Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tip#247: Are You Holding Back? – Forrest Gump

Sometimes we can feel a paralysis that holds us back in our lives or careers. Why do we hold ourselves back?

Over the years I have learned to build an optimistic mindset wherein I can act quickly on opportunities that come my way. So it is very humbling to realize that I am still holding back in certain areas of my life and career.

That's why my blogs lately have featured motivating movies like Yes Man (see tip#245). I am doing my very best to break free of my inner blocks.

Co-Hosting A New Live Show

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine had asked me to co-host a live weekly video podcast show with him. The offer was an honour and a fantastic opportunity and yet I didn't say yes right away. I knew I was holding back.

It took awhile to accept the offer and now I look back at how silly I was being because the show has been a great source of fun and learning for me. I've also met amazing new business contacts from the guests interviewed. See more about the show: click here

Breaking A World Record

And recently my friends at held a special event day to break the world record of paying for the person behind you a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. On that day the weather turned icy cold with freezing winds. I could feel myself holding back from participating because of the winter-like day but now so happy I pushed myself to participate. I helped break the world record of 602 people committing random acts of kindness. See more: click here

Here are 3 films about not holding back that inspire me to do better...

Forrest Gump
In this movie you'll notice that the movie hero always achieves great successes. And despite his simple mind he never, ever holds back. Whether he is learning ping pong, running a shrimp boat business or rushing into a war zone to save his platoon, Forrest always says yes and moves forward without hesitation.

In this fantasy film you'll see how individuals in an entire town learn not to hold back with their true feelings and passions. And through amazing movie magic, when each person expresses what they truly desire they turn from black and white into full colour.

This movie represents a type of superhero movie that explores how a man with super powers holds back from being who he was born to be. The story is about how he slowly accepts his role in life with the help of his son who believes in him.

So do your very best to break free of whatever is holding you back. Be inspired by movie heroes and real-life heroes who push forward no matter what. Be fearless with whatever comes your way.

And when you get stuck think about this question: What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

"While one hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior."
Henry C. Link

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Motivatorman Emmanuel !!
You inspires me every time I read your newsletter.

You made my Sunday morning mush brighter.

God bless you !!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and keep on encouraging people to reach for the stars.
It's as good to have a person out there who continues to build optimism.


Anonymous said...


Patrick B.

Anonymous said...

I really dug 'Unbreakable' when I first saw it. And enjoyed many more times. I like how the theme of comic books was used. But you reminded me that the movie is truely about a guy that did not as yet find his true calling. When he finally does take action on that calling, he feels satisfied.

I'm glad that you included it in your list, Emmanuel.

Paul K.

Head Health Nut said...

You've done it yet again, Emmanuel. Great post with tying in life lessons, movies and your real-life challenges.

My question, though, is: how do you know when you're blocking yourself from an opportunity because of fear OR when you're trying to make a very rational decision to get you closer with your goals?

As seen in the YES Man, problems begin to arise when you say yes to EVERYTHING that comes your way. Realistically, we have limited time and energy for commitments and responsibilities.