this blog. And expressing a passion for movies was important to share so I can attract a soul mate who feels the same way.

See the videos...

1) Lavalife Prime video: See
2) VideoBIO business video: See
3) Q&A of My Experience on VideoBIO blog: See

(500) Days of Summer 2009

The romantic comedy, (500) Days of Summer has a powerful, underlying message for following your passion. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is in love with Summer (Zooey Deschanel) and is working at a job he doesn't enjoy. And though their relationship isn't working out she encourages him to follow his passion for architecture.

Tom later experiences a difficult breakup with her and yet it becomes the catalyst for refocusing his career. He ends up following his passion. And without giving away too much of the story, following his passion leads him to fulfilling the rest of his personal dreams.

It takes courage to follow your passion. And it takes even more courage to articulate it to the world. And yet sharing your personal interests and desires is the first step to finding others who can help and support your dreams and goals. That's how meaningful relationships are cultivated whether it be personal or work related.

So whether it's in person or using social media like LinkedIn or Facebook remember to let others know what you are passionate about. It can lead you to energizing new conversations and new, supportive relationships!

Note: A special thank you to Dennie at Similar Circles for recommending me for this video experience! See her blog: here

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tip#302: Face Your Social Challenges - Surrogates

For some it takes a lot of courage to face social situations. It can be easier to hide behind something like a computer.

I received a comment on Tip#300: Cultivate Supportive Relationships about concerns that some people won't connect with others in person because of social media. They mentioned the movie Surrogates and synchronistically I was already planning a post on the powerful social message of this film.

Spending countless hours on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can become an unhealthy addiction. And that addiction can provide a convenient way to avoid facing one's fears of interacting IN PERSON with others.

Surrogates 2009

The movie Surrogates is set in a futuristic world where most humans live in isolation and interact only through their surrogate robots. The story explores an important theme that mirrors the danger of relying too much on social media to avoid face-to-face interactions with people.

In the film a police officer named Greer (Bruce Willis) is forced to face the real world without his surrogate and recognizes the consequences of a world of people hiding in their own homes. Greer's wife Maggie (Rosumund Pike) is grieving deeply from the death of their son and chooses to lock herself in her room and live life only through her surrogate.

Greer's loss of human interaction with his wife revealed to him the fundamental need for human contact. And he realizes humanity had lost something vital and chooses to make changes.

So be more aware of your own choices when it comes to interacting with others. Social media is a fantastic tool when you balance it with live face-to-face contact. Do your best not to hide behind your computer.

There is a richness in good ol' fashion contact with people. Keep that positive emotional energy alive in your life and career. Nothing can replace it.

Professional Career Day
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tip#301: How Do You Want To Be Remembered? – This Is It - Michael Jackson

Whatever you create in your life and career can leave a positive or negative imprint in the world. How do you want to be remembered?

I recently shared my new website featuring a retrospect of my original artworks and prints now for sale. This project reminded me of my forgotten gifts and enabled others to enjoy my creative imagination. See website: Here

The website spans different eras such as my final art college years with my Transforming Mindsets series of nu-pastel chalk portraits in 1980's and the mixed media collage artworks created for the Facts and Arguments page of the Globe and Mail newspaper (Business World series) in the 1990's.

And even when all these original artworks and prints are sold this website will remain online for the rest of the world to enjoy for years to come. I love this concept because it will be part of my legacy to inspire others with my creative spirit and the uplifting images I created.

This Is It

The documentary This Is It is an amazing record of Michael Jackson's creative legacy. Whatever you may think of this controversial artist you will be inspired by his creative visions and timeless pop music featured in this film.

The show that was being developed would have featured songs from different eras of Jackson’s career. You see him practice performances of songs like "Wanna Be Startin' Something" from the album Off The Wall and a mesmerizing rendition of "Billie Jean" from the Thriller album.

Jackson also would have featured songs from his childhood years while in the Jackson 5 replicating the dance moves of his youth. And although this extraordinary man has passed away this movie presents an authentic record of a talented man whose gifted creative spirit will be remembered as his legacy.

So how do you want to be remembered? You can start now by being mindful of how you behave with people. All your actions and words can make a lasting impression on those around you. Start being conscious of all your interactions and be thoughtful of others.

Remember that you don't have to be an artist to be creative. You are already creating the legacy you will leave behind every single day with your actions. Do your best to leave a positive imprint with everyone you meet.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tip#300: Cultivate Supportive Relationships, Part 1 – Top 25 Movies

One of the most important keys to achieving your dreams and goals AND overcome unexpected change and crisis is to cultivate supportive relationships.

