Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tip#251: Be Yourself - Fanboys

Authentic: Defined as not false or copied; genuine; real

Being yourself is all about being authentic. And being authentic is about standing your ground for anything that fills you with positive emotional energy.

As a kid I grew up loving the original Star Trek TV series and in my teens added a passion for Star Wars movies to my nerdy, geeky world. I was often laughed at by the "cool" kids at school for my personal interests. But no matter how much they made fun of me I focused on the passions that inspired my imagination. It didn't matter if they couldn't see my point of view.

Ultimately these passions growing up led me to my successes as a professional illustrator, recording artist and now a multimedia motivational specialist. They would later help sustain my spirit during times of depression and my mid-career transition.


The movie Fanboys celebrates every individual who is extremely and passionately devoted to favourite movies, TV shows, comics, etc. Set in 1998 this comedy is about a group of Star Wars fans who help one friend make a dream come true before he dies of cancer. They set out to steal the unreleased Star Wars movie, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace for him to see.

Along their road trip they encounter Star Trek fans they consider enemies. These confrontations are hilarious, exaggerated mirrors for real-life situations for anyone who has experienced persecution for their strong beliefs.

What is inspiring is witnessing the passion these fans feel for what they love. They are being authentic despite what others think of them.

Be Authentic

In the end being authentic in your life and career is something to strive for. It takes courage to stand your ground on something you feel strongly about especially when others do not agree with you.

What's most important is that your ideas or personal interests makes you feel good. They lift up your spirit. They feed your self-confidence. They fill you with positive emotional energy. And that is something no one can really take away from you.

So keep believing in your personal interests. Believe in your passions. Believe in the preferences you choose in your life even when no one else can see your point of view.

There are others in the world that share your interests and ideas so remember you are never, ever alone. Live an authentic life now!

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Head Health Nut said...

Wow, Emmanuel.

First, I LOVE Derek's photo of you and your fortune cookie. Was that a synchronicity for this blog post?

Second, how inspiring is this post!? But I must admit - staying true to your passions and convictions is SUPER hard to do when most of the people you interact with on a daily basis are not of the same mind/being. It often makes life lonely - but you're right! You just have to reach out to people like you and connect. :)