Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tip#83: Fantastic Chain Reactions - Stardust

Meeting just one new person in your life could create a chain reaction of opportunities. Imagine what would happen if several new people you meet create even more chain reactions. Then your journey of attracting what you want in your life and career would be catapulted onto the fast lane!

Since I started this series of blog tips I have written about certain persons I felt a strong connection to. They have since become close friends and key elements of subsequent blog tips. Here are just some of those who've created fantastic chain reactions:

Money Guru

The money guru friend I'd mentioned in tip#77 and tip#81 is actually the man I first wrote about meeting as I introduced the concept of synchronicity in tip#13. He's helped me see money in a more positive way and shares his comments and encouragement on almost every blog tip I've written. He's like an unexpected character in the movie of my life that's become a powerful ally on my journey. Though he is younger than I he reminds me of the wise Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings Trilogyor the character Socrates from the movie Peaceful Warrior(which he had recommended to me in the first place!) See tip#69.

Writing Guru

In tip#41 I wrote about a powerful synchronicity when I realized I was meant to publish these blog tips as a book. I wrote about being invited to a networking event called Mediabistro and discovered I was in a sea of professional writers! One of them has since become a close friend and my writing guru. She has helped me write queries to pitch my writing to newspapers, magazines and book publishers. Not only has she been very encouraging of my blog tips she continues to help accelerate me towards my goal of getting published. She's helped me immensely to enjoy this new world of writing.

Computer Tech Guru

My computer tech guru friend has given me so much learning and peace of mind about my computers. I have already written how he had helped me in tip#45 and tip#64. He is also the same person in tip#9 who recommended the Noni juice that has helped improve my immune system. As of this writing it is almost 10 months since I started drinking this juice and I haven't been sick once during this time. He is a very thoughtful soul and recently gave me a free Cineplex theatres movie ticket which was an unexpected gift.


I have been experimenting with Facebook as a social resource and find it has pros and cons. The positives, however, brought a dear friend from my past back into my life. We happily reconnected and she was very supportive of my recent decision to share my dream of finding my soulmate on my blog tips. She also recommended I see the new movie, Starduststarring Claire Danes and Michelle Pfeiffer. She said it was about finding your true love.

So I went to see the movie despite the fact I was low on cash and hadn't received any paycheques all summer. I was just going to put it on a credit card. To my surprise I went into my wallet and out pops that free movie ticket my computer tech guru friend gave me! I was meant to see Stardustno matter what.

The movie was a fantastic and magical story. It's a fairy tale for grownups with many colourful characters throughout helping the heroes on their journey. I'd like to share a beautiful quote that Danes's character says about true love but I'd rather you see the movie and discover how deeply uplifting it will be in your own life.

Stardustalso demonstrates what I have just shared about meaningful people that come onto your journey to help you achieve your goals and dreams. All you have to do is grab hold of the opportunities that are offered to you.

And the real key to receiving chain reactions of opportunities is to start them as well. Give and help the people in your life with what you know or whatever you have to make a positive difference. Nurture the relationships of new people you meet who you feel a connection to.

After all, you may each become a new guru friend to each other adding such spice, joy and learning to each of your lives!

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tip#82: Be A Magnet - 2 Movie Tips

Everyone is already using the law of attraction and not even realizing it. And once you are conscious of how you've been using it in your daily life you can then develop this skill and apply it to magnetizing your dreams and goals.

Recently I was led to another special event here in Toronto. 3 speakers from The SecretMovie appeared at Indigo Chapters to promote their new books. Dr. John Demartini, Marie Diamond and Bob Proctor were present and there was an excitement in the air for this free event.

When I arrived an hour before show time I saw that people had to line up to get into the limited seats area. While in line I had a nice chat with 2 women in front of me and mentioned this will be the 3rd time I've seen Bob Proctor live for free. They were surprised and asked how I could have done that and I said simply, "law of attraction".

That encounter reminded me that I had a natural gift for magnetizing invitations and special events I wanted to attend or needed to be at. Ever since my 20's I always received invitations to exciting events and parties. Over the years I've attended countless art gallery openings, book launches, birthday events, film festival parties, etc.