With this posting I am celebrating my 300th Movies That Motivate tip and 3 years of documenting my career successes and challenges with this blog. I am also celebrating every single person during this time that has supported and encouraged me to keep following my passions despite the intense obstacles I've faced.

These friends, family, allies and online connections helped energize me whenever I felt depleted. So thank you everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

How People Give Energy

A simple form of acknowledgement from anyone can lift you up when life or work gets too heavy. People can be your strength when your problems are overwhelming. And people can be the most powerful resource to help get you to wherever you need to go.

Having relationships you can count on starts with developing an open mindset and respect for those around you. It's about having an attitude for thinking beyond yourself and becoming aware of how you can help others.

It's about adopting that small town community mentality for supporting one another. It's about nurturing even a small handful of friends who will all stand by one another when times are tough.

Social media is also an amazing online tool that can teach us all about cultivating relationships. It's about making heart-felt contact with like-minded people. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can accelerate the process of building relationships. Social media networking can help you develop the skills for making meaningful connections with anyone around the world.

Whether it's online or in person the principles are the same for building outstanding relationships: Share your authentic self and connect with like-minded people!

There are many movies that demonstrate what it is to cultivate supportive relationships. Here are my top 25 movie recommendations:

1) A Christmas Carol 1951

This classic story demonstrates the importance of keeping an open-hearted attitude to relationships. It reminds us all that a negative attitude towards people can be damaging in the long run. It will lift your spirit to see Scrooge (Alastair Sim) transform into a joyful, loving soul at the end of this film.

2) A Knight's Tale 2001

This movie shows how one person's dream of becoming a knight attracts others to support his passion. The enthusiasm of this knight named William (Heath Ledger) attracts a talented wordsmith to help promote him and later brings in a talented metalsmith who creates a stronger suit of armour. Together with William’s two assistants they forge a powerful team.

3) Apollo 13 1995

This movie shows how professionals stick together to solve a problem that seems impossible to fix. Based on the true story of the Apollo 13 disaster it is inspiring to see a tireless team of experts work together to save three men stuck in space in a damaged space craft.

4) As Good As It Gets 1997

This movie shows how three strong friendships are created when you overlook the differences between people. Melvin (Jack Nicholson) learns to be more caring for his injured neighbour (Greg Kinnear) after experiencing a home robbery. The neighbour is later supported by Carol (Helen Hunt) who learns to enjoy life again after her sickly son is arranged medical care by Melvin.

5) Be Kind Rewind 2008

This movie shows how a vibrant, supportive community can be created when people are passionate about an exciting idea. Two friends make low budget but imaginative videos of well-known movies that become popular through word of mouth buzz. They inspire an entire neighbourhood to become part of the movie-making process.

6) Contact 1997

This science fiction movie has an inspiring message about relationships that actually comes from extraterrestrials. When Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) successfully makes contact with a superior alien race they tell her, "You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other."

7) Crocodile Dundee 1986

This movie demonstrates how a small town man retains his down-to-earth, sociable personality to make authentic friendships in New York City. Dundee (Paul Hogan) never compromised who he was by conforming to the harsher attitudes of a big city. You see how magic it is for him to quickly make friends with anyone anywhere.

8) Field of Dreams 1989

This movie shows how one man follows his inner voice to accomplish an unusual task of building a baseball field through the support of others. It shows how (Kevin Costner) is able to overcome public scrutiny and financial challenges through the support of his wife, daughter and just one other person who believed in him (James Earl Jones).

9) Ghost Town 2008

This movie shows how an insensitive man can transform a negative attitude towards people and learn how to interact more thoughtfully. It is inspiring to see that even a cold-hearted person (Ricky Gervais) can rise above his lack of people skills and become more compassionate.

10) Groundhog Day 1993

This movie shows how a man achieves his dreams and goals by altering his negative attitudes towards people. Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is a powerful mirror for anyone feeling caught in a loop in their lives or relationships. He demonstrates that goals can be attained when you change your narrow mindset and become more thoughtful of others and focus on how you can be helpful.

11) It's A Wonderful Life 1946

This classic movie demonstrates the true nature of wealth, "No man is a failure who has friends." George Bailey (James Stewart) learns to survive a desperate financial crisis after recognizing the difference he had made in the lives around him. In the end Bailey realized he had an abundance of friends and family eager to help him in his darkest hour.

12) Jerry Maguire 1996

This movie shows that one man’s desire to create the business he dreamed of can be accomplished even if he only had one assistant and one client. Maguire (Tom Cruise) demonstrated that as long as one or two people believed in you that any dream is possible.

