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Tip#481: Show Courage for Change - The Help

As I mentioned in previous blog post tip#480 this summer has been full of personal and professional changes. I've had to find the courage to do whatever necessary to make deep rooted changes in my mindset that's caused me to keep "spinning my wheels". This especially applies to my dream of getting a book published.

During much soul-searching I realized I have a block about getting a book published. I have written (and illustrated) many motivational books as far back as 1993 and am dealing with the shock and confusion as to why none have been printed and shared with the world. I even posted in tip#40 in 2007 that I was inspired to get published after seeing author Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness) at a live presentation. That book is actually written and yet I've already put it aside and moved onto another book project on leadership mentioned in tip#478.

I realize now that I have a process addiction (read more tip#243) and that my priority now is to heal and transform this mindset. It is a big part of what caused my financial collapse last year (see tip#400) and my thinking needs to change as soon as possible. Writing this now and sharing with readers of this blog is a personal step towards breaking out of my "Groundhog Day" loop I've been caught in.

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The Help 2011

The movie The Help is an adaptation of Kathyrn Stockett's novel and is about a young white woman, Skeeter Phelan (Emma Stone), in the early 1960s who writes a book called "The Help". The book is based on the experiences of black maids who spent their lives caring for white children. Two maids Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) and Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) resist the book idea at first but ultimately show great courage in sharing their stories.

The courage shown by these 3 women were inspiring in that they faced their own fears in order to create a book that would help change society's harsh treatment of black maids. The story was also inspiring in how it demonstrated the immense impact their written words had on readers both white and black. They were all great leaders of their time.

This movie has helped me look at myself and to find the courage to do whatever it takes to face my fears of publishing a book. The movie heroes are mirroring the inner strength I have within me.

Let stories inspire you to find your own courage for change. Let movie heroes mirror the inner strength you'll need to transform your life or career. You are not alone. Your movie heroes will be cheering you on!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel-

Thanks so much for sharing your insights! Last night we watched an amazing movie called Synecdoche, New York ( that explores "process addiction" over a 50-year period!

D. Merrill

Head Health Nut said...

Congratulations, Emmanuel, for having the courage to share with us that you you have an addiction. I have several of my own that I'm battling, as I mentioned in my blog post you so kindly shared here (thank you!).

The Help sounds like an inspiring movie and I hope it helps you move through your challenges. I'll have to check it myself for some inspiration. ;)

And D. Merrill, thanks for sharing your movie recommendation about process addiction. Sounds fascinating!