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Tip#1030: Be Inspired by Amazing True Stories, Part 11 – Karlo Estates - Bottle Shock

I recently attended the best wine tasting event ever for Karlo Estates hosted by Higher Ground Agency and Blueprint Business Architecture. It was a fantastic evening of meeting old friends, new people and delicious foods while tasting 10 amazing wines from this Prince Edward County winery in Ontario.

Most of all I was very inspired to hear Co-Founder & Owner Sherry Karlo’s success story of how she persevered through many adversities resulting in an award-winning, innovative, creative winery competing on a global level. These wines cannot be found in wine stores despite numerous requests by the LCBO. Karlo Estates is focused more on private clients.

I actually knew Sherry over 15 years ago when she was Creative Director of her company Fresh Thinking and then lost touch with her. During that time she married Co-Founder Richard Karlo and together followed their dream to create a winery and leave their old jobs behind. Tragically Richard passed away but not before leaving behind a legacy that Sherry would courageously continue in a male dominated industry.

See more photos: Karlo Estates Wine Tasting 

During Sherry’s fascinating presentation she told the packed room that Karlo Estates is one of Trip Advisor’s top destinations and the only winery to be named twice on the Top Ten Cutting Edge Wines in the World list. They are also the world’s first vegan certified winery. I was in awe in hearing Sherry’s many stories and felt that her journey was an inspirational movie waiting to happen! I even asked her to start thinking of actresses she’d like to play her. Some of the names that came up were Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain and Nicole Kidman!

In an email follow up with Sherry she shared her favourite wine movies that included A Good Year, A Walk in the Clouds, Sideways and Bottle Shock. A Good Year is a favourite of mine and you can read my blog post on Tip#932 while Bottle Shock was already on my list to see and happy to share about it now.

Bottle Shock (2008)

The comedy drama film, Bottle Shock, is based on the true story of the 1976 wine competition termed the "Judgment of Paris", when California wine defeated French wine in a blind taste test. This entertaining film with beautifully sun drenched scenery features wonderful performances by its cast that includes Alan Rickman, Chris Pine, Bill Pullman, Freddy Rodriguez, Rachael Taylor, Eliza Dushku and Dennis Farina. See: movie trailer

There are some powerful, inspirational scenes by Bill Pullman as Jim Barrett owner of Chateau Montelena and Freddy Rodriguez as budding winemaker Gustavo Brambila about passion and perseverance. And the late, great Alan Rickman is wonderful as always with another inspiring scene showing the power of supportive relationships at the airport with Chris Pine’s character Bo, Barrett’s son.

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision
• Courage
• Passion
• Perseverance
Indestructible Optimism 
• Supportive Relationships
• Power of Community
• Innovation & Creative Thinking

I also learned more about making and appreciating a fine wine through this film. It was the same with Sherry’s presentation where I learned more about swishing, gargling and tilting my head around to let the wine reach all my taste buds. If you love wine I highly recommend seeing this hidden gem Bottle Shock and also check out the taste treasures that Karlo Estates offers!

True life stories and movies based on them can help inspire you through whatever challenges you face in life, work and in your career. They can encourage you to persevere with your dreams and goals and realize that maintaining your passion is the fuel to maintain your indestructible optimism. And while you're on your journey remember to enjoy a glass of delicious wine to celebrate the good times that life has to offer!

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