13) Julie & Julia 2009

Based on true stories of chef Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and blogger Julie Powell (Amy Adams), this movie has two inspiring tales about two women that follow their passion for food and the loving support they received from the men in their lives. It also shows the power of blogging and how social media can help you connect with like-minded people all around the world.

14) Lord of the Rings Trilogy 2001, 2002, 2003

This fantasy movie shows how Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) is given the task of traveling a great distance in order to destroy an evil ring. He is not alone on this quest as three friends stand by him through many challenges. You also see how they receive incredible support from many characters along their long journey.

15) Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World 2003

This movie shows the power of teamwork and respect for one another aboard a British ship in the 1800's. The crew is a very diverse age group from boys through to seniors and yet they all work together in unison to accomplish the tasks they are given by their captain (Russell Crowe). Throughout the story you see it is their overall comradery that keeps them supportive of each other.

16) Meet John Doe 1941

This movie demonstrates the power of being neighbourly and how that positive message can spread across a nation. Doe (Gary Cooper) unwittingly becomes a spokesperson for helping those in need. He ends up inspiring an incredible movement of countless John Doe clubs for people doing good deeds.

17) Mr. Deeds Goes To Town 1936

This movie shows how a small town man uses inheritance money to help those in need. Deeds (Gary Cooper) inspires by maintaining his small town roots and spirit to help those who truly needed his new found wealth. At one key moment he shares his philosophy that if someone is having problems driving up a hill that one ought to pause and give them a helping hand.

18) My Date With Drew 2004

This documentary shows how the idea of "6 degrees of separation" can help you achieve your dreams and goals. The concept is that we can connect with anyone we want based on a small number of people in between you and that person. It is inspiring to see Brian Herzlinger's path of connections unfold that lead him to having a dream date with Drew Barrymore.

19) Ocean's 13 2007

Despite being bank robbers this close-knit group of thieves led by Ocean (George Clooney), this movie inspires by how they stand together when one of their own is double-crossed by a casino owner (Al Pacino). This film also inspires by how a team can work together effectively even though there is occasional friction amongst the group.

20) Pay It Forward 2000

This movie shows how powerful a random act of kindness can be and how making this a conscious practice can spread out to countless others like a healthy virus. It is the simple idea created and demonstrated by a 12 year old (Haley Joel Osment) that inspires a chain reaction of good towards others. This is also a fantastic mirror for how social media works in spreading information and connections at a rapid rate online.

21) The Pursuit of Happyness 2006

Based on a true story, this movie shows how a man (Will Smith) maintains an optimistic mindset with his potential employers despite being homeless and a single parent. It is his heartfelt people skills that lead him to building the business relationships that support the dream job he is training for.

22) Rudy 1993

Based on a true story, it follows a young man's dream to attend a prestigious football college and the people that helped him along the way. Rudy (Sean Astin) was so tenacious and passionate that he always attracted the right person into his life to accomplish his goal. Even when he was at odds with the football coach his entire teammates stood by him.

23) Star Trek 2009

This movie celebrates the ongoing message of the Star Trek TV shows and movies of an optimistic future for mankind where the spirit of teamwork is the key to achieving success. At first you see how the characters experience personality clashes but then quickly learn to work as a team to achieve a greater good.

24) The Terminal 2004

This movie shows how one man can overcome an unusual challenge through resourcefulness and building supportive relationships. Based on a true story, you see how an eastern immigrant (Tom Hanks) deals with being forced to live in an airport terminal by making the most of what he has AND helping airport personal any way he can.

25) Tucker - The Man and His Dream 1988

Based on a true story about a man who follows his dream and overcomes overwhelming odds through the support of his family and work team. You see how Tucker (Jeff Bridges) maintains his optimism through his loving family despite the challenges they faced during the creation of his revolutionary automobile. Tucker's resilient team is equally devoted to helping make his dream come true.

Recognize the Power of Relationships

So recognize the power of supportive friends, family, allies, teamwork and online networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. Achieving your dreams and goals requires not only passion and optimism it's also crucial for you to foster relationships that BELIEVE in you.

Life and career challenges require supportive people. Workplace tasks require energetic teamwork. A winning sports team requires mutual support and trust. Realize that all successful individuals on this planet made it because of the supportive relationships they cultivated.

And remember to keep an open mindset for how you can help others because that is the key to being in the flow of receiving the help you desire. Take time to encourage others to keep moving forward in their own challenges and someone somewhere will do the same for you when you are down.

There is a powerful energy that flows from cultivating relationships. Let that positive energy flow out from you today and give it to someone who needs a lift!

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