Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tip#285: Focus On Inner Beauty - Shallow Hal

This weekend marks the end of what will be a very memorable summer. There has been unusual weather patterns capping off with surprise tornadoes north of Toronto. And for me, my life's training for maintaining an indestructible mindset continued successfully in a summer full of urgency and action for maintaining my business. Yes I was dealing with my own career tornadoes!

One of the recent resources helping me stay positive were 2 new video clips circulating online from motivational guru Tony Robbins. For whatever reasons Robbins was not a big influence in my life or career until I saw these video interviews he did with young, self-made millionaires. They talked about the mindsets necessary to stay determined and increase momentum towards your dreams and goals.

1) See Tony Robbins interview: with John Reese
2) See Tony Robbins interview: with John Reese and Frank Kern

These videos energized my determination and also made me remember my first exposure to Robbins when he appeared in the movie Shallow Hal. I watched it again recently and found that I not only laughed and enjoyed this unique, romantic comedy but found many motivational messages as well.

Shallow Hal

The film Shallow Hal is made by the Farrelly brothers whose comedies are usually a unique blend of unabashed humour and strong messages for the heart. This movie follows the transformation of Hal (Jack Black) from having an extremely shallow view about women to focusing on their inner beauty.

This is initiated by an encounter with Tony Robbins (playing himself) while trapped in an elevator. Robbins gives some simple and powerful advice to deprogram Hal's shallow attitude thus giving him the gift of seeing into the heart of women he soon meets.

The movie features several characters using prosthetic make-up to either show the inner beauty Hal sees or how they actually look in real-life. Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing both in how she is first viewed by Hal and when she is in her obese prosthetics. There are also several characters with real-life medical conditions that make them stand out physically. They really help drive the point home that despite what people first see they ALL have beautiful personalities.

So be inspired to see beyond the physical of every person you meet. Focus on the inner beauty of everyone around you. Doing so helps transform your mindset into indestructible optimism. You will learn to see the positives in the pre-perceived negatives of your life or career.

Remember, it takes time to build an optimistic mindset and all you have to do is DO SOMETHING once a day to see the silver lining in your challenges. And look for the good in the challenging persons you encounter. That's your challenge for today!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tip#284: Failure Is Not An Option – Apollo 13

Being in a crisis is the ultimate test for you to unleash all your dormant strengths within you. You just have to believe that failure is NOT an option.

I've recently experienced the strangest series of synchronicities revolving around the movie Apollo 13. I was first inspired by someone's enthusiasm for the film and wanted to finally see it. But it wasn’t easy.

Here's what happened:

• Bought a new DVD of Apollo 13 but wouldn't play on my DVD player. First time this has happened. Cleaned it several times and player couldn't even read the disc.

• Exchanged DVD with another new disk. It played for several minutes and then started to pixelate and freeze. Again, cleaned the disk several times but kept starting and stopping.

• At this point felt there was a deeper meaning. Not meant to watch it now? Or maybe I'm meant to see the movie with someone.

• Decided to see movie at my money/wealth guru friend's home a few days later. Happily, it played for about 90 minutes and then started to freeze just like before. My friend said this has never happened before on his DVD player.

• We tried to fast forward beyond the frozen section of the movie and ejected the disk several times, cleaning it and still couldn’t get past the frozen chapter. That chapter was number 13.

• We had just seen the scene with the famous quote, "Failure is not an option." So we were determined to somehow finish the movie!

• My friend and I persevered and kept a positive mindset just like the events in the movie. It was incredible how synchronistic our challenges were in trying to finish this movie with the events of the characters of Apollo 13 trying to get the astronauts home.

• Amazingly, after pausing to build our positivity, the DVD began to play again. It continued to pixelate and freeze periodically but we made it to the end. It was the most excruciating viewing of a DVD I've ever had experienced and yet we made it home. Just like the astronauts in the movie.

Apollo 13

This may be the most unusual blog entry on how a movie motivates because the lessons of Apollo 13 were being played out in real time while trying to watch this movie! Everyone from the 3 astronauts of Apollo 13 to the people at mission control became heroes for demonstrating a positive attitude, optimism, teamwork, perseverance, resilience, adaptability and resourcefulness.

Flight director Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) was inspiring with his indestructible optimism and astronaut Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) was amazing as a leader who’s intention and vision got his entire team home.

So whenever you are faced with a crisis remember the power of positive thinking. Remember to focus your mind on moving forward with optimism and determination. Remember you are never alone and that there is always a solution. Failure is NOT an option!

One last meaningful coincidence. This blog entry demonstrates the incredible connections with the number 13. It extends even more to my tip#13 where I wrote about how I first met someone under a series of 13's. That person was the one I ended up watching Apollo 13 with! (cue Twilight Zone theme)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tip#283: The Power of Loving Food – Julie & Julia

When you choose to follow your passions the world will be compelled to pay attention!

