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Tip#1158: Be Inspired by Amazing True Stories, Part 12 - Jungle

I recently watched two YouTube videos on how tribes, living in the jungle, eat and survive. I found this so fascinating even if they were showing them collect live tree grubs and wrapped them in ferns, exotic fruits and leaves to cook under a pile of hot stones. I actually wanted to taste it!

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Survival movies like Cast Away (2000), The Impossible (2012), The Revenant (2015) and The Way Back (2010) always intrigued me with how they found food and the strength to keep going. Most of all these movies had a hero that inspired me with their resilience, perseverance and tenacity to survive no matter what.

And if these films were based on a true story then it inspired me even more! That was the case of a movie a friend recommended and I watched it not knowing anything and that made the cinematic experience really intense and more satisfying!

Jungle (2017)

The biographical survival drama film, Jungle, is based on the true story of Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) and his 1981 journey into the Amazon rainforest with two friends and a mysterious guide. This visually lush and gripping film starts off with wonderful adventure scenes and even some magical moments. It also stars Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, Thomas Kretschmann and Yasmin Kassim.
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Radcliffe was amazing as Yossi especially in his survival scenes battling the elements of dangerous rapids, torrential rains, rocky cliffs and so much more. He even fights his own mind as the lack of food and water causes a debilitating delirium of what is real or not. And yet Yossi’s positive self-talk and inner strength filled me with hope for the character even when his situation seemed impossible to overcome. These are the moments this hero inspires my own inner hero to never give up in the face of my own adversities.

Amazing true stories of survival can show you the surprising capabilities and potential in ordinary people. And movies about these heroes can immerse you into their difficult surroundings so you feel a little of their pain. And hopefully your also feel your own inner strengths of resilience and indestructible optimism!

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