Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tip#400: Recognize All Your Silver Linings – Under The Tuscan Sun

This post celebrates the writing of 400 tips and 4 years of dedicated passion to my Movies That Motivate blog. It's been quite a journey more so with the massive changes and crisis in my life this year (see tip#372). I am just grateful to have shared it all on this blog and appreciated hearing from readers that my tips have made a positive difference in their lives.

My life changes this year were definitely a test for me emotionally, mentally and physically. Looking back I’m so happy to be conscious of the fantastic silver linings from all my challenges. If you ever have to let go of an old life, business or home I hope you find this list of 10 silver linings of great help to you.

Top 10 Silver Linings of My Financial/Home Life Collapse:

1) Learned to live within my means (no credit cards)
2) Confirmed the relationships I can count on (through thick and thin)
3) Identified my core values, core passions and core goals
4) Let go for lightened lifestyle (purged old life, furniture, belongings)
5) Now an empty cup to allow abundance in (which it has!)
6) Discovered Facebook benefits: wall posts and messages from around the world uplifting my spirit, offering encouragement and life change tips; finding like-minded people; receiving suggestions for new neighbourhoods and homes to move to in Toronto
7) Resources/Financial: Social assistance, kindness of friends and family
8) Resources/Food and Clothes (No Frills, Value Village, Goodwill stores)
9) Increased and honed my indestructible optimism
10) Learned to Focus on my Big Vision, Goal, Dream and Desire

All of these silver lining factors are what sustains my spirit even at this very moment. And I've discovered that ultimately I am learning to SUSTAIN my FOCUS on my big vision, goal, dream and desire: TO MAKE A LIVING FROM SHARING MY PASSION FOR MOVIES. I've been able to strip away any distractions and even decline work offers if it did not fit this statement.

My Big Vision, Goal, Dream and Desire:
To make a living from sharing my passion for movies

Since September I'd stay focused on my big vision statement and a flurry of opportunities have been coming to me:
• Interviewed as a movie expert for the first time for The Toronto Star Newspaper (see tip#391)
• Gave first Pecha Kucha Night presentation called "15 Movies That Saved My Life This Year" at The Spoke Club (see tip#395)
• Submitted an audition video for the new Marilyn Denis Show to be their Motivational Movie Expert (see tip#396).

And there are many more opportunities percolating as I write this. What is exciting is they are ALL MOVIE RELATED opportunities! YES! Life is looking BRIGHT! All I had to do was sustain my focus on what I desired most. It was and is the law of attraction in action. I just needed to stay open to the unexpected ways my opportunities would manifest.

Under the Tuscan Sun 2003

The movie Under the Tuscan Sun 2003 is about the new life created by Frances Mayes (Diane Lane) when she buys a dilapidated villa in Tuscany, Italy. She had just lost her home, her marriage and her sense of purpose. While on a vacation in Tuscany she finds the courage to live a whole new existence among new friends and a new culture.

There is one key scene where Frances is depressed because nothing was going well and she was feeling lonely. She says she wants to have a wedding at her villa and also wanted a family. She is then told the story of how train tracks were built over an impossibly steep part of the Alps to connect Vienna and Venice. It was built even before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it because they knew, some day, the train would come.

This story was about having faith and being optimistic. Frances learns to maintain both and to her surprise her dreams eventually come true. The profound realization is that they manifested differently then what she imagined.

Train Tracks

I recently saw this film as part of a series of movies helping me visualize my dream of traveling to Italy and France (see tip#398). I'm not sure when I'll go, I just know in my heart and mind I am building my own train tracks to these beautiful lands. And when I arrive it will confirm the feeling I have at this very moment that all the life changes I've been through this year have been worth it.

Whatever challenges you are going through remember there are always silver linings for you to recognize. Be conscious of the gifts right in front of you. Hone your own indestructible optimism and see the hidden benefits from all your unexpected life or career changes. Learn to identify and focus on your big vision, goal, dream and desire with all the EXCITEMENT of the world!

And if you love movies then let them activate your positive emotional energy and help you visualize the future you want. Let the movie heroes mirror your own hidden strengths. Then start building your own train tracks towards your dreams. It's just a matter of time before you are roaring down those tracks!

To all the readers of my blog and all your comments
and encouragement that inspired me to reach 400 tips!
I welcome more of your comments.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tip#399: Find Your Dream Team - Micmacs

As I approach writing my 400th tip of this movie blog I find it very synchronistic that several movies I've seen recently feature France in their stories. There was Hereafter (see tip#396) and A Good Year (see tip#398). I felt deep in my soul I was being reminded that the world was my oyster. Traveling to exciting, new lands IS part of my destiny.

