Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tip#294: Be Determined – The Blue Butterfly

Determined: Having one's mind made up; unwavering.

As I write this I am determined to solve a financial challenge before the end of working day today. This is where I will put into full practice everything I have been writing about in my blog. And that is to stay passionate, energized and believe in my optimistic mindset.

There comes a time in your life or career when you are faced with impossible barriers or roadblocks. Developing an optimistic mindset allows you to see this obstacle free of any negative emotions. It's because you have trained yourself to have faith in your abilities and be determined to overcome any challenge.

The Blue Butterfly

The movie The Blue Butterfly inspires determination and faith. Based on a true story, a Canadian boy named Pete is terminally ill with cancer and has one final wish to find a special butterfly called the Blue Morpho. His determination convinces one entomologist to take him into the jungles of Costa Rica.

At first the entomologist (William Hurt) refuses this boy's request but Pete never gave up asking. And even in the jungle when all seemed hopeless his faith was unwavering. He not only finds this magical butterfly he also leaves the jungle cured of his cancer.

The amazing thing is that this cure happened to the real boy (David Marenger). I like to believe that it was his faith in pursuing his dream that empowered his spirit, mind and body. It was his mindset that made the impossible become possible.

This movie and mindset concept is what I am going to think about to fill me with positive emotional energy and believe I will accomplish my goal for today. I have unwavering faith.

So remember that anything that appears impossible is only a mindset. Believe that you can transform these thoughts by being passionate about what you want in your life or career. Fill yourself with "feel good" energy and that will empower your positive mindset.

Be determined to go after what you want. I'll be rooting for you and so will others around you!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tip#293: The 2nd Key to Success is Mindset – Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Mindset: A fixed mental attitude that predetermines a person's response to and interpretations of situations.

As mentioned in the previous tip#292 your passion is the fuel that energizes your drive towards success. Your mindset is what controls the direction and speed to that success. That's why learning to be mindful of how you think, act and react on a daily basis determines how fast you will achieve your success.

A positive mindset is something every single person must build in order to cultivate optimism, confidence, perseverance, persistence, determination, and resilience. For some these characteristics come easily and for others they must be developed.

For some, like myself, you may have to go deep within yourself to deprogram many years worth of old habits of debilitating thinking (see tip#271 and tip#286). This is a big part of why I write this blog, I love sharing the journey of how I am creating indestructible optimism. For you it may also take months or years but eventually YOU WILL become the master and commander of your own life, career or business.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2003

The movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World features an inspiring hero with an outstanding mindset. Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) demonstrates what it takes to achieve success.

During the Napoleonic Wars of 1805, Captain Aubrey commands the British ship, HMS Surprise to battle a far superior ship called the Acheron. Aubrey's years of experience is what honed his optimistic mindset, determination and resilience. So when faced with unexpected challenges he is always in command of his thoughts, decisions and actions.

And his passion helped add to the inspiration of his loyal crew. Aubrey's compassion for every single crew member young and old was equal and unwavering. He shared his passion as much as he shared his knowledge, courage, confidence and all the other characteristics of a great leader.

Do A Mindset Check

So do your best to be the leader of your own life, career, job or business. Make it your daily goal to be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Learn to focus on the present moment so you feel in command of what you say and the actions you take.

Feed your mind with the myriad of motivational materials the world has to offer. Be inspired by successful individuals in the world of business, entertainment, sports or other heroes you may have. Learn about the positive mindsets they created for themselves that led them to their dreams and goals.

And remember you will always have your favourite movie heroes to mirror your hidden strengths and skills!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tip#292: The 1st Key to Success is Living Your Passion – Mrs. Doubtfire

The key to success in your career and life centers on identifying and living your passions. What you love AND love to do is the core factor for magnetizing your dreams and goals.

I am excited to announce that I have designed a new website for It was truly an eye-opening exercise in redefining my services and articulating a brand identity with even more sizzle. And it is the result of months of focusing my passion for how I can help others achieve their own dreams and goals. See website:

A big thanks to everyone that's been advising me especially to a5MEDIA for the business brand analysis I received before the summer. Their expertise helped me look inwards at my "corporate soul" and think carefully about my original career goals and what I loved most about my profession. And since I have many passions I needed to take a passion check and identify the core of these passions.