It was fun and I met many key people that became important in my life and career because of these social opportunities. At the time though I never saw that I was, in fact, attracting these events and invitations into my life.

The turning point was when I saw The Secretmovie for the first time last year. A light switched on inside me and I became more conscious that I was a natural magnet for events I was meant to be at. I had always been using the law of attraction and didn't even know it. Now I am attracting even more exciting events to attend.

I loved that scene in The Secretmovie where they showed the little boy dreaming about the bike he wanted. They showed him cutting the picture of this bike out of a catalog so he could gaze at it over and over again. He even drew a picture of what he wanted. I remembered doing all this when I was a kid! I believe we all had our inner magnets active since we were children.

A Christmas Story

Little Ralphie did the same thing in the movie classic, A Christmas Story. He wanted something so much for Christmas that he thought about it all the time. He was sending out that magnetic energy with his positive thoughts and feelings.

And whenever he was asked about what he wanted for Christmas he immediately blurted out, "I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!" Ralphie's dream came true on Christmas Day.

Everyone has a powerful magnet inside themselves. You just need to believe it is there and recognize you've already been using the law of attraction in other areas of your life. It may be little things that you've taken for granted. Start by looking at the things in your life that come easily to you.

*Finding parking spaces
*Finding right clothes
*Finding great restaurants and food
*Finding right jobs
*Finding quick solutions at work
*Finding specific places
*Getting good deals
*Getting perfect seat on buses, theatres, etc.
*Meeting significant people

Be more conscious in your day, on your way to work, doing your shopping or doing things around your home. Look at the little moments of your day and see if there are any patterns. Recognizing patterns will be the doorway to understanding how certain things came easily into your life. Allow yourself to view the process of your life in a whole new and exciting way.

You are already using law of attraction. Take time to understand the process of how you've achieved previous goals and then apply them to other areas. Then you'll see magic unfold! Remember you are already a powerful magnet.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tip#81: Synchronicities With Street Kids - 2 Movie Tips

Meaningful encounters can happen anywhere at anytime. Every person you come across or who approaches you can bring important messages. These synchronicities can be filled with breakthrough ideas and epiphanies for you. You just have to be open to whoever delivers it.

Recently I was feeling stuck about improving my relationship with money. I needed guidance so I thought about my friend I called my money guru. Law of attraction flowed easily that day and he was synchronistically free that afternoon to meet. He also wanted to borrow my Groundhog DayDVD so I could give it to him then as well.

I asked him about new ways to look at money and the street kids in the city. I was beginning to feel there was a higher reason for why I've crossed paths with them many times over the years in my neighborhood. Once in awhile I do give what I can to these panhandlers though I felt there's a deeper reason for why I encounter them often.

My friend reminded me of the money tips he'd previously told me before. One tip was that in order to get money you have to first give money. This is similar to Earl Nightingale's The Strangest Secret recording where he says...

"No man can get rich himself unless he enriches others."
Earl Nightingale

It's also the same message shared and demonstrated by Bob Proctor star of The Secret movie. I've written before that I had attended 2 of Proctor's seminars he had offered for free. I have experienced his generosity further with free books he had given out. Of course there is a marketing purpose for giving away freebies but in the end I felt grateful and enriched for receiving these gifts.

As I continued to listen to my money guru 2 powerful synchronicities occurred...

Synchronicity #1:
Groundhog Daymovie

My money guru friend reminded me to give whatever I could to others and do it from the heart. The synchronicity that hit me was his tip is demonstrated in the Groundhog DayDVD I had brought for my friend. In the film, Bill Murray's character, Phil passes a street beggar over and over again during his time loop experience.

At first he clearly cares nothing for him. But as he begins to utilize his repeating days to become a better person he starts to see the old beggar as a fellow human being. He does everything he can to help him, giving the beggar money and later feeding him huge meals at the local diner. Phil does everything he can to make the old beggar feel better. This is what my money guru friend was helping me to understand.

Synchronicity #2:
Pizza and Pop

After our enlightening conversation, my money guru friend treated us to pizza and pop. As we sat in the pizza place and waited for our order a filthy street kid suddenly came in, reached into the garbage bin right next to us and pulled out a half eaten slice of pizza.