Another movie that fell into my lap (literally!) was the French film called Micmacs. Created by the director of Amelie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Micmacs was filled with colourful Parisian settings and vibrant characters. It also had a fantastic message about the benefits of teamwork.

Micmacs 2009

The movie Micmacs is about a man named Bazil (Dany Boon) who has a goal to force 2 companies (arms and weapons manufacturers) to be accountable for the damage and pain they've caused him. He is supported by a multi-talented group of junkyard scavengers that welcome him into their family.

This story is almost like an X-Men movie where each person in this group has a unique skill set and fantastic ability. Together they enthusiastically create and execute humorous shenanigans (micmacs) towards the arms manufacturers. This is Bazil's dream team!

Examples of Bazil's dream team include:

• Mama Chow (Yolande Moreau) – Keeps the team/family together
• Elastic Girl (Julie Ferrier) – A contortionist that could fit into any tight space
• Tiny Pete (Michel Crémadès) – Appears to be an old man but has incredible strength
• Calculator (Marie-Julie Baup) – Able to calculate distances and measurements by sight alone

The movie inspired and reminded me that my dreams and goals will come true as long as I gather my own dream team. As I've learned in running my own business for over 20 years that it is so much more efficient (and fun) working with experts in what they do. And I know that my desire to travel around the world AND give my Movies that Motivate lectures will be a team effort and an exciting, shared experience.

The Factor of Teamwork

Remember the factor of teamwork for your own goals and dreams. Know that teamwork gets tasks accomplished. Teamwork is the key to achieving a big vision. And even in our daily lives we must all cultivate our own dream team. Find someone who supports and listens to you. Have someone who will keep you accountable. Have someone skillful at things that you struggle with that you need.

The journey towards a task, goal or dream could be a long one. Why not share the journey with people eager to support and encourage you?

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tip#398: How Movies Inspire Travel – A Good Year – Letters To Juliet

It's coming up to 6 months since I lost my home of 15 years, moved into a smaller place and then forced to move again into an even smaller space with just the essentials for living and working (see tip#372). Being here at this very moment has magnified my desire to travel around the world.

More than ever movies became my motivation and an escape from all I've lost. And films that featured the gorgeous vistas of France and Italy became uplifting resources for me to visualize and magnetize the future I want. And these have been my desired destiny for years.

Everything that's happened to me this year has had parallels to the movie hero of Eat Pray Love who following her desire to travel to places like Rome and Naples in Italy. And so recently my desires to experience new lands have been reactivated by 2 films that whet my appetite to visit.

A Good Year 2006

The movie A Good Year shows off the beautiful lands of Provence located in southeastern France. Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) has a busy London life as a workaholic trader that is interrupted to deal with the inheritance of his uncle’s vineyard estate in Provence.

While there his childhood memories and passion for this land come back. You get to experience the beauty of the vineyards, the mansion and the warmth of the people living there. The colours, sights and sounds of Provence are so rich and tasty you could butter a croissant with it! I already know I want to visit the beautiful village of Gordes in Luberon where Max meets his love Fanny Chenal (Marion Cotillard).

Letters to Juliet 2010

The movie Letters to Juliet shows off gorgeous vistas of Verona and the surrounding countryside. An American named Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is on vacation in Verona Italy when she becomes one of the "secretaries of Juliet" (of Romeo and Juliet) answering letters from those asking for help about love.

Sophie finds a 50 year old unanswered letter and responds to it. This begins an adventure that takes her and you through the incredible beauty of the Italian countryside. Every hill and valley feels sun drenched in golden light and they filled my senses with each location. Even the scenes featuring tantalizing foods made my mouth water and yearn to be there. Once again I knew my goal was to visit and taste the world of Verona, the rest of Italy and France!

Movies can reactivate dreams and desires with images and sounds from far off lands. They can help you be free of the confines of an unfulfilling life or job even if it's just a few hours. They can help you visualize what you want to experience and even be your first travel guide to the richness this world has to offer. Remember the power of movies and let them reactivate your positive emotional energy!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tip#397: Articulate With Gusto – Chasing Amy

Articulate: to express thoughts, ideas, or feelings coherently
Gusto: great vigor or liveliness

When you truly know what you like and don't like you build confidence in articulating your needs to others. And when you are extremely articulate you can create vibrant conversations that will connect you deeply with like-minded people!

As I write this I am sipping on a hot, frothy vanilla bean latte from Second Cup (see tip#197). I love this beverage! I know it so keenly that I am happy to announce it to the world! I even post this passion on my Facebook wall regularly.