As you know from this blog I have a huge passion for movies. I also have a blissful passion for food which I have blogged about many times before (see tip#231: Foodgasms = Positive Energy).

So I am excited to share a new video I've produced that will activate your positive emotional energy just from the sight of the tantalizing photos of food. Click here to see

Recently I saw an inspiring movie that combined 3 of my passions: movies, food and writing this blog. And it was an extra treat because I went to see it at a morning matinee with several other food-lover friends of mine. We would all share "foodgasmic" groans of delight at the sight of all the deliciousness on the screen!

Julie & Julia

The film Julie & Julia is based on 2 biographies of blogger Julie Powell and Julia Child author of the best-seller Mastering The Art of French Cooking. Both stories intertwine to show the journeys of two women who follow their passions for food and the joys and challenges they experienced.

If you love food you will love how your positive emotional energy will flow throughout this movie! It is also one of the best motivating movie examples for anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life doing what they love and having a successful career from it.

You will be inspired by Julia Child, played by Meryl Streep, who's infectious, enthusiastic spirit brought joy to the local Parisian food cart owners while living in France. And you will be motivated to persevere in your own dreams when you watch Julie Powell, played by Amy Adams, stay committed to her goal to blog for 365 days about her cooking 524 recipes from Child's book.

This movie moved me deeply as there were several parallels of the 2 stories for my own life and career journey. There are so many other motivating messages that if you are compelled to see this movie your own journey will be RE-ENERGIZED by the life lessons Julie & Julia is brimming with.

So remember that following your passion can fill you with positive emotional energy. That positive energy can feed your self-confidence. Be conscious of whatever you love or love doing because it is the source of all the joy you want in your life AND career.

Following your heart's desire creates a cascade of benefits that will pump up your soul and create a magnetic energy to attract more positivity into your life. People will be drawn to your positive energy. The world always pays attention when you embrace and take action with what you love!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tip#282: Take A Break from the Real World - Coraline

Sooner or later you have to face your challenges. Taking time away from your problems can have its benefits as long as you are not running away from it.

Disappearing into a different world for awhile can re-invigorate the soul. It could be a good book, a simple walk, a trip away from home or even a movie theatre. And if you've been dealing with challenges, you will return to your world re-energized with new insights and drive.


The stop-motion animated fantasy world of Coraline is breathtaking to experience. I grew up making little stop-motion movies and I know it takes a long time to make those tiny little movements for an action figure’s arm or leg to move. It took the filmmakers of Coraline 4 years to make. The imaginative sets, characters, costumes and camera work are utterly amazing.

Coraline is an 11 year old girl, voiced by Dakota Fanning, feeling hopeless and bored because her parents don't have time to spend with her. She soon discovers a secret door in her new home that leads to an alternate, brighter version of her world with parents that happily attend to her every need.

It almost seems like a perfect world to escape into until a dark side to these "perfect parents" is revealed. Ultimately Coraline learns to face her fears and does what she must to save herself and those she loves. She realizes that her real world is much better than her fantasy one.

See the movie trailer: Coraline

So if you are unhappy with the life or career you are currently in, do your best to NOT run away from your challenges. Just take time away to clear your head and find solutions to improve your situation. Immerse yourself into an activity you enjoy like a favourite sport or a hobby you love.

And ask yourself this question: "What can I do to improve my situation?"

Ask this question several times with a sense of lightness that you are feeling while taking a break from your world. Feel your positive emotional energy increase as it pushes out your stressful energy!

Maintaining that FEEL GOOD energy is what allows the answers you seek to flow easily into your thoughts. And that is the ultimate benefit of taking a much-needed pause from whatever is weighing on you.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tip#281: Stir Up Your Emotions – District 9

Feeling stuck in your life or career is a sign to step out of your current headspace and re-activate your inner fuel. That fuel comes from the power of your emotions.

My recent log cabin vacation definitely stirred up emotions (see: tip#179). One sunny day, while exploring an open-pit mineral mine, my friend and I could hear an approaching thunderstorm. We trusted our gut that it would be safe to stay exposed to the storm and we were rewarded with an exhilarating rain shower.

We felt a sense of freedom as the pouring summer rain released our emotions. We cheered out loud like kids. It didn't matter that every inch of our clothes was soaked. Sure, there was some initial sense of risk being in an open field and yet it was a perfect metaphor for creating positive change in life. You have to risk some uncomfortable feelings to get to your positive emotional energy.