I was stunned because it was so unexpected and yet I was very conscious we were meant to witness that. It was not just a random event. It meant something bigger and we both knew it. After our meal we walked out towards the corner of Queen West and Spadina Avenue.

As we waited at the corner so my friend could cross the street to go home an amazing thing happened. That same street kid who took the food out of the trash at the pizza place happened to be standing right next to us as I was saying goodbye to my friend. When my friend turned to cross the road this street kid immediately turned to me and offered the rest of that half eaten piece of pizza he had pulled out of the trash. He said he was full and that I could have the rest.

Time stood still for a moment. After all, I had just learned from my friend about giving to others and here was a street kid offering whatever he had to me!

So I said no thanks to the street kid and then offered him my pop my friend had bought for me. He graciously took it and said thank you. I walked away feeling great and astounded that something magical had just occurred.

Pay It Forward

The next day I told my friend what had happened and he excitedly reminded me of the movie, Pay It Forwardwith Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt. It's a powerful movie about doing a good deed for someone and in turn that person does a good deed for another. Eventually good deeds would spread from city to city and change the world for the better.

In the end this street kid experience reminded me deeply and profoundly that synchronicities are here to show us how to be better human beings. Generosity of spirit is a powerful state to be in. And it shows us the way to achieve our dreams and goals while helping others achieve theirs.

Remember every encounter you have has much learning as long as you are awake to the opportunities. All you have to do is be open to whoever delivers the special message to you.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tip#80: Speak Your Mind - Forrest Gump

Making connections with others can only happen if you overcome your fears. Learning to express yourself and not care about how you will look to others is key to building self-confidence. Speaking your heart and mind is a core skill that can initiate authentic connections.

A Mystery Message

On the hot afternoon of Thursday August 2nd I checked my emails after being out the whole day and saw I received a Facebook message from a woman I didn't know. I had been included as part of a thread of group messages and saw from their photos they were mostly women. It had been a sweltering, exhausting day in Toronto so seeing these smiling faces made my day.

I saw one familiar face originally from Toronto who was currently living in Minneapolis so I thought maybe he started this email chain. So I immediately sent a group reply saying that I didn't know how I got on this Facebook group but it made my day seeing all these beautiful women. I also asked if my friend was responsible for all these pretty faces.

I thought why not flirt a little? After all I was single and I really thought the girls looked attractive.

Well I got a private email response back from my friend who clarified that the group messages were from his earlier notice about the devastating bridge collapse in Minneapolis the day before. He was letting friends and family know that he was safe.

I immediate felt many emotions. First I was glad my friend wasn't on the bridge and then secondly I felt bad for having sent out a flirtatious message. I cringed thinking about the awful responses I would receive.

That night I saw footage on the news about the catastrophe and loss of lives. There were shocking images of the collapsed bridge and strewn cars and trucks. It was a horrible scene reminding me of 9/11. I then thought about what I had written on the group email and wished I could've erased it. But a part of me told me it was okay and not to focus on the negative.

A Surprise

The next morning I went to check my email and saw there were almost a dozen replies. I took a gulp and began to read. Right away there was one email that didn't appreciate my flirty email. But after that I was surprised to read that people were having fun and taking the flirting topic further, sharing their own thoughts on it.

One person shared how popular my friend in Minneapolis was with the girls back in high school. Another shared how great it was that he will live on to share his pheromones. I then got to witness one person reconnect with someone they went to the same high school with that was mentioned previously. I had unintentionally created a chain of light-hearted dialogues.

I immediately sent an email to the group explaining how at first I felt bad for sending that flirtatious message. I mentioned that after thinking of the bridge disaster it reminded me of how short life really was. Not expressing yourself when you have the time with others around you is a terrible thing. And I was glad I just did it. I expressed myself and it created some fun for others.

Forrest Gump (1994)

The comedy drama movie, Forrest Gumpwas inspiring because Forrest wasn't a smart man but still spoke his truth no matter what. Tom Hanks played Forrest who spoke his heart and mind all the time leading him to meet many famous people like Elvis and President Kennedy. In some way he made an impact on all of them.