When I talk about what I love you can hear it in my voice and sense the positive energy in the words I write. And yet that confidence can only come from truly knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is the primary key to articulating your goals in order to achieve them. Consider these steps:

1) Know what you want and don't want
2) Know what you like and don't like
3) Learn how to articulate all this to others

Chasing Amy 1997

In the movie Chasing Amy all the characters know themselves. They know what they want and don't want and they know how to articulate their thoughts in witty, energetic ways. In the story two comic book artists Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee) have their world turned upside down when Holden falls in love with a lesbian named Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams).

The story itself is just as electric as the dialogue. Each person is diamond sharp in expressing their opinions, needs and objections. This is a sign that they know themselves through and through. They know themselves so clearly that no topic is taboo. This makes for some hilarious and raunchy conversations! There is also a scene featuring one of the most heart-felt expressions of romantic love I've ever heard in a movie.

If you desire to achieve a goal or dream then the very first step is to know yourself inside and out. Know what you want and don't want. Stand firm on what you like and don't like. Your confidence in all your personal preferences will eventually shine whenever you express yourself.

And when you can articulate your goals with vibrant, electric gusto you'll be on your way to achieving your heart's desire!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tip#396: Follow Your Desired Destiny – Hereafter

Destiny: something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events

I've just experienced the best, most magical week since my life and career began to crash early this year. There have been so many career opportunities and synchronicities that they confirmed I'm still on track with my desired destiny despite recent life and career challenges (see tip#372)

The Marilyn Denis Show Audition

One of those opportunities included a video audition I created to be a regular on the new Marilyn Denis Show here in Toronto. I spent time writing the answers for the online entry form and culled footage of myself from last year's position as co-host on the video podcast show Mensch Life. My goal was to pitch myself as a Motivational Movie Expert. Here is the video: Click here

It felt like a magical step towards my destiny and dream of making a living from sharing my passion for movies. Creating the video was an absolute joy so I am fine with whatever the outcome is. I just felt fantastic from the whole week and it still got better when I followed my inner voice (and many synchronicities) to go see Clint Eastwood's new movie Hereafter. The movie ended up touching my soul so deeply I felt it was a motivational resource for even more exciting events to come into my life.

Hereafter 2010

The movie Hereafter tells of three parallel stories about three people affected by death in different ways. French journalist Marie (Cecile de France) survives a tsunami, a reluctant psychic George (Matt Damon) can communicate with the dead and young Marcus (Frankie McLaren) deals with the death of his twin brother Jason (George McLaren).

The film shows how each of the characters struggle with their experiences with death and how it alters their lives. Marie and Marcus are compelled to find answers to what happens to us when we die whereas George already knows there is an afterlife and views his gift mostly as a curse.

I was affected deeply from seeing this movie. There was a powerful mirror in all the main characters of times I've felt isolated and alone. And yet I was inspired by how they each persevered to follow their hearts. They each took action to follow their destinies despite the opposition of everyone around them. The results were extremely uplifting and inspiring to witness.

Deeply Satisfying

Going after what you want in your life or career takes courage and a strong will. Find the courage within you to take action towards your deepest desires. You'll be following a path that may define you as a specialist or expert in your chosen field. You may be creating a life for yourself that is exhilarating and deeply satisfying. You may be making a big difference in the lives around you.

In the end you'll be enjoying a journey full of passion. Isn't that a destiny you'd love to have?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tip#395: 15 Movies That Saved My Life This Year – Pecha Kucha Night

I recently gave a unique presentation at The Spoke Club here in Toronto at an event called Pecha Kucha Night. More than 220 cities around the world host such events. It revolves around having individuals talk about something they are passionate about with only 20 images and 20 seconds each. See more info: click here

These limiting factors are designed to make a presentation flow smoothly and quickly. The theme of this evening was "movies" so I created a new presentation called "15 Movies That Saved My Life This Year". It would mark my first public talk since my financial and life crash earlier this year.

I found it a challenge having only 20 seconds to describe each movie and yet the benefits are that it helped me FOCUS on exactly what I wanted to say. I was able to "trim the fat" and make it a streamlined expression of the most important factors I wanted the audience to receive.

Here are the 15 movies and roughly what I said in 20 seconds for each movie...

1) The Pursuit of Happyness 2006
The Pursuit of Happyness movie is based on a true story where the movie hero inspired me with his passion and optimism. He was also amazing at building supportive relationships with people. I felt if he could survive being homeless then I could too if it ever happened.