Mrs. Doubtfire 1993

A movie with a strong underlying message about living your passions is Mrs. Doubtfire. Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is an eccentric actor specializing in voicing cartoon characters. When he loses his job and experiences challenges as a separated father wanting to see more of his kids, Daniel becomes their nanny by transforming himself into an elderly British woman named Euphegenia Doubtfire.

The scene that exemplifies successful results from demonstrating your passion is when Daniel is working as a shipping clerk at a television studio. He secretly starts clowning around with toy dinosaurs on a TV show set unleashing his natural creative skills. His creative expression IS his passion.

The CEO of the television studio happens to be passing by and sees Daniel's passion in action. He loves what he sees so much that he offers Daniel a job hosting a children's TV show.

Do A Passion Check

So if you find yourself in a career transition or simply feeling stuck in your career or life it's time for you to do a passion check. It's time to take inventory of what you love and love doing and integrate it somehow into your career and life.

There are many ways to rediscover your passions. Look back at what you loved doing as a child and see if there are connections to what you are doing today either in your spare time or at work.

Look at the topics of your favourite magazines and newspaper sections you are compelled to read on a regular basis. Be aware of your favourite websites that you are compelled to go to on a daily or weekly basis. These are examples of passions!

Your passions and personal interests hold the key to a career and life you will truly enjoy. Take a step today to identify something you love to do.

Saturday, Oct, 3, 2009 1 – 4pm
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tip#291: Persevere and Find Your Hidden Strengths – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Toronto International Film Festival has just ended for 2009 and I was sick in bed the entire week. And though you might think it was a slow period I was actually very active researching a stronger business model and fine-tuning my business identity.

At least I was able to watch live TV coverage of the movie stars being interviewed here in Toronto. I saw Drew Barrymore talk about her directorial debut of her movie Whip It. It was inspiring to hear her say she'd been looking for a movie she was passionate about to direct for 10 years. She said it was worth the wait saying, "Slow and steady wins the race."

Thankfully I had a friend and colleague who invited me to one film festival film on the last day. I was able to pull myself out for what turned out to be an exciting gala opening at the Winter Garden Theatre. Fans outside were screaming for the East Indian stars coming in and later the cast and crew were on stage to present the movie.

The film was called Road, Movie and is indeed a road movie set in India. It's a story about a young man named Vishnu (Abhay Deol) on a journey to drive his uncle's fanciful truck that is an old traveling movie theatre. Along the way he not only meets supportive characters he also finds his inner strengths.

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

I was later reminded of The Lord Of The Rings movies and how Frodo Baggins (Elijah Woods) had a goal to deliver a magic ring to a far off destination. Along the way he too meets supportive characters that help him on his quest that stretches into a long, perilous adventure.

By the end of the trilogy Frodo demonstrates courage, resilience and leadership qualities. Much like Vishnu in Road, Movie they both face nasty people, struggle through desolate lands and periods of having no food or water. Whatever happened they persevered.

All these parallels made me think about my own journey of my career transition and how long it has been in stabilizing my finances. Drew Barrymore's message ended up being extremely meaningful, timely and inspiring...

"Slow and steady wins the race."

So if you are on a journey yourself that seems to stretching out much longer than you ever imagined remember to persevere. Remember all of your movie heroes who found their inner courage, resilience and leadership skills along their own struggles.

Learn to be the leader and hero of your own life story in order to face the challenges that block your path. That's what movie heroes are there for. They are there to mirror your hidden strengths and abilities!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tip#290: The Power of Sharing On Facebook – Oprah’s Flash Mob Dance – Be Kind Rewind

Social media like Facebook and blogging will amaze you with how social networking can connect you with people around the world instantly. Most importantly it can energize and open your mind to a new world of communicating.

2012 Comment on Facebook

Two examples happened recently about how social media increased opportunities for sharing my interests and skills. I recently received a Facebook comment on my 2012 song video from a teenager who didn't find my song very positive despite the positive lyrics. I then sent him a link to my blog post (tip#223: Embrace an Optimistic Future) that will hopefully help him develop a more optimistic mindset.

So, through social media I shared something meaningful to me (my 2012 song video) and attracted someone who did not agree and yet was seeking guidance. Through social networking I was able to share my motivational skills to make a difference in his life. Read Facebook comments: here

Oprah's Flash Mob Dance

The other example was the link I shared on my Facebook wall. I posted the video of the stunning flash mob dance on Oprah's opening show for her 24th season. If you are ever having a bad start to your day you must see this video of 21,000 people dancing in unison! It will lift your spirits into the stratosphere and beyond! See: Flash mob dance video

Social media allowed this video to be available for the world to see who missed this live event (like I did) and share it with your own contacts. When I shared this video I instantly received several comments thanking me for posting the video. And now I am sharing it on this blog which may be forwarded to even more people!