There was a scene where Forrest was telling a stranger at a bus stop he was the millionaire shrimp corporation owner. The stranger just laughed at him not believing what he said. Forrest then shows a Fortune magazine cover photo of himself to another stranger proving what he said was true. Yes speaking your truth can sometimes get you laughed at but it will eventually empower your confidence. Just say what you want to say.

Building Bridges

Upon reflection, what amazed me the most about my group email experience was a great metaphor for bridges. From the original topic of a bridge collapsing I saw new bridges being created between friends and strangers via the online forum. Expressing yourself does build a bridge between you and others. Some may choose not to cross and some will. That's just life.

To my delight one person did cross my bridge. And I realized that it was actually from the woman who sent the original message I clicked on about this group email. She wrote, "I don't care what anyone else says... Emmanuel... You won me over with that line... Wanna be my friend?"

Well, her response made my summer. To me it didn't matter if she was single or not. I had made a genuine connection for just expressing myself.

Life's too short to not express yourself with anyone you want to. Share your thoughts when you feel the urge. Be courageous and speak your heart and mind. Take the initiative and great new connections could come of it. New bridges will be built.

And accept that not everyone will connect with you. At the very least you will build a stronger connection with your own self-confidence.

"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes."
Maggie Kuhn

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tip#79: Messages From The Alchemist - Bicentennial Man

Everyone at some time will receive their calling in life. They get a powerful thought or feeling about what they've always wanted to do, what they're meant to do and perhaps what their life purpose is all about. The challenge is answering and committing to the journey of that calling.

If you do follow your calling the universe will do everything to help you achieve your dream through synchronistic meetings, serendipity and omens. Only when you are on the path will you realize you're journey is full of learning.

Since I was young, my calling has been to use my talents to make people smile and feel good. Knowing my calling came easily because I loved using my creativity to do this. Later I was compelled to document and share my journey of my struggles and successes with the world. I loved helping people who felt depressed, lost and alone with my writing, art, music and motivational messages.

I just felt guided to share how I'm overcoming my mid-life transitions, financial challenges and how I discovered my career/life purpose. It hasn't been easy but I knew this was my purpose in life. The challenge now was a growing calling I've resisted to openly share my personal dream for finding my soul mate.

The Alchemist

Sharing my personal goals of finding my special love in my last blog (Tip#78) was a risk for me. I discussed it with friends and an amazing synchronicity helped me see it was the right thing to do. A few days before posting my previous tip I had 2 back-to-back meetings with people who didn't know each other. And yet they both asked if I had read the book The Alchemistby Paulo Coelho.

Both times I had this shiver go up my spine. I hadn't read it and knew nothing about the book but was fully aware it was a synchronistic message for me. I had known about the book for many years but was finally compelled to read it now.

Within 24 hours I had a copy of The Alchemistin my hands and began to read it. It's a magical story about a shepherd boy who has a dream he will find hidden treasure at the pyramids of Egypt. When he decides to follow this dream he embarks on a journey where he meets the right people at the right time to help him with each step.

He learns about omens that are always everywhere. This, of course, is another term for serendipity and synchronistic signs. They are always present when one decides to answer their calling as the shepherd boy learns. In the book a calling is referred to as one's Personal Legend that the shepherd boy follows despite all the many obstacles he encounters.

What I loved most about the book is that it is somewhat romantic because along the journey the shepherd boy meets the love of his life. He is willing to give up his calling to be with her. His lesson was to not give up on his dream as she will be there for him when he finishes his task.

This inspired me deeply since I've maintained my difficult and sometimes lonely journey. The book reminded me to keep believing I'll eventually find the love of my life. Who knows maybe, just like in the story, I've met her already!

Bicentennial Man (1999)

I am reminded of the sci fi comedy drama movie, Bicentennial Manstarring Robin Williams as an android named Andrew. His calling was to improve himself making himself more and more human. His journey takes him around the world as he learns to behave more like a human being and invent new methods of creating human-like body parts and facial features (more at tip#48).

