Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tip#249: Synchronicity Stories – Zoomer Magazine – A Knight’s Tale

Meaningful coincidences are gifts and signs from the universe that lead you to your goals. All you have to do is take action whenever they arrive.

One of my dreams has been to see my motivational writing appear in print like newspapers, magazines and a self-help book. And I'm happy to say that synchronistic encounters and events have led me towards one of my goals.

This week marks my inclusion in the Experts section of the latest issue of Zoomer Magazine founded by media innovator Moses Znaimer. I now have a regular column that features a motivational tip and movie recommendation based on my blog entries.

I'm very excited and grateful that I recognized the meaningful coincidences that led me to this fantastic opportunity.

Here is the list of synchronicities:


March 2007: I decide to go for my dream of publishing a self-help book after I saw author of The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner speak live in Toronto. Focusing on a goal is key to creating more synchronicities. Read more: Tip#40 Why Getting Stuck Is Good


The day after seeing Chris Gardner I was invited to a new networking event. At first I wasn't going to attend but pushed myself to try something new. To my surprise it was filled with professional writers! That's where I met my "writing guru" friend who has helped support and develop my new writing career ever since. Read more: Tip#83: Fantastic Chain Reactions


January 2009: On the very first day of 2009 my friend the Scone Queen gave me a copy of Zoomer Magazine as a new year's gift (read more: tip#219). I had never seen the magazine before but I always loved the new term Zoomer which refers to active baby boomers age 45+. I knew I'd be perfect to write motivational tips for them and looked at the masthead for the editor to contact.

A stunning synchronicity then led me to recognizing the name of the executive editor and remembered I had attended junior high school with her! And looking at the associate art director I realized that we had already worked together when I was a full time illustrator.

These synchronicities were undeniable. All I needed to do was take action with these meaningful coincidences and pitch my articles to the executive editor. So I took action and within a month I became Zoomer Magazine's motivational expert!

A Knight's Tale

I am reminded of the movie A Knight's Tale starring the late Heath Ledger as William Thatcher. In the film he has the dream of becoming a legitimate knight and along the way synchronistically meets the right people who can help make his dream come true.

Thatcher first meets a writer who is gifted in creating powerful speeches to promote him in the tournaments. And then he meets a blacksmith who helps create a special suit of armour that leads Thatcher to his victories in jousting.

So let the synchronicities of this movie or real-life stories like mine or from others inspire you. Start believing in meaningful coincidences.

Believe that some random events happen for a reason. Start recognizing the unexpected gifts that come your way from people you encounter. Most of all you must take action when synchronicities fall into your lap.

When you are passionate about a dream or goal you become magnetic. You attract the necessary steps towards your goals. Start saying yes to whatever the universe is sending you!

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
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Chris Morales said...

Hi Emmanuel:

This post really motivated me today. And I needed it! I was feeling sorry for myself. Dumb! With so many good things that have happened recently, I guess I just needed to wallow for a few minutes. This post reminded me that connections are important.

Head Health Nut said...

Congrats on not only getting published but on getting a regular column, Emmanuel! That's a dream come true for practically every writer I know.

It's so interesting to see how the synchronicities lined up for you. It's a valuable lesson for us all to be aware of who and what comes into our lives at any given time.

I'm so happy I was here to help and witness you achieve one of your goals. Yay, Emmanuel!

Stephanie Miller
Head Health Nut
a.k.a. Writing Guru friend

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!! Congrats on landing this new spot in Zoomer Mag!!!! I knew you were a winner the moment I set eyes on you....I have seen you persevere since we met some 5-6 years ago at DECIDE.

You inspire me so much and I love what you're doing and am sooooo happy that even more people will be inspired by your words of wisdom through this magazine! Kudos Emmanuel!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS !!! Motivatorman !
Way to go.
Yourself is an inspiration to everyone.

Harvey C

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list! I enjoy reading your "motivational pieces". And I'm very happy about your Zoomer column! Bravo!!!

My best,
Crêpes à GoGo