2) Cinderella Man 2005
Also based on a true story, the movie hero in Cinderella Man inspired me with his passion and his adaptability to find work during the great depression. He also maintained a positive attitude for many years and it was inspiring to see him get a second chance at his boxing career.

3) Rocky Balboa 2006
Rocky Balboa was the final chapter in the Rocky series and it showed how resilient he was after losing so much over the years including his wife Adrian. This movie really energized my own resilience in my current challenges of having to let go of most of the stuff I owned.

4) Peaceful Warrior 2006
Peaceful Warrior is filled with so many motivational messages that I could watch it over and over again. Being in the moment is one of those messages because even though I may feel pain in a problem I faced there was a lesson to be learned from that pain.

5) Groundhog Day 1993
Groundhog Day is one of my favourite movies and it inspired me to change my mindset about any negative attitudes I had. It's also helped me to see that I can transform my situations by helping others going through similar challenges. And being grateful for what I have was another message I got.

6) The Shawshank Redemption 1994
The Shawshank Redemption is another favourite movie that inspires me with the friendships the movie hero makes while in prison. And though he was actually innocent his perseverance and resourcefulness over the years was uplifting to watch.

7) Temple Grandin 2010
Temple Grandin is a TV movie based on a true story. It inspires me because I'm reminded of how important it is to visualize my goals. It also encourages me with how persistent this woman was despite being autistic. There are lots of other motivational messages in this movie.

8) The Blind Side 2009
The Blind Side is another movie based on a true story. It reminded me to always believe there are people who would help when I needed it most. During the past few months there have been many strangers that came to my aid and it always felt magical in some way.

9) The Invention of Lying 2010
The Invention of Lying is such a unique movie and it reminded me that I could create a more positive reality despite the problems that were right in front of me. It's like telling yourself a positive lie. Life was difficult but all these movies helped me believe that the impossible was possible.

10) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favourites in the Harry Potter series. The story introduced 2 magic spells that only worked when you focused on positive thoughts and memories. Hearing this spoke directly to my soul about how to deal with my own challenges.

11) Julie and Julia 2009
Julie and Julia is based on 2 true stories on 2 women who followed their passion for food. What inspired me most was how one of the women wrote a blog that became a successful career. My movie blog is my passion and I believe I'll have similar success with it as well.

12) Eat Pray Love 2010
Eat Pray Love movie is based on a true story and was a big mirror for what I was going through. I had to let go of almost all my furniture and belongings in order to move into a new, prosperous life. I was freeing myself from my past. This movie is also filled with many other helpful life tips.

13) Inception 2010
Inception was such a powerful movie and it reminded me about how important it was to focus on the reality I wanted. My challenge is that I have a multitude of passions. Focus, Focus, Focus! Focus is so important that I'll keep saying it over again. Focus, Focus, Focus!

14) Kick Ass 2010
The movie Kick Ass inspired me to be more assertive. All the superhero characters were so relentless and assertive that watching the movie was like getting a shot of testosterone! Being assertive gets things done. And I needed that energy when everything was collapsing in my life.

15) Avatar 2009
The final movie is Avatar which was so visually stunning that it instantly energized my imagination and my spirit. Whenever life gets too much to deal with a movie like Avatar took me away to another world and I always came back feeling fantastic. I was always ready to solve my challenges.

Focus Your Message

If you time each movie description you will see they are about 20 seconds or less. I wrote this as a script and rehearsed it out loud several times. Initially my scripts were longer and I had to cut it down because of the timing. It was tough and yet editing is the key to creating a clear message.

This is why Pecha Kucha presentations are a great learning experience for anyone doing public speaking. It will train you to be concise, precise and focused on exactly what you need to communication.

Communicating your wants, needs and opinions successfully to others means that you must be CLEAR with what you want to say. Learn to FOCUS your thoughts. And be conscious of every opportunity to practice articulating whatever you want to say.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tip#394: Trust Your Inner Voice Pt.2 - The Town

On a recent Sunday I felt the urge to see a certain movie because of the positive buzz it was generating. And though I almost talked myself out of seeing it I trusted in my inner voice and had an incredible movie experience.

It was an amazing sensation hearing this inner voice because it sounded so clear and almost external. You may call it a higher self or even your soul that was speaking. Either way I know this sense of clarity was a benefit from all the personal development I've done over the years to clear my mind, do regular meditations and focus inward for answers I sought.

The movie that got a lot of buzz in the media and here at the recent Toronto International Film Festival was Ben Affleck's The Town. By trusting the buzz and my inner voice I treated myself to an awesome film far beyond my expectations. It simply made me feel great! The story, the action scenes, the characters and their relationships drew me into their world and reminded me of why I loved movies so much.