Watch now: Amazon Prime

Amazingly, Andrew even finds a special, loving woman who doesn't care that he is flesh and blood like her. Andrew followed his calling, made is dreams come true and found a woman he loved and loved him back.

Life's Too Short

So have you heard your calling yet? Perhaps you have but chose to ignore it. Maybe your calling is to play a musical instrument or write a book. Maybe you're meant to be a great chef because you love food. Maybe your calling is to face your deepest fears.

Or maybe your calling is to learn how to overcome whatever life is throwing at you and to keep moving forward. If so, you're calling will be like the shepherd boy in The Alchemistand your story will be an inspiration to others.

Life's too short not to take risks and follow your dreams. The road you take may be challenging and even painful but the rewards will be deeply satisfying as in The Alchemist story. And when you follow your calling know that you will never be alone. You are never alone.

The right people and right signs will always come to help you.

"So, why is it so important to live our personal calling if we are only going to suffer more than other people? Because, once we have overcome the defeats – and we always do – we are filled by a greater sense of euphoria and confidence."
From the introduction of The Alchemist

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tip#78: Disconnect In Order To Reconnect - Music and Lyrics

There are times when you feel disconnected from life. You don't get what you were expecting and suddenly you are left in a state of limbo. You feel unplugged and not sure what to do next. Sometimes it's necessary to get disconnected in order to reconnect with your core goals.

Last weekend was a long weekend here in Toronto and I did my best to get out of the city for a mini vacation. I even used law of attraction to magnetize an ideal getaway where I could swim with a friend in a warm, clear lake and breathe in some northern trees and a crackling campfire smell. Alas nothing materialized and I ended up stuck in downtown Toronto. I felt pretty down and wondered what went wrong. I felt a little lonely.

I did my best to stay positive and applied Earl Nightingale's The Strangest Secrettips from his recording to keep optimistic. Somehow though I knew my place in the city was where I was suppose to be. I just had to let go of all my previous expectations and trust in my situation.

My spirit felt exhausted. By feeling disconnected I entered that space I've been before where it feels a bit uncomfortable being in a state of doing nothing. I felt unproductive. But doing nothing was doing something. My true needs and goals in life were filtering to the top of my mind.

And I began to think about some core desires that my soul wanted me to remember. What came up were 2 core goals that revolved around relationships.

Core Goals:

1) Business Relationships:

I realized I needed to build business alliances with experts to help my career goals become a reality. My vision for my motivational programs and self-help book (and many other exciting projects) will require keen strategizing and management. The most important business move now was to learn how to co-create a successful business with someone. So I spent part of the long weekend preparing an outline and overview of my many motivational products I'd developed. I was already attracting potential business alliances so I wanted to be clear and ready to present my business needs.

2) Personal Relationships:

I realized I wished I had a special person to have shared the long weekend with. Having a special woman to share my life journey with would be a dream come true. For whatever reasons I just haven't found her yet. Now this is a whole other area of my life where I have been using law of attraction and been documenting the funny and amazing synchronistic stories I've experienced so far. I will slowly share more details on future blogs because there are parallels of learning with business alliances I want to attract. For now I will remain optimistic that I will find her.

And so I wrote down these core goals and keep them in my pocket as I've learned is an important part of the law of attraction process. Thanks to Earl Nightingale's motivational recording the repetition of this exercise is mandatory to achieving success (see tip#77).

So by holiday Monday I had fully surrendered that I was not getting out of the city. I ended up choosing an alternative and enjoyed a nearby outdoor public pool. I felt a little better afterwards but something was still missing. It would have been nice to have shared that moment with a special girl.

At the end of that day I remembered the law of attraction and to visualize what I wanted in a personal relationship. The method worked as I felt compelled to rent a dvd of a romantic movie. That step made so much sense so I went to my favourite dvd rental store and was immediately drawn to the film, Music and Lyrics.

Music and Lyrics (2007)

The romantic comedy film, Music and Lyricsstars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Grant played a musician from a fictional popular 80's band who needed to find a lyricist to help resurrect his career. He finds Barrymore and together they create this amazing love song called 'Way Back Into Love'. The music and lyrics they co-created together lifted my soul and filled me with overflowing hope. What an unexpectedly fun time I had watching how their relationship unfold. The movie reminded me that I would eventually find the love I seek. I just needed to stay optimistic and keep believing.