Be Kind Rewind

One movie that inspires the power of social media and spirit of social networking is the comedy Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black. In the story all the VHS tapes of a video store get destroyed so two friends decide to re-create the movie Ghost Busters so one customer can watch it on video.

The concept sounds crazy but that one video starts to circulate through word-of-mouth buzz and creates such a massive interest with other customers that they demand more movies made in the same, crude fashion as Ghost Busters.

What ends up happening is the entire neighbourhood becomes involved in the film-making process. They become part of the passion they were initially attracted to generated by that first video.

That's what social media is all about. It's about expressing what is meaningful to you and the meaningful connections you make. It's about sharing your knowledge, information, skills and gifts that can make a difference in other people's lives.

So discover the power of sharing on Facebook. It will help you connect with like-minded people around the world. It will activate your optimistic mindset and see the value of this important new world of networking.

Most of all social media is a way to connect with individuals so fast that it will seem like magic!

Join me now on:

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tip#289: Are You Having Fun? - Bandidas

Despite the challenges and problems you face remember to focus on the bright side of life. Training yourself a little every day to have fun and feel good helps you achieve this optimistic mindset.

For the first time in years I recently indulged in the joy of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. To my delight they were just as delicious as I remembered as a kid. The warm crispness and chocolaty textures sent my feelings soaring. And being conscious of these positive feelings at these heightened moments will make a world of difference in your life.

Becoming aware of every activity that makes you feel good trains your mind to accept more feel good energy and thoughts into your life. Over time your thought patterns alter so your mindset defaults to an optimistic point of view.


A movie that was all about good old fashion fun was the western comedy Bandidas starring Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. The story is about 2 Mexican women who join forces in turn-of-the-century Mexico to help their people against a cruel, murderous US land baron (Dwight Yokum).

And despite that dark description this movie is full of light. There was a sense of fun that permeates the story and all the characters. In fact it looks as if all actors had a ball making this movie. For example it was fun seeing Cruz and Hayek argue about who was a better kisser by demonstrating their techniques on a man they had tied up to question.

The lightness saturating this film is a great example of that necessary fun you must have every day of your life. Keeping fun alive is the key to enjoying the ups and down of your journey.

So do your best to be conscious of activities that bring you joy. Watch a favourite movie that you've always loved. Close your eyes and enjoy the taste of a favourite childhood treat. And if you are feeling down let yourself indulge in this childhood favourite to activate your positive emotional energy.

It's fun to feel good! What will you do today to have some fun?

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
Dale Carnegie

"We've got to learn hard things in our lifetime, but it's love that gives you the strength. It's being nice to people and having a lot of fun and laughing harder than anything, hopefully every single day of your life."
Drew Barrymore

"Fun is good."
Dr. Suess

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tip#288: The Key to Happiness, Part 1 – Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

You can find many inspiring quotes about the key to happiness from successful people around the world. And yet it can be exhilarating to discover them unexpectedly just by watching a movie!

One of the primary skills I teach professionals is how to build an optimistic mindset. It's the ability to recognize the hidden benefits within the blocks they face in their career or life. This especially applies to movies because even a lackluster film can contain a silver lining or gift for you.

And you will know when that special movie moment happens. You feel it. It may be a scene that mirrors a challenge you are currently facing. Or it is something the movie hero says that tugs on your heart or resonates in your mind. That is the moment the universe speaks directly to you through the magic of cinema.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

The movie, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian is an example of a movie that isn't so great but has a great movie message. The film is a sequel that follows former night watchman Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) in another adventure in a museum where the wax figures and artifacts all come to life at night.

The film also features historical figures such as Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) and Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams). The motivating message that comes is initiated by Roosevelt at the beginning when he is about to tell Larry the key to happiness. Unfortunately he is unable to finish his sentence.

Amelia then plants the seeds of the answer to Larry throughout their adventures together in the Smithsonian museum. By the end of the film he reunites with Roosevelt and says about the key to happiness...

"I think I figured it out. It's doing what you love. With people you love."

That was a powerful statement that was the silver lining of the movie for me. The key to happiness is doing what you love with people that you love. And that can apply to both your personal life and your career.

