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Tip#1159: Unleash Your Fearless Confidence, Part 3 - Good Boys

I just went on a joyful week’s vacation in Vermont that was like the ultimate mental health day! Every day I re-ignited my silly, playful inner child always cracking jokes and singing silly made-up songs. I realized this silly side to me always unleashes my confidence especially with the good friends I was with. The air in Vermont was definitely a magical elixir for my soul and happy inner child!

The lush, green mountains, clear waters for swimming, our hikes through the woods and the farm fresh meals were in abundance wherever my friends took me and was absolutely fantastic! I really felt like my old, happy, confident self every day I was there.

The air, water and lands of Vermont was a magical elixir for my soul!

I had multiple foodgasms at Farmhouse Tap & Grill and at Folino's Wood Fired Pizza! All farm fresh ingredients. So delicious!

My friends and I also discussed different kinds of self-confidence which usually drops when I experience episodes of clinical depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). We talked about the “cocky confidence” some men and women embody in business (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps movie) or when dating (Crazy Stupid Love movie).

There’s the “calm confidence” that some CEO’s and managers demonstrate while leading their teams (Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek is my favourite!). And then there’s the " kooky confidence” (playful, silly) that I felt surging through me while I was in Vermont with friends.

On my last night of vacation I took my friends to see Good Boys in a local theatre and we all laughed hysterically non-stop! This movie definitely demonstrated silly confidence!

Good Boys (2019)

The comedy film, Good Boys, is about three sixth-graders, Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) who fall into a series of misadventures as they try to attend a kissing party hosted by their popular classmates. This raunchy, crude movie features many hilarious scenes and memorable performances by all the kids and their parents.
See: movie trailer  (Warning Red-Band trailer uncensored)
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If you are offended by seeing 12 year old kids curse and swear like adults then this film isn’t for you. But if you don’t mind then you’ll be taken on a wild adventure of R rated themes that surprisingly has a big heartfelt message about friendship and loyalty. Max, Lucas and Thor also face individual challenges that they learn to overcome and allow their self-confidence to shine. The less you know the better so you can enjoy the ride. Just know that Seth Rogen is one of the producers so you know you will get a raunchy and fun movie experience!

Being on vacation somewhere different can help rejuvenate your energy and self-confidence. And movies that can make you laugh and feel good can also re-ignite your spirit and help you be thankful for your friends and whatever positives you have in your life right now. Let your happy inner child out to play today!

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