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Tip#246: Recognize Gifts from the Universe – The Ultimate Gift

Your journey through life will be filled with obstacles. So it's important to remember that these blocks actually bring gifts made especially for you.

3 months ago I had a powerful conversation with someone (see tip#222) who helped me see I still had a core issue blocking my ultimate dreams and goals. Since then I have been consciously aware of gifts from the universe helping me unearth my issues while enjoying the journey.

Here are 4 key gifts that could inspire you:

Dog Whisperer:
Several friends synchronistically recommended this TV series about a dog psychologist who helps dog owners with problem pets. I don't even have a dog and yet inspired by these real-life stories. The gift I am learning from this show is how to be more "calm assertive" and a "pack leader" in my life and work.

Money and the Law of Attraction:
Listening to the audio version of this book has been a profound gift. The insights are a whole new, radical approach to problems that I've been learning to embrace over the years. It has helped me see that I am the one attracting all the positive and negative situations in my life and that I have the power to make positive changes.

Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox:
This audio book is narrated by the author himself and truly inspired me to keep moving forward in spite of obstacles. The gift was in hearing Fox's own voice sharing his optimistic attitude with his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s disease.

The Biology of Perception, The Psychology of Change:
This DVD features cellular biologist Dr. Bob Lipton and psychologist Robert Williams with powerful insights on how our perceptions of life actually change our cellular structure. The gift I received was that understanding our cells and subconscious was key to dealing with our core issues once and for all.

The Ultimate Gift (2006)

I always feel that movies I am led to are a gift. And recently I was compelled to watch The Ultimate Gift again. The story is about Jason (Drew Fuller) who must pass several tasks in order to receive his inheritance from his grandfather who had passed away. These tasks were each presented in the form of a pre-recorded video by the grandfather played by James Garner.

With each task Jason learns 12 gifts like: The gift of friends, The gift of work, The gift of gratitude, The gift of problems and The gift of giving. For Jason the journey is not easy but he does transform to becoming a richer man in spirit with every gift he embraces.

So recognize the gifts the universe is sending your way. Be aware that if your intention is to face your fears or issues then you will magnetize the tools and opportunities to do so.

See your obstacles as part of a learning process to become a better person. All you have to do is embrace the gifts that arrive on your doorstep!

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great movie that I will be sure to pick up for our movie night. Thanks for posting. I truly enjoy reading your motivational tips everyday.

Your really the only reason why I check my FB page anymore. You are a fabulous spirit ........ keep on inspiring the world to be open to love & peace.


Anonymous said...

I have it, The Ultimate Gift


Anonymous said...

The ultimate gift is one of the best movies I have ever seen

Thank you sir

Patrick B.