District 9

The movie District 9 is one of the most visceral, cinematic experiences I've ever witnessed. There are no words to describe how thoroughly it stirs up emotions. What helped was that I didn't know much about the film except that it attracted the inner child in me that loves imaginative stories.

In fact I am not going to discuss the story elements. So if you trust your gut and are drawn to see District 9 you know you'll be taking a rewarding risk. One thing is certain - this is a science fiction film unlike anything you have ever seen before.

There will be stunning visuals and questionable actions that the human characters take with the aliens that will trigger your emotions. This is the type of movie that will take you out of your trapped headspace, target apathy and activate your emotional energy.

Feel Something, Anything!

So if you are feeling stuck in your life or career it's mostly because you are stuck in your current mindset. The key is to get out of your headspace by stirring your heart. Get into your FEELING space and feel something. Feel anything!

Feeling something, even if it is negative, will always lead to your positive emotional energy. It's like when you feel better after a good cry or the satisfaction you feel after facing an overwhelming fear.

You eventually reach a place that re-activates your confidence and joyful state. And isn't that where you want to be?

"There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion."
Carl Gustav Jung

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tip#280: Have Faith In Your Dreams - My Date With Drew

My life and career during the past 3 years of writing this blog has definitely been an adventure. And despite the unexpected twists and turns, I continued to have faith in my dream to help people stay excited and energized in their lives.

The main challenge has been in creating a faithful mindset that financial benefits will come from doing what I love. This year I focused more than ever to make this happen. It has been a profound learning experience in staying resilient and optimistic.

My recent vacation helped me to step back and allow my mind to relax and re-energize (see previous tip#279). Strangely, the day after I arrived home from my northern vacation I found my energy sluggish. I wasn't able to focus on anything especially my business.

Later that day my "money/wealth guru" called and asked if I had seen the DVD he loaned me. He reminded me of how good it was and so that night I watched the film. To my surprise it was the antidote my soul needed!

My Date with Drew

The movie was a documentary called My Date with Drew and is about one man’s quest that seemed impossible to achieve. His story excited me and re-energized my faith in my own journey.

The story is about Brian Herzlinger who has had a crush on Drew Barrymore since he was a child. So his challenge was to get a date with Drew within 30 days even though he was jobless and only had $1,100.00 he won on a game show.

The film unfolds as an entertaining and inspiring story for the methods to achieve ANY dream. For example Brian finds support from a small circle of friends and together they start utilizing the six degrees of separation in Hollywood to connect with Drew. You get to witness amazing synchronicities in action!

Even the synchronicity of seeing the movie when I did reminded me that the timing of life's events HAPPEN when they are suppose to. The film ultimately shows that BELIEF and FAITH in your dreams can magnetize many forms of assistance.

So keep believing in your own dreams. Stay resilient and optimistic to achieve your heart's desire. There will always be support for you if you maintain a faithful mindset.

And if you feel stuck just remember there are real life stories around world of dreamers who made their own dreams come true. You are not alone.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tip#279: Be Playful Again – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I just got back from a uniquely empowering holiday adventure. For one week I stayed with a friend's family north-east of Toronto in a log cabin. It was a real, back-to-basics log cabin with no electricity, no telephones and no electronic devices.

Usually I would have posted 2 blog entries during this past week and yet being off a computer during this time was a first in over a decade. And though this type of vacation isn't for everyone I knew I was having a special, meaningful experience.

Being in this remote, wooded location and surrounded by fresh air and water my spirit was profoundly affected. I naturally defaulted to my full and fun, childlike self. I was in a playful state and felt free to express my uninhibited, creative spirit and was often very silly.

My positive emotional energy was constantly flowing and thus became more conscious of my heart's desire as discussed in the previous tip#278. Knowing your heart's desire can lead to identifying your life's purpose and ideal career.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

A day after I returned into town I went to see the just released G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie. I grew up playing with the original 12" action figure and loved that the film made reference to its "life-like hair" and "kung fu grip". Based on the 80's comic book the movie further activated my childhood sense of play.

The movie was a nonstop, full throttle experience in fun, cool gadgetry and exciting images. The accelerator suits were a thrill to watch and the numerous ship designs reminded me of favourite TV shows from the 70's like Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. It even reminded me of the exhilaration I first felt from the original Star Wars movie.

Synchronistically, the G.I. Joe movie became a mirror for what my holiday was teaching me. The key to unearthing your heart's desire and life purpose is to be playful again. Reactivating childhood fun is a way of remembering your true, authentic self.

So be playful again. Find ways to disconnect from your daily routines and allow your authentic self to come out and play. Remember some of your favourite childhood toys or TV shows and FEEL how good they made you feel. The feelings you feel will be positive emotional energy flowing through you.

And when you allow this positive energy into your life it will transform your days into an exciting adventure!

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