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Tip#250: 7 Negative Emotions To Avoid - Twilight

Negative emotions can drain you of a positive attitude and your energy. So it's important to identify the emotions that can suck the life out of you.

In Tip#248 I outlined 7 major positive emotions that can help energize your self-confidence and self-esteem. Here I will discuss how negative emotions can deplete your energy whether the source is coming from yourself or others around you.

Some refer to these negative people as "energy stealers" or "energy vampires" because of how draining it feels to be around them. Napoleon Hill's classic book, Think and Grow Rich outlines lists for both positive and negative emotions to be aware of. Here are the negatives...

(To be avoided)

The emotion of FEAR
The emotion of JEALOUSY
The emotion of HATRED
The emotion of REVENGE
The emotion of GREED
The emotion of SUPERSTITION
The emotion of ANGER


The movie Twilight explores most of these negative emotions in great cinematic style. The film is about the small town of Forks Washington and it's residents of modern day vampires. Through the relationships of humans and these mythical beings you can see many negative emotions played out.

Some emotions are obvious like FEAR, JEALOUSY and ANGER. While others like HATRED are quietly visible on certain faces. And yet they are still powerful because of the negative emotions that are boiling underneath. It's like the expression, "If looks could kill...". Negative emotion can radiate out on an unseen level to attack your energy.

What is ultimately inspiring about Twilight is the romantic relationship between the human Bella and vampire Edward. Despite all the negative emotions around them and within their own minds they are able to transform those feelings with the positive emotions of DESIRE, FAITH, LOVE and ROMANCE.

Transform Negative Emotions

Identifying negative emotions that come from others will help you recognize what to avoid. It will also help you recognize your own inner feelings that drain you. Remember it is always possible to flip those negative emotions into positive ones. It’s all about training yourself to have an optimistic mindset.

So look at the "energy vampires" in your life or workplace as a source of learning. You are learning about the negative energies you do not want. These people are a mirror for what you want less of in life.

Do your best to focus every single day on feeling positive emotions. Eventually you'll be able to transform negativity into empowering positive emotional energy!

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Head Health Nut said...

It's so true, Emmanuel, that you can train yourself to become sensitive to negative energy.

Over the years, it's become easier to first identify negativity and then replace it with positivity. I try to do this on a regular basis with myself and others I encounter.