So by the end of the long weekend on that Monday evening I felt re-energized once again by the power of movies. I felt so different from the rest of the weekend. I was back to my optimistic self and much clearer with my core goals.

Feeling disconnected can be highly beneficial. If you find yourself in that situation allow yourself to surrender to it. Stay optimistic that this place is where you are suppose to be even if you feel you are doing nothing. And remember that doing nothing is doing something. Important messages from deep inside you are pushing their way to the forefront of your thoughts and you need the space to listen.

And always remember you can use the law of attraction to magnetize the help you need. Movies are a great resource because the characters, visuals and music can lift you up and fill you with hope. Movies can also keep you company when you're feeling alone.

Emmanuel Lopez
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tip#77: The Power In Repetition, Part 1 - Groundhog Day

Sometimes we are quick to dismiss something we have heard several times before. Some people might even refer to it as listening to a broken record. But there is power in repetition because the looping message may be an important key to making your dreams come true.

I recently went to see Bob Proctorlive for the 2nd time just north of Toronto during a heat wave on July 31st. He only added to the heat because his messages were hot stuff! Even though I heard some of it before at his last seminar in Toronto I picked up fresh perspectives to inspire myself.

This time he expanded more on that important factor missing from the movie, The Secretfor making the law of attraction work. That factor was 'paradigms' (see tip#56). His definition of paradigms was helpful because it is not based on anything academic or scientific. Bob simply says, "Paradigms is a multitude of habits."

These habits originate mostly from other people we were surrounded by growing up. We have to learn to be more conscious of what habits belong to others and which ones are truly our own. One way to de-program yourself of unauthentic habits and paradigms is through the repetition of new, positive information.

The Strangest Secret

Bob likes to talk about repetition through the turning point in his life with his discovery of the classic motivational recording by Earl Nightingale called The Strangest Secret. Bob said he used to listen to it every day in his car with a portable record player powered by batteries. The repetition helped change his old paradigms by introducing new ones with positive and proven methods for success. He was rewiring his brain.

One of my friends, who had been my 'money guru' for past few months, had been helping me create new paradigms with money. Synchronistically he mentioned a few weeks ago that repetition was important for absorbing new information. At different meetings he would talk about the power in repetition again and again.

At the time it didn't really sink in but I finally 'got it' when I heard Bob punctuate that fact at his seminar. A light bulb seemed to turn on over my head! Repetition did it's job.

Groundhog Day (1993)

The romantic comedy movie, Groundhog Dayresonates with many people because they can relate to Bill Murray’s character caught living the same day over and over again (see tip#24). Getting caught in a loop in life is a paradox because it is a frustrating situation as well as a necessary place of learning. The repetitive loop is there to slap you to see the message in the loop about your old habits and the need to create new ones.

In the film, Murray's character, Phil finally 'got it' after countless days repeating. Phil was forced to see that his old selfish habits would never get what he wanted. He finally realized he needed to change his paradigms in order to break out of his loop. He needed to think of others first.

By surrendering to his situation, giving himself time and having a desire for change he created new, authentic, effective habits. Phil ended up finding true happiness, respect for himself, respect from others and even finding love with a woman who loved this new him.

Same Messages

Repetition is a good thing. When you really look at it all the motivational and self-help information around the world is nothing new. It's just packaged differently. It's there in all its different and diverse vehicles to attract you in a way that fits your current paradigms and preferences. The irony is the messages are all the same. The same core messages can be heard in Nightingale's classic recording of The Strangest Secret.

The day after Bob's seminar I did some online research and found a link where you can download the recording for free. I have already listened to it many times and am feeling energized by the repetition.

So treat yourself to this empowering recording. I am providing the link here as my little gift to you. Let it's positive messages fill you with enthusiastic hope. And if you are drawn to listening to it again then the repetition will work it's magic. Enjoy!

Click here to listen or download The Strangest Secret:

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