So keep an open mind when it comes to movies that have received negative reviews or bad word-of-mouth. If you are compelled to see a movie it is because the universe is leading you to a resource that can empower your thoughts and re-energize your heart.

Build yourself an optimistic mindset. The messages and answers you seek are always nearby. Even in the movies!

"Happiness only real when shared."
Into The Wild

"You and I, we know the secret to life. It’s butter."
Last Holiday

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tip#287: Activate Your Innate Courage – The Tale of Despereaux

Courage: The state of mind or quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear.

It's been sunny for days here in Toronto. I've had a great week and a fantastic start to my business for the fall season. Speaker bookings have been flowing and new clients have been initiated. Opportunities continue to come my way. And despite a challenging summer it's due to tapping into my innate mindset of optimism and courage.

We are all born with positive mindsets that just need to be activated. The challenge is that most of us were programmed at an early age NOT accept or express the power within us. We were NOT encouraged to be the strong, courageous souls that we truly are.

That's why there are many motivational resources available to help encourage you to be the best you can be. Reprogramming your mind with resources like the ones I've been using (see tip#271: Getting To The Core) is the key to achieving the success you desire. Thankfully we also have cinematic role models to help remind you of your hidden strengths and abilities.

The Tale of Despereaux

Based on a children's fantasy book, The Tale of Despereaux is an animated film with a fantastic cinematic role model in the title hero. Despereaux is a young mouse who was born fearless and with his eyes literally wide-open to the world's wonders.

While other mice were expected to be fearful of life, Despereaux feared nothing. In fact all the adult mice were so worried about his "unusual" situation that they embark on programming him to "cower". This absurdity punctuates the sad truth of what happens to humans consciously or unconsciously growing up.

But as the narrator says, though he was small even by mice standards, in his own mind Despereaux was a giant. This is a great message for the visualizing techniques you can learn to unleash your inner strengths. Picture what it is that you want and believe it deeply despite what others tell you.

So activate your innate courage to face your challenges and fears. You were born with courage. Activate your optimistic mindset that allows you to SEE the positives in the negatives in front of you. You have what it takes inside you to move forward with confidence.

Remember that success begins with your thoughts so that's where the steps to success begins. Think courageous thoughts and YOU ARE courageous!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tip#286: Face Your Dark Side - Revolver

Ego: In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality.

More unusual synchronicities have happened to me recently. On my way to a friend's home via a streetcar I looked out the right-hand windows and saw a thick, dark sky with billowing storm clouds. Out the left-hand windows I saw a perfectly clear and gorgeous blue sky with pillowy white clouds. The contrast was staggering.

Later as I sat in my friend's living room he commented on how strange the sunlight was peeking through his curtains and covering only half of my face. I realized the universe was mirroring to me a deep, important message about the light and dark sides to myself.

I knew this dark side had to do with the negative talk going on in my head. Everyone has these voices and they either support your decisions or they fuel your fears and talk you out of doing what you truly desire. Some call it your ego.

Last year I was introduced to a book by Dr. Shad Helmstetter called
What to Say When you Talk To Yourself which opened my eyes (and inner ears!) to the negative talk in my head. I realized that this is how my subconscious fears build roadblocks to my dreams and goals (see tip#271).

Thankfully I realized all I needed to do was find the courage to face the dark parts of myself and my ego and announce that I was the one IN CONTROL!


A powerful movie that reflects how the movie hero faces his dark side is Revolver by director Guy Ritchie. It stars Jason Statham as a con artist named Jake who finds himself caught in a game that forces him to question the source of all his problems in life.

This visually stylish and complex movie about con games will literally have your head spinning because it is designed to crack open your current mindset about the illusions in your life.

NOTE: This film is not for everyone. It's definitely for those individuals who have reached a place in their life where they are willing to let go of everything they thought was real and the truth. It is for anyone who has been on a long path of deep personal development and open to the inspiring revelations about ego.

This movie may test your patience and even confuse you at first. So do your best to keep watching until the very end because the key to dealing with your dark side will be handed to you.

It takes courage to let go of everything you thought was real and true in your life. And if you have tried everything to overcome your challenges then you get to a place where you have nothing to lose.

This is where you face the dark sides of yourself. This is where you realize how powerful your thoughts really are. And no matter what happens always remember that YOU are always in CONTROL.

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