The Town 2010

The film The Town is a crime story about a group of lifelong friends who come from a family of bank robbers in Boston Massachusetts. Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is the leader of this gang and soon finds himself conflicted when he falls in love with bank manager Claire (Rebecca Hall) who he first sees during the opening robbery.

This is an anti-hero story and best that you don't know anymore so you can experience for yourself how well-crafted this movie is. You will see how the hero makes decisions based on his heart and not his head. I invite you to trust your inner voice, take a risk and see this film.

Learn to trust your inner voice because it comes from your heart instead of your head. It's an important distinction and it takes time to separate them for yourself. Your head can over analyze things and can create justifiable doubts. Just remember one thing… Your inner voice is FREE from fear. So any inner thoughts you hear based on fear is not your authentic inner voice.

Enjoy your journey in discovering your authentic inner voice. Find the distinction between your head and heart speaking to you. Let your heart lead you to uplifting movies and answers you seek in your life.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tip#393: Learn What is Fact or Fiction - Facebook - The Social Network

At first I was worried that the Facebook movie called The Social Network would give social media a really bad name. I wasn't even sure if it was fictional or based on true events. So I went to see it and found out that it was a bit of both. Plus it had a very engaging story with lessons to be learned.

The movie spoke to me more about what to do and what NOT to do when you have a great idea. You see how entrepreneurs and business partners make decisions that have positive results or hurtful consequences to others. And the irony is that all of it revolves around the concept of making online friends on Facebook.

I read afterwards that the movie is based on Ben Mezrich's nonfiction novel, The Accidental Billionaires In real life the main character of the film, co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, is the world's youngest self-made billionaire at age 26. And, of this writing, Facebook has more than 500 million active users.

Actually the most stunning fact I learned about the movie after I saw it was that the twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, were played by one actor (with one body double). Armie Hammer worked with an acting coach to replicate the movements and speech patterns of the real life twins. Now I have to see the movie again and see the special effects of blending one actor seamlessly to interact with himself!

The Social Network 2010

The movie The Social Network is about the people who founded the online social networking website Facebook. The characters include Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) and Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) founder of co-founder of Napster.

It explores Zuckerberg's life while attending Harvard University and several lawsuits made against him. The film shows the rise of Facebook as it grows from one university usage to other US universities and then to a global level. The film not only explores how fast a great idea can spread but also the benefits and consequences of using social media.

In the end whatever information is put on social media like Facebook, printed in the media or even in movies based on true stories they must be viewed with a questioning mind. Take time to check out whether it is fact or fiction and you will enrich yourself and make well-informed opinions and decisions. And if either inspires you to achieve your dreams and goals than celebrate that result!


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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tip#392: Enjoy a Crazy Mix – Machete

There was one time in my life when mixing a hot waffle with ice cream seemed crazy until I tasted it. It was the same with combining mandarin oranges in a salad. Eventually I discovered I enjoyed the deliciousness of contrasting tastes and textures. So now I stay open to life's unusual combinations because I know it could be a pleasant surprise.

That's how I treated the idea of seeing the film Machete after watching a wild trailer online (click here to see). There was such a crazy mix of movie stars and TV actors that it looked bizarre seeing them together. Check out some of the cast:

Robert De Niro
Jessica Alba
Steven Seagal
Michelle Rodriguez
Cheech Marin
Don Johnson
Lindsay Lohan

The movie was actually born from a fake trailer for the movie Grindhouse that celebrated 70's exploitation B movies. That means, bad filming, scratches on the film, cheesy acting, lots of guns, blood and guts and naked girls. The fake trailer became so popular on Youtube that writer director Robert Rodriguez made a full movie based on it. I finally saw the film and had so much fun watching all these actors mix it up in this hilarious and over the top experience.

Machete 2010

The movie Machete is about an illegal immigrant Machete (Danny Trejo) who is a former Mexican Federale turned renegade. The story unfolds with double-crosses and then revenge which brings in the wild array of stars into the plot. De Niro plays a corrupt Senator, Steven Seagal an evil drug lord and Lindsay Lohan a nun with a gun.

The real enjoyment is seeing the actors doing their part in this cheesy B movie style film no matter how ridiculous the scenes are. You definitely need a healthy sense of humour to appreciate this type of movie.

Life is full of strange combinations. Whether it's different foods mixed together or a crazy choice of actors in a movie do your best to stay open to the results. You may discover something new, tasty and fun.

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