Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tip#479: Deal with Unexpected Changes, Pt.1 – The Change-Up – Crazy, Stupid, Love

News of the US debt ceiling has been in the headlines all week. The fears people in the US are facing are what came to pass for me last year. After years of relying on credit to survive I faced a final debt ceiling and I was forced to make drastic changes in my work, life and home (see tip#400). Today I continue to deal with the aftermath of my financial decisions over the years. I realize more changes in my mindset are needed.

Synchronistically I had seen two comedies this week that mirrored the idea of personal change. Both featured men who faced an unexpected life crisis or unusual situation that forces them to see they need to make big personal changes. If not they would suffer even more in their current lifestyles and habits of thinking.

The Change-Up 2011

The comedy The Change-Up is about two friends, Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) who lead very different lives. One night they magically change into each others' bodies and forced to live the other person's lifestyle. Over the course of several grueling days they each begin to see they are benefiting deeply from their individual experiences.

This is an extremely raunchy comedy and it is getting some harsh reviews. And yet it is an example of how a movie comes into my life at a specific time that triggers a meaningful insight. I know I have to make more changes in my life especially in my financial habits. I believe anyone can receive insights from movies as long as they are open to the possibilities.

Crazy, Stupid Love 2011

The romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love is about Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) suddenly faced with his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) wanting a divorce. The shock leads him to a bar where he meets Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) who helps Cal rebuild his self-confidence and self-esteem through new clothes, new attitude and learning how to approach new women.

Both Cal and Jacob experience profound changes in their lives and in their relationships with women. Again this movie was mirroring a critical message that I had to change specific mindsets and debilitating habits in my life. This summer I've painfully realized I've been caught in my own Groundhog Day movie loop when it comes to my financial wellness. These two movies have inspired me that I will be successful in changing.

If you are facing a need to change I wish you much success. The US debt ceiling is announcing a time of great change so do your best to recognize where changes are necessary in your mindset. Remember that change can be good! You can do it!

NOTE: This August I will be blogging on Sundays only as part of changes I am implementing into my life and career. Thank you for your continued support over the years!

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Candice Frederick said...

i didn't see crazy, stupid love but i do agree that the change-up did have an unexpected thoughtful subplot about looking a yourself through another's eyes. it was interesting. i don't think a lot of other body-switching movies have done that in the past. and, yes, this was very raunchy. but fun to watch

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks for your comment Candice. There was a subtle but meaningful comment the little girl makes at end of the movie as she tells her father that she learned about atoms at school. She expresses how amazing it is that since we are all atoms that she could also be a fish, etc. Nice analogy relating to what happened in the film!


Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, great blog and reminder that change is a process and doesn't need to paralyze us into inactivity! Thank you for sharing with generosity and honesty!

Ruth Garrett
CEO, Manifesting Your Abundance