Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tip#252: Shredding Your Old Life – 3 Movies

Spring is here and with it comes a chance to do some spring cleaning. Recently I borrowed a shredder and shredded 15 years of paper work for my business. It ended up being a profound experience for letting of an old life.

Not that there was anything wrong with my old career as a full-time illustrator. It's just that physically seeing years of paperwork cut into hundreds of pieces seemed to release me from any old energy holding me back. With each year's worth of invoices, receipts and documents I put into the shredder I felt more and more free.

I was making room for more abundance to flow into my life. I felt I made space for more exciting business to come my way. So is it really a coincidence that my work for Zoomer Magazine manifested recently or that I was asked to co-host a weekly live podcast show around the same time?

There are many movie heroes that mirror this idea of shredding an old life in order for the new to come. Here are some examples:

As Good As It Gets 1997
All the lives of the 3 main characters in As Good As It Gets transform when they let go of their old ways of living. Greg Kinnear's character feels ruined after a robbery destroys his home and leaves him hospitalized. But this later leads him to break free of old fears that were holding him back with issues with his parents. In the end you see him ripping away the cast on his arm as a powerful metaphor for new freedom.

Jerry Maguire 1996
Tom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire whose old life as a sports agent is shredded when he shares a controversial mission statement with his company. And though he is fired from the company it leads him to an even more fulfilling career. Because of the passion he wrote in his mission statement and the few people that believed in his vision you see his journey was worth making the change in his life.

Peaceful Warrior 2006
The main character in Peaceful Warrior dreams of being an Olympic gymnast but his negative mindset holds him back. So when he gets into a motorcycle accident it shatters more than his bones, it shatters that old mindset. You later see him smash his old competition trophies and let go of his old self. These important steps lead him to a new way of looking at life and achieving great success.

So do your best to let go of an old life, job or belief system that no longer serves you. Do your best to shred what you already know has to be eliminated from your life. If you don't the universe may do it for you.

And it may not be pleasant but the silver lining is you will make space for more abundance to flow into your life. Life is a series of chapters. Are you ready to let go of the old and step into a new, exciting chapter?

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Head Health Nut said...

What a great post, Emmanuel! It's directly aligned with healthy living - we want to cleanse our bodies, minds, souls and environment of "junk", which weakens us, to make room for healthy and positive substitutes which facilitate growth.

I just decluttered all the closets in our apartment. Whew, what a job! But it FEELS great. It's definitely a feeling of freedom. :)