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Tip#245: Just Say Yes! – Yes Man

Constantly saying "no" can create a block to the opportunities we want in our lives. So it's important to remember that saying "yes" more can lead to amazing benefits.

As I wrote in the previous blog tip#244 I had just come through a debilitating 4 day funk that left me unfocused and feeling lost. And as I was starting to get better I received a call asking if in 2 days I could do a live 1 hour radio podcast interview. Despite my lack of energy I just said yes even though 1 hour seemed overwhelming.

I'm so glad I said yes because I ended up feeling more myself the day of the interview and it turned out to be one of the best on-air experiences I've had. And it's already generated more interest in my motivational services with people who saw the interview. See interview in 12 short clips: Dare to Dream Show

Two days after that interview it was raining hard the morning I had go to a meeting of fellow career practioners. I almost didn't go because of the weather but in my mind said "yes" despite the heavy rain. It ended up being an outstanding gathering with everyone sharing useful tips for generating more income.

Yes Man (2008)

The benefits of saying yes are explored in the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey as Carl Allen. It's based on a true story where a man learns the magical results of saying yes more in his life and career.

The quality of Carl's life quickly improves as he continues to say yes to everyday requests like someone wanting a minute of his time, someone wanting to sell something or a homeless person needing money. His "yes" actions lead Carl to receive a job promotion, a new girlfriend and to becoming a more self-confident person.

A Proactive Attitude

By practicing "yes" actions you build a more optimistic mindset a little bit every day. So if you are feeling stuck in your life or career start saying yes to the little things that come your way. Despite your feeling of the opposite do your very best to say yes to requests you receive. What you are doing in most cases is committing random acts of kindness for someone else.

And remember when you say yes you are helping yourself to be more fearless. You are training your mind to have a more positive, proactive attitude. Start saying yes today!

"We need to practice acting in spite of fear, in spite of doubt, in spite of worry, in spite of uncertainty, in spite of inconvenience, in spite of discomfort, and even to practice acting when we’re not in the mood to act."
T. Harv Eker

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sherone said...

I recently sent out a slew of resumes, (cold-calling by email, if you will). The results were about what you'd expect - I got a couple of pleasant 'no thanks' responses and a few "we'll keep you on file"... but, I got one very positive response and started chatting in email with the president of one company. This evolved into him asking me for a favor... He likes my blog, and asked if I would be willing to spruce up his blog, in return for which, he'd treat me to a nice lunch. I said yes, even though I was hesitant about it.

Well, he loved what I did and when we met for lunch, he gave me a list of some of his personal contacts, whom he felt I should be in contact with, for networking purposes.

Later that day, I got home and wrote a blog post that touched on the subjects we'd discussed at lunch and he later forwarded me a series of emails he'd sent to several other business contacts, introducing me to them and asking them to contact me.

What more can I say? The moral of the story is "say yes!" even if you're hesitant or not in the mood. At the very least, you'll make new friends. And who doesn't need friends?

Anonymous said...

Was this a great blog?

Did I enyoy reading it?

I am a YES man.

Thanks for this great blog. I enjoyed the movie too.

Patrick B.

About David Grossman said...

Once in a while you will say yes and not have a great experience but that is OK too because sometimes you have to experience what you don't like to know exactly what you do like and you will always get something from the experience. As long as you can, I agree, say yes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,
I love